Friday, April 22, 2005


I received a few hits in recent days from this site. My blog is occasionally listed in the links on the right side of the page. Kinda cool.

Speaking of American Idol, Paula has been making the headlines recently:
Former Idol Contestant Claims Affair With Abdul

Abdul Denies Drug Rumors

Wow, I guess I wasn't the only person who thought she was high. And finally, how in the name of Diana Degarmo is Scott Savol still on this show? The top six? Are you kidding me? He should have been gone four or five rounds ago, at least. What, is the mafia voting for him? (Just kidding, guys. Really.)

Fantasy baseball
Well, I should have named my rotisserie league team the Tom Pettys, because they're freeeeee fallin'. I sank from 6th to 10th (out of 12 teams) after yesterday. It's still early, so the standings are really volatile. Still, I feel the need to post a Steinbrenner-like message here for my team. Hey Larry Walker, my grandma could hit .217! (Chris Farley Show-esque): Hey, Mister Pujols, remember um, last year when uh, you hit um like .330? And, and, remember two years ago when um, you hit .350? That was great.(/end Farley) My starting pitching is killing me. It's killing me, Jerry! What in the name of Steve Bedrosian possessed me to pick Oliver Frickin' Perez? You'd have a better chance of gettin' guys out by putting a pitching machine on the mound.

Oh, and thanks to Tiffany for the heads up the other night on the Rob Thomas appearance on Leno. I would have completely missed that. I guess I might buy the album. Or wait for some chick to buy it for me. Hmm, yeah, that sounds better.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

"Now you're doin' all the things you swore you hated. All that you've become is a little more jaded. Yeah well it's alright, cos breakin' down is underrated..."


  1. I agree about Scott. He should have been out of there a few rounds ago already!

  2. So whaddya think now? lol