Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And then there were five...

If ever I was going to curse in a blog entry, it would have been this one. That's one reason I have waited three hours to blog. I really shouldn't get this wrapped up in a TV show, but I can't help it. Repeat after me: Scott Savol is among the five remaining finalists for American Idol.

Once you come to terms with that (it's been several hours and I'm still not there), then you can try and digest this: Scott wasn't even amongst the bottom three! Constantine is gone. Granted, he was pretty bad this week, but overall, I thought he was still one of the best two or three remaining. With apologies to one of my favorite rappers, that was absolutely ludicrous, a total joke. I know this has always been partly a popularity contest, but they've completely made a mockery of it now. They should really change the voting for just one round to where you vote for who you think should be eliminated. Scott would be gone faster than he could shove down a girlfriend.

OK, sorry for being so wound up, but trust me, it was much worse three hours ago.

In good news, we finally got high-speed at work!! Woohoo! It's almost like being at home, 'cept I can't really walk around in my underwear.

And, I got a cool Star Wars light saber plastic spoon in my box of Frosted Flakes today! "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." I'm on my way, Princess!

"Some things in this world, man, they don't make sense. Some things you don't need until they leave you, then they're things that you miss..."


  1. How in the heck is Scott Savol still in the competition????? OMG - it's so disappointing that Constatine is gone. I think Scott has been far and away the worst for weeks now. Have you heard that there's a website asking people to 'Vote for the Worst'? I wonder if the site has anything to do with Scott still being in it?
    Well, I guess I should let the disappointment go...but even today, it's still fresh. :-) Life does go on.

  2. Yes, apparently there is a pretty large group of neo-Nazis voting for Scott to ruin the competition. And I must say, they're doing pretty good. It sucks for the people getting voted off who have actual talent.

  3. I probably shouldn't admit to this..but I have been a Scott fan all along. His voice is so smooth..though not strong. No, I don't think he should win, but I think it is so funny that he is still there. So many people are freaking out over it, it is fun to sit back and watch it all. :) I am so glad Constantine is gone!! Now, if only he would take Bo with him. Vonzell or Carrie should win. And I am not a country fan, either. But both of those girls kick butt week after week!

    Visiting via blog explosion, by the way.