Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sportsfan's Paradise

There used to be this game that my grandmother would play with me. She'd throw me a ball and I'd hit it with my hand. Then I'd try to run around her living room and she'd try to hit me. Sometimes she would hit me really hard, and sometimes she would hit me in the head, and we'd laugh. Well, she'd laugh. I don't remember laughing all that much...

Except, there are no rines
Something weird happened yesterday. After the Reds game went off, I had dozed off on the couch. I was awakened by the ringing (is it still called ringing?) of my cell phone. I was in that just-woke-up-haze, but as I picked up the phone, I thought it said "Mom" was calling from her cell phone. Well, I answered and some man asked, "Is ______ there?" I can't remember what name he said. Figuring I must've looked at the screen wrong, I just said, "No, I think you've got the wrong number." Well, as I continued coming out of my slumber, I checked my incoming calls list and indeed, Mom was the last number recorded. So then I began to get worried, but I didn't want to call back because I thought that the same man might answer. I tried her work number, but there was no answer. By that point, I was really worried, thinking perhaps some cat burglar had jacked Mom upside the head with a sock full of pennies and stolen her phone. So then I called my sister and told her what had happened. She called Mom, then called me back to say that she got her. Turns out Mom had tried to call me and some girl had answered. Thinking I had a girl over, Mom asked her what we were doing and the girl told her she had the wrong number. I think Mom thought we were just trying to get rid of her. So anyway, apparently the rines were crossed, on our cell phones. It was strange.

Speaking of the Reds
Did you see the game?!?! I came home from work and it was tied at 3. Then we fell behind 6-4 and I guess I must have dozed off again. This Da Vinci sleep is killing me. Anyway, I came to and the bottom of the ninth was beginning. I was thinking, great, an opening day loss. Then, Kearns reached on a leadoff single, Dunner (I just made up that nickname) blasted his second homer of the game to tie it, and one of the newest Reds, Joe Randa, won the game with a solo shot to left field. Magical! I was lovin' it. This could be our year!! (Leave me alone, this is my fantasy. Maria, what are you doing here? Wrong fantasy. Ummm, on second thought, you can stay.)

Carolina Blue, babee
Then the NCAA Championship Game last night. Carolina has always been kinda my second team, ever since the days of Jordan, Perkins, Worthy, Doherty, Jimmy Black, etc. I thought it was a good game, maybe not great. It seemed like when UNC went to a zone to protect Felton that Illinois was either confused or just settling for outside shots. They took 40 3's! You're not gonna win a high percentage of games shooting 40 3-pointers.

American Idol is down to the final nine tonight. I sure hope Kerry is live-blogging ;-)

"After all that we've been thru, I will make it up to you. I promise to..."


  1. ah ha! I have figured it out, it was all those balls to the head as a child.

    J/K Jep!

    I hope you can survive AI without Jessica!

  2. Well, I won't lie. It's been rough without Jessica. At least I'll always have the memories.