Thursday, June 09, 2005

Speedy Delivery

Try This
Stretch your arms out to each side, far as they will go. Have someone measure you, fully-clothed or naked, fingertip to fingertip. That distance is supposed to be equal to your height. It worked for me. Seventy-three inches. Pretty neat. Let me know if it works for you.

3-2-1 Contacts
Placed my order for contacts Tuesday around 4:15 PM. They were waiting for me when I got home today. Thanks to and DHL next day delivery. They went all Mister McFeely on me.

Speaking of discounts, you never hear of discounts or coupons for doctors or dentists. I guess that's probably a good thing. Huge liquidation sale all month long at Midway Medical Center! There's never been a better time to undergo an organ transplant. You don't even need a donor. We're cleaning out the warehouse. All vital organs must go! Or how about a going out of business sale? After thirty-five years, Doctor Van Nostrand is closing his doors forever. Between now and July 31st, all procedures are half off! Free tongue depressor with every urinalysis. OK. I'm not sure this routine is really going anywhere.

The rest of the day
I had been craving one of those big cookie cakes with icing like a pregnant woman craves pickles and Cool Whip. (Come to think of it, some Cool Whip would be really good right now. Mmmmm.) Anyhow, so I went and bought one yesterday, along with a six-pack... of Grapico, and shared with everyone at work. I went to get a haircut after work. Ran thru the carwash. Met Kyle up at Wilson Morgan for some tennis. Came home and piddled with my truck for a bit. It has been losing water lately. I first noticed the temperature getting pretty high when I was sitting still. So anyway, I added some coolant. Must have a slow leak. I cooked some grilled chicken and rice and beans for supper. Put just a little tabasco sause and some cajun seasoning on the chicken. It was tasty.

Yesterday, when I was young
And we close with today's edition of "I'm not sure I would've told that if I were you, Bone." In eleventh grade, there was a span of about three months when I was without a job. Well, I was dating this chick who was a senior from another school. Anyhow, my family was not very well off at that time. I don't know if I just didn't like asking my parents for money or what, but anyway. Mom would give me two dollars every day for lunch and break. Well, I would skip lunch everyday, and save up all my money for two weeks (10 days=$20) so that I could afford to take this girl out. But since it would take me two weeks each time, I would only ask her out every other weekend. And I never told her what I was doing. I was young, naive, OK? So anyway, after three or four dates, I guess she became curious, because we always had a good time and stuff. So she (her name was Paige) asked me why I only asked her out every other weekend. And, I told her. I guess she was relieved. I think that she thought I just didn't like her enough to ask her out every weekend. Anyway, I thought that was a nice little story. Of course it seems like I told it to a girl I was dating one time and she was like, "You would never do that for me. I wish you liked me that much." I can't win.

"Well I never, I never seen you look so good. You never act the way you should. But I like it. And I know you like it, too. The way that I want you..."


  1. That's such a sweet story! Lucky girl!

  2. I appreciate your writing everyday... keep it up...

    Have a great weekend!

  3. yes bonester that is a sweet story but heres one of mind i had a freind that i would go out wiht some and they said didn't have no money well money wasn't important just being with that freind but i did pay 2 bucks for a movie for both tix. back when coke was a coke rofl

    ur a sweetie

  4. You know.... with all these girls reading your blog, one of two things are going to happen. One of them is going to ask you out OR ain't NOBODY going to ask you out. Looks like the latter. Good job! Save your life by not being married. You are my idol.

  5. interstellar: I guess I used to be sweet, but that was years ago. And of course, I think she dumped me a few weeks later.

    oc girl: Thanks for the kind words.

    anonymous: The dollar movies. Those were the days.

    shane: I'm doing my best. lol

    Thanks for the comments. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  6. Eh, it was high school. What did she know? Not everyone appreciates the sacrifices others will make on their behalf.