Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cops On Location: Part 47

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you
I was on the phone with Amber last night when I saw blue lights through the blinds in my big front window. This is it, I thought. They've finally come for me. Well, just as I was about ready to go set fire to my hard drive and flush a few things down the toilet, I looked out to see that they were at the house across the street. For some reason, hooligans apparently tend to rent out that house. I assume they have lots of domestic disturbances or something. I'm not really sure. Things are getting rough around da hood. The other night I came in about 11:00 and a man was in the street in front of that house with a flashlight. He was staring at me. So I parked and ran inside as fast as I could. I'm too young to get shot. And too mentally fragile to be molested.

"Yeast" infection
In other news, I got some tires put on my truck yesterday. The DMV was about ready to use my vehicle in an instructional video on hydroplaning. I just wanted to see if I could get them nice and smooth like NASCAR tires. I went running after that. Then last night, I was going to fix some pizza pita pocket thingies, only to discover my pita bread had molded. Man, I could almost taste them, too! But that's about as close to a yeast infection as I plan to get.

This brings me to another topic. I throw away an uncivilized amount of bread. Being single, and not eating that many sandwiches anyway, I ususally get no more than three or four slices into a loaf. And I already buy the Bunny Bread half loaves. But still I end up throwing 80 or 90% of it away. Does anyone else experience this? I don't like refrigerating my bread, because it doesn't taste as fresh like that to me.

Product recommendation
For pesky bathroom stains, or just to take some skin off your hand, I recommend Lime Away. I had bought some a few weeks ago, but just used it for the first time Sunday night on the tub. Wow! It's the best cleaner I've come across. And my tub was like a Museum of Natural Mildew History. Just be careful. I imagine it could possibly be damaging to stainless steel or other materials. And be sure to use gloves. Of course, I didn't dilute it at all. Just straight from the bottle, the hard stuff... two hundred proof.

"She let herself go, buy a brand new car. Drove down to the beach, he always said was too far. Sand sure felt good between her toes..."


  1. I think that if you're single, food is bound to go bad... You should do as LJ and I do - don't buy any food, just live on restaurants and the left overs you bring home.


  2. Moldy bread...ewww. I used to have that problem when I was single. Now I can't keep bread in stock. I go to the store, and we're out the next day. Damn kids...

    Thanks for the product recommendation. I'll have to give it a try. Do I need an aerator mask too, or are the fumes good for getting high?

  3. I throw away too much bread too. I seldom buy it anymore because it's just a waste - and is one big carb anyway. My brother and I used to say that we could share a loaf - one of buy one loaf, take half of it and give the other half to the other. We have yet to do it, but it's a nice theory.

    Lime Away does work wonders - I use something that's great, but I can't remember the name of it right now. That's bad. I used it recently, really, I did.

  4. OC girl: You make a good point. I get tired of eating out sometimes though.

    Lass: I'm not sure about the fumes. Although I did pass out in bed shortly after I used it, so who knows.

    Cindy: I've actually bought loaves and not used a single slice out of them.

    And this forgetfulness? Is this something I have to look forward to when I turn 33? ;-)

  5. Like I said yesterday...go reserve that spot at 'The Home' now... :')

  6. Oh you did NOT go there, did you? Are you attacking my age buster??

    You're so going to be in trouble now.... :-)

    Okay, since no one else has asked (or I don't think anyway) and because you so deserve it - who is the elusive 'Amber' you've been name-dropping recently? Huh, huh? :-) Details, dude - unless you're suffering from the memory problems NOW.

    PS: The cleaner I was trying to remember yesterday is 'The Works'. I had to look in the bathroom closet for the name. Don't say it! :-)

  7. Lass: Maybe 'the home' won't be too awful. I mean, as long as they have a pool table. And cute nurses. And internet access. That way I could still blog.

    Cindy: Ha ha. Believe me, I wish there were some details. She is just a good friend right now.

  8. Good for you - friendships can lead to more. I guess I've calmed down from the age remarks from earlier because I really do hope that the 'good friend right now' is a good thing for you. :-)

  9. Aww, that's sweet. You know I was just teasing. I hope it really didn't make you mad.

  10. Nah..lucky for you that I took it well..lol. Sorry for 'outing' the 'good friend right now'. But you really did deserve something for your age comments! :-)

    Hope you're having a good day - you know, you're one day closer to 33 too!