Thursday, June 16, 2005

The great tennis ball shortage of 2005

Figured I'd take a break from chatting online with the ladies and drawing pictures of ligers to satisfy your need for bloggage...

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Hot, hot, hot!
Well, as David Letterman has been saying the past few days, it's been hot as nuts around here. I'm not even real sure what that means. I went running Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, but not yesterday. A weird thing has happened with my knee. After I stopped wearing the little support band, beginning with my race, my knee will start twinging (Is that a word? Present participle of twinge?) about three-quarters of a mile in. I'll ignore it for a bit, then it will stop and my knee will have this numb feeling the rest of the run. I'll notice it still being numb in the shower after my run, then the feeling will come back. Wonder why that is?

K and I played tennis at Wilson Morgan Tuesday. By played tennis, I mean, swung rackets and ran around the court and outside the fence retrieving wn balls. I tell you what, 6 PM on a weeknight is prime time to meet some hotties up there. They were all over the place, like ants on a popsicle. Fortunately, I managed to evade them all, cos I'm quick like that. Can't let anything interrupt my tennis concentration. I could probably use a new racket. I thought my current one would be OK for another year, but I had no idea we were gonna get this good this quickly.

The great tennis ball search
Speaking of tennis balls, I stopped by the mall one day last week to pick up some new balls. Well, the girl at Hibbett's informed me, "We no longer carry tennis stuff." So I was like, "Oh yeah, well why don't you go eat a decroded piece of crap?" OK, so I didn't really say that, but it would've been funny, don't you think. It's frickin' June! You're a frickin' sporting goods store! The only reason I went in there in the first place was because it takes so long to go to Wal-Mart and walk two acres back to the sporting goods section. Their balls are like twice as high as Wal-Mart anyway. Anyhow, I went down to Sears, thinking they would have some. But no. Their sporting goods section has been reduced to nothing more than a few weights, four or five treadmills, and a couple of basketballs. I was about to give up and just use the old balls when I walked by KayBee Toys and saw some rubber balls in a bin near the front of the store. So I walked in and asked the girl working there if they had tennis balls. She said she thought so and yelled to another girl who worked there, a hottie who was up on a ladder. The hottie directed me to the balls. So, I got a can of tennis balls and the hottie's phone number. Or... just got the tennis balls. All's well that ends well.

The diaper story
I listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio in the mornings, because, well, I'm a guy. Well, they told this story the other morning that had me rolling. Greenie (Mike Greenberg) had called Golic over the weekend to tell him that his baby had soiled it's diaper while in the swimming pool. Greenie had cleared out the pool for half an hour and called Golic to ask him if he thought it was safe to get back in yet. Oh man, I was rolling. So Golic was letting him have it, telling him it was all contained in the diaper and the chemicals cleansed the pool anyway. But Greenie was joking (I think) that he was never going to swim in the pool again and was going to sell the house, saying he had a little problem with bathing in raw sewage.

"She was a day tripper, a one way ticket, yeah. It took me so long to find out, and I found out..."


  1. dude, your blogs are pretty much always intriguing (sp?)...anyway, I enjoyed todays blog! Sorry you could not find your balls. I got rid of a whole basket of them when I moved to L.A. I have not played since actaully!


  2. I use 'twinging' and 'twingy' as well. Mine do that too. Not good. Wear the little support band thingy. Otherwise, come with me to see Dr. Pain. Maybe we can get a two-fer.

    It's a full 10 degrees hotter in Texas. And my driver window fell today on my car. Nearly melted driving it to the dealership.

    Avoid the hotties.

  3. Jer: Good to hear from you. It's been awhile. You were always better at tennis commentary than playing anyway :-)

    Interstellar: Your window just fell? Poor thing.

    I think I will wait to see how your visit goes. Is it a chiropractor or what exactly?

  4. Yep. Rolled it down and 'bang'. Didn't break. Hopefully they can just put it back on track. :(

    Dr. Pain has the DC and MD initials. He's a medical doctor, reconstructive surgeon, and chiropractor. He's supposedly very hot among the running crowd here in Dallas. I think you just don't want me to see you cry. ;)

  5. That has nothing to do with it.... how bad do you think it will hurt exactly? ;-)