Tuesday, April 26, 2005

AI: Super Six

Good late evening, friends and neighbors. I realize I have not posted all day today, but I just figured I would wait and do my American Idol rankings for the evening. Before I begin, here are a couple of helpful cooking tips to your house from ours (Ours=Bone & Rachel Ray):
- When the recipe says "serves 12", that's something you should probably make note of, especially if you're only cooking for two. Do some fractions or something.
- If a recipe calls for peeled shrimp, buy shrimp that's ALREADY PEELED!!!
- Rice is actually quite sticky, especially after it sits in a pan for an hour or so.

Now, on with my rankings. Tonight's theme was songs from 2000-present. Not a whole lot to choose from there, and as usual, I had never heard of a couple of the songs. Paula was greatly subdued tonight, almost as if she was in a Ritalin-induced semi-coma.

1. Bo - It wasn't even close tonight. Bo was far and away the best of the evening. He was rocking! He's back in his comfort-zone, picked a perfect song for his voice, and was smooth throughout.

2. Vonzell - Seemed like she picked a very hard song to sing. She hit a couple of flat notes early, but overall I thought it was a good performance. She may be the most consistent performer overall since I started watching. Maybe not the best, but the most consistent week-to-week.

3. Carrie - Well, at least she looked much better tonight, and I think she got the words right for once, even though I'm not that familiar with the song. I've heard it a few times. Still, it was just OK to me. Besides, how many Martina McBride songs should one person be allowed to sing?! She apparently has one of the largest fan bases, else she would've been in the bottom three a couple of times in recent weeks.

4. Anthony - I almost ranked him #3. But that's more of a reflection on the lack of quality performances than on him. I had never heard this song, even though I used to have a Celine Dion CD, until someone borrowed it and never returned it. But that's another blog entry for another time. Why would a guy choose to sing a Celine Dion song anyway? He sang well enough again. I just can't let go of all those weeks of horrible performances, plus he does the exact same move every frickin' week where he swings his arm out to the side in sort of a sweeping ta-daa motion.

5. Constantine - You know what it seemed like to me? It seemed like he had seen Bo's performance, and he went out and tried to out-rock Bo. I thought he was trying way too hard, over-performing, and just generally overdoing everything. He doesn't need to try to be a rocker. He just needs to be who he is.

6. Scott - Wow. That was terrible. I think he's getting worse. He can't sing. Period. It's completely laughable that he is in the top six.

Well, obviously, Scott SHOULD be gone. He should've been long gone by now. I could see Anthony leaving, too. I would be shocked if it was someone other than those two getting cut this week, but I've been shocked before, so who knows.

"Now why you gotta make it so hard on me? Hey, it's hard on me, yeah. And I'm sorry, but it's not a mistake. And I'm running, but you're getting away..."

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