Monday, June 20, 2005

Spring 2005: Out With A Bang

Well, we had storms here tonight. The power was out for nearly half an hour. It went out just as I had dinner in the oven. Nice. Little things like that just make life so much more enjoyable. Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day. I know I did. I saw every single one of my kids yesterday. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a dad. Then I hear the screams outside my window from the Romper-Room-on-location that is my apartment complex, and I'm over it. You know it's just another holiday to make people who don't have kids, don't have dads, don't know where their dads are, etc. think about their lives. Why aren't there holidays for single people? What would be wrong with a (Cute) Single Mothers Day? People With No Kids Day? National Bachelorhood Day? Thanks For Not Over-Populating The World Day? There is marital bias in this country. Rampant marital bias.

Another weekend, another date
Had dinner with a female Friday night at Silver Point, a new place in Madison. Then we rented Napoleon Dynamite. That encouraged me to finally hook up my new DVD player... which I had received this past Christmas.

Saturday, I had to work 8-1. I was really tired so I came home and took a nap. Amber called and woke me up and said she was gonna stop by for a bit... and that she'd be there in a minute. I jumped up, put some clothes on, put my contacts in, and brushed my teeth, not necessarily in that order. Saturday night, shot some pool, ate at Logan's, did a little Father's Day shopping. Ran into a guy I used to work with back in the XKI days.

Sunday, my sister cooked lunch for Dad for Father's Day, so I went over there to eat. I was giving Dad a hard time: "You know, I used to tell all the kids at school 'my dad can beat up your dad.' But now... I'm not so sure anymore." Had dinner at the steak house Sunday night, then ran a little bit.

Game Five
Got home in time to watch the last part of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, or should I say the Robert Horry highlight reel. It was a really exciting and enjoyable game, especially since I was pulling for the Spurs. Tim Duncan was choking like an asthmatic chain smoker stuck in traffic behind a burned out 1978 Chevy Nova. He should buy Robert Horry a car or something. No, a house. No, no, a small tropical island. Horry saved his tail big time! Anyway, I just have to inform/remind everyone that Robert Horry played his college basketball at the University of Alabama :-) It was pretty funny the other night when Will Smith had a pregame concert. They were showing highlights on ESPN, and Big Willy was dancing with a fly girl or something. One of the anchors was like, "Man, that Robert Horry is gettin' down!"

UPS Meets The Fugitive
Am I the only one who finds the UPS commercial with the lady who jumps off the building and lands on the truck a little bit odd? I mean, she's seemingly running for her life, either from some dangerous criminals or from the authorities. I can't really tell. Then she leaps blindly off a tall building and lands on top of a UPS truck. Was there nothing more realistic and relevant to the shipping industry and everyday life that they could come up with than this? Is this the best possible way to show that you are always on time? Why not have a guy in the electric chair, scheduled to be fried at 12:01, but his stay of execution arrives at 12:00 on the dot via UPS? That would be funnier to me.

You had to be there...
"Of course, I think it's against the law to take minors across state lines."
"No... really!?"
"Well, it was five years ago."

"So you recommend The Notebook, huh?"
"Yes, but I bawled my eye out."
"Your eye?"
"Was it sadder than City of Angels?"
"Was it sadder than Mister Holland's Opus?"
"What about Rocky 4, when Apollo died, was it sadder than that?"
"What about Old Yeller? No way it was sadder than Old Yeller."

OK, I was up late watching the game, so hopefully I can get in bed a little earlier tonight. Aaaaahhh!! The Seinfeld is coming on where George wants to be called T-Bone!!! This is where my nickname began! It was T-Bone until two or three years ago when Belle (allegedly) shortened it to Bone. I hope you're all watching. This is history.

In honor of the summer solstice and the uncanny Will Smith/Robert Horry resemblance...

"Think of the summers of the past. Adjust the base and let the alpine blast. Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme, and put your car on cruise and lay back cos this is summertime..."


  1. I don't think I've seen that UPS commercial. I haven't watched TV in almost a week! But I will tonight. Dennis Leary...Rescue Me season premiere at 9 (central). Love Dennis Leary...he's hot...for an old guy.

  2. I completely just had the UPS conversation with TM last night. Although no mention of your (genius) idea wa mention... you should call someone.

  3. Lass: I haven't seen that show, but I saw Dennis Leary on Letterman a little while back talking about it.

    OC Girl: That is weird. Great bloggers think alike?

    When I was little and I watched Bewitched, I always wanted to be in advertising, like Darrin Stephens. And of course, I wanted to be married to Elizabeth Montgomery.