Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lucky Seven

Well, I know you're anxiously awaiting my exclusive rankings for tonight's American Idol. Considering the theme, 70's dance music, I thought tonight's performances were very good overall. Paula was high again tonight, so it was all good. I had never heard of any of the songs, so that's probably good, too. There'll be no favorite-song-bias. Here I goeth:

1. Vonzell - It was really tough picking the best of the night. She probably didn't have the best vocal performance, but overall, appearance, stage presence, song choice, and vocals, she was very strong. Looked good in those jeans, too.

2. Bo - I think I'm letting the judges influence me here, because I didn't think it was all that awesome. When I first heard what the theme was for tonight, I was really nervous about how he was going to do. But he did have a very strong performance tonight after two or three bad weeks.

3. Constantine - He has slipped into that zone where he's so comfortable on stage, it's not like he's competing, he's performing. He doesn't just sing a song, he puts on a complete performance, love it or hate it. And I still think he has been the best overall since his "I Think I Love You" disaster.

4. Anthony - OK, this was his best performance. I thought his song choice was the best of the night. All his performances are starting to sound the same though. He always has this light-hearted pleasant sunshiny voice, week after week, no matter the song. He seems to have finally gotten comfortable on stage, but after so many poor performances, I don't know if he can still win. I guess it depends on if you vote based on the most recent performance, or overall.

5. Anwar - It's like Wayne Brady grew long hair and tried out for American Idol. I like Anwar. He's not bad, really. He just doesn't do anything to really set himself apart. He's pretty consistent though.

6. Carrie - I keep waiting for this great, knock-your-socks-off performance from her. She's a very pretty girl. I mean, she looked hot in her interview, but most of the time for her performance, her outfit and/or hair is just goofy. And I drop her from about 4th to 6th for that. She DID look like a Barbie. She just needs to be natural. She needs a theme where she can get back to singing country. I think it might do her good if she was in the bottom three tomorrow night. I don't think she's been there yet, and it might serve as a wake-up call.

7. Scott - OK, if it wasn't clear tonight, then it never will be. He is clearly three steps below everyone else on the vocal talent scale. The thing is, he didn't do badly. I thought this was one of his better performances. It's just that, it became clear to me tonight, this is as far as he can and should go.

So there you go. It might be hard to swallow, but that's what I thought. Who do you guys think will be voted off this week?

I'll be seein' ya when I see ya. Seacrest out!

"You're not the best thing that I knew. Never was. Never cared too much for all this hanging around. It's just the same thing all the time. Never get what I want. Never get too close to the end of the line..."


  1. I am SOOOO still pulling for Carrie, even though you ranked her 6th??

    Do you have something about curly-headed blondes? ;-)

  2. You ranked Vonzell over Bo? Are you crazy? ;) If Scott doesn't get kicked off tomorrow, I'll be completely disgusted.

  3. I think perhaps I'm a little harder on Carrie and Bo, because I expect more out of them. Kinda like a proud father who pushes his son or daughter to excel in a particular sport until finally the pressure becomes too much and they give up the sport altogether.

    Or, not like that at all.


  5. I think you just love your teen idol, David Cassidy.

    No singing, please :-)