Monday, April 25, 2005

Brace yourself

Well, thanks to this little gem, I'm back up and running again. I took a short run last night after church and it really helped my knee pain a lot. Our local 10K is May 21st, so hopefully I will be ready for that. Of course, now I am running with an ankle brace (from last fall's softball injury) and a knee brace on my left leg. All I need now is a walking cane, a pacemaker, and an orthopedic back pillow, and I'll be set. Maybe I'll win a senior's division age group trophy or something. "Look at me. I'm fallin' apart here."

The weekend was mostly uneventful. The weekly bowling, poker, pool group outing was cancelled because Jonathan had a date and someone else was out of town. Maybe next week. I'm itching to get down to the beach. Kyle had the idea to see if Lee and Roy were up for a trip. That would be a fun trip. And of course, if Roy could get the flux capacitor working, then we could spend an entire week at the beach, travel back in time, and not even have to take off work any. Oh, I did find the Fine Young Cannibals greatest hits CD at FYE Friday Night. So, that's one of the missing CD's from my collection, along with Milli Vanilli, Roxette, and Robert Palmer. I stopped by the used music store Saturday night, but they didn't have Milli Vanilli. Of course, who in their right mind would get rid of that CD? It's gold, Jerry! Gold!

It was a nice sports weekend. Watched some of the draft. Looks like my beloved Cowboys did pretty well, according to the so-called-experts anyway. And the NBA playoffs began. The Bulls are in the freakin' playoffs!! Not only that, they won yesterday! Can you believe that? I might become a fringe NBA fan again, just to watch Da Bulls.

Afterthought: OK, I know I'm probably too picky. Everyone says it. I admit it. I am very picky when it comes to girls. But, remember this wise old proverb: Picky is as picky does. Wait. No, that's not it. I just don't know how to be "not-picky", you know? I don't even like the word picky. What am I supposed to do, try and rehabilitate some street whore? Yeah, right. Besides, I've already tried that. What? I guess my theory is, I'll only be considered too picky until I find the right girl. Right?

"You don't wanna be me when it all goes wrong. You don't wanna see me with the house lights on. I'm a little too headstrong. Stand tall, I don't wanna get walked on..."


  1. You SHOULD be picky! Never lower your standards, if you do you will end up with a girl that you are totally not compatible with.

    Stay strong. Eventually the perfect girl will come along and it will make you glad that you waited.

  2. Screw that advice you need Dr. Phil man, he will set you straight!!

  3. I'm all about being picky. Maybe just TOO picky.

    Not a bad thing though. I've got no drama going on, no need to "check in" with anyone, no need to check anyone else plans before I do something - not a bad deal actually.

  4. Yeah, I figure I've been single for 30 years... things are going great, why mess with something if it isn't broken?

    I'm just hangin' out, waitin' for a good girl to come along.

    Everyone has their flaws, you need to focus more on compatibility and working on building the relationship.

    Just make sure you discuss, Finances, Kids, In-Laws, and Religion and chances are you'll be ok.

  5. Things are looking better everyday. Thanks for the 'ments ;-)