Sunday, June 12, 2005

If I meet a girl...

If I meet a girl tomorrow...

And we date for a year, I'll be 33.

Say we have a minimum six-month engagement, I'll be nearing 34.

If we have a child within 18 months of marriage, I'll be 35.

(Granted, these time frames may be a little rushed, but it's all for example's sake.)

That means when my firstborn graduates high school, I'll be 53. Ugh.

And all this is contingent on me meeting a girl tomorrow.

Not just a girl... THE girl.

I better get to work.

"You walk before me. Lord knows I can't follow. You walk behind me, and I don't think I can lead. You walk around me. Please don't walk around me, cos you know how dizzy I get..."


  1. You see, this is why I only go out with girls now who have kids already.

    Like this one girl I'm casually seeing, (very casually, so casually in fact, she may not realize it) when her daughter graduates hs, I'll be 41. That's not too bad.


  2. Oh, so that's the reason, is it?

    That's pretty good.

  3. hey bonester if u marry me u'll be only 36 when michelle graduates rofl and by the way being in your 50's is still young so ha.

  4. ah sounds like you have a potential applicant right there

  5. You need to be less particular. Old fart like you ain't much in demand.

  6. What's wrong with being 53 when your kid starts college? My parents were in their 50's when I graduated high school and started college and sure my dad waited to retire until I was almost out...oh, okay. I see your point. ;-)

    Seriously though, you'll be okay. Don't rush anything for these reasons.

    Now, if you start growing really weird hairs on odd body parts soon, then - we'll I'd start worrying if I were you. J/K :-)

  7. Anonymous: Did you just propose to me?

    Anonymous #2: Yes, it does.

    Cindy: And just think, that's only the firstborn. If we have 3 kids, three years apart... eh, well, anyway. I think I read the other day that 50 is the new 40.

    And too late on the weird hairs :-)

  8. Did I say potential applicant? I meant to say potential psycho, excuse me.

  9. excuse me bonester is one of the nicestand sweetest peerson i know, and far a i know he's a strong chritian he may not marry me but he'll make a goodhusband whover he decides to marry

  10. do you really want to get married? that just seems crazy, well, crazy. but that is just me ^_^

  11. Well, yes, I think at some point I would like to be married. Single is fine for now, but eventually, yes.