Thursday, June 02, 2005

Take the driving test

Recently 10% of Americans surveyed failed to pass a simple GMAC Driving Test, getting less than 70% of the questions correct. Think you can do better?

Take the test for yourself.

I got 17 out of 20. But I was surprised I got that many.

"I don't want nobody. Nobody don't want me. I'm so sad, so lonely, but I'm always landing on my feet..."


  1. You made me take it.

    I said I could beat you, but I tied with you instead.

    In my mind, I must not have wanted you to fail at yet, another thing (:

    I went easy on you. haha.

    That one question I would know when the road is the most slippery!!!


  2. OK BONESTER I'M PROUD OF U,U DO HAVE BRAGGING RIGHTS OF BEATING ME IN THIS DRIVING TEST. u tell anybody my score i'll kick u to the curb rofl or i'll just go back and study more whichever lol

  3. Anonymous: Ah, 13 isn't that bad. Just study a little more.

    Dea: It appears we will have to settle this with a race-to-7 match of 9-ball, which I will win, of course :-P

  4. Yeah, and you can base that on you winning how many previously?
    OH WAIT, NONE!!!