Tuesday, March 27, 2007

24 Recap:3/26/07

There's a fun, new post 'neath this one. I kinda got carried away writing last night/this morning :)

Today is also an important day in history. The urinal was patented on this date in 1866. And I, for one, am very thankful. I'm not sure I could survive if I had to sit to pee.

Recapping Day Six: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

In the aftermath of the raid on the drone pilot's compound, Bill tells Jack about VP Daniels plan for retalitation against Fayed's country. He says they have to find Gredenko within the hour, before Daniels launches the nuclear strike. Meanwhile, Nameless Drone Pilot Tron Controller Guy #1 dies.

Out at Gredenko's Desert Hideaway, Resort, and Nuclear Drone Launch Site, Fayed threatens Gredenko after they learn the latest nuke did not detonate. Gredenko tells Fayed he is the only one who can get him the targets he wants. You know, that whole "What Do I Have To Do To Put You In A Terrorist Attack Today" sales pitch. Gredenko calls some guy named Mark Hauser and says he needs security specs for something. Mark instructs his brother, Brady, to get the information. Brady goes to the computer.

At CTU, where Milo appears to just be watching Nadia on her live holding room webcam, Chloe is able to track the call and get Hauser's address. For some reason, she was unable to get Gredenko's location from the same call. He must have star sixty-sevened. They call Jack and he prepares to take a field team over. Meanwhile, an agent named Johnson tells Ricky Schroder that he found a load access module which the drone pilot used to get into CTU's system, meaning Nadia is innocent. He tells Ricky that won't look good after Ricky "led the witchhunt" on Nadia. Johnson promises he won't mention it to anyone, since Ricky helped him out in Denver.

Outside President Palmer's hospital room, Karen Hayes tells Sandra Palmer she needs her consent to bring Wayne out of his coma, so he can stop Daniels planned nuclear strike. In a recurring 24 theme, Sandra says no at first, but finally agrees.

In the bunker, Daniels is briefed and told that a 300 kiloton bomb will be detonated in the Middle East within the hour. That's roughly equal to 12 million sticks of dynamite, or 72 million M-80's. The meeting is interrupted when Daniels is given a message that Palmer is being brought out of the coma. He calls Palmer's doctor and threatens him. The doctor refuses to give in to Daniels' strongarm tactics.

Jack and the field team storm Hauser's lair. They shoot and wound Mark, who confesses he was looking up security specs for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Facility for Gredenko. Jack has Mark call Gredenko and tell him the information is ready, but that Mark can't meet him because he just got called into work. Who gets called into work at 8:30 at night? Where does he work? NORAD? Wal-Mart? Jack talks to Brady, who appears to be Autistic. It is determined that Brady will meet Gredenko across the street. Jack and the field team will be waiting!

Meanwhile, at As CTU Turns, Johnson tells Milo that Ricky has information that would clear Nadia. Milo confronts Ricky and accuses him of not reporting the information. They shove each other. Then Morris comes over and says Ricky gave the chip to him to analyze. Everything checked out. Nadia is cleared. Milo apologizes to Ricky. Ricky goes over to Johnson and tells him, "You've screwed with the wrong guy for the last time." I was on Silver Spoons when you were nothing!

Bill goes to apologize to Nadia. She starts to walk out and he talks her into staying. When she returns to her station, Milo tries to talk to her, but Nadia walks away. Milo follows her to a convenient quaint little out of the way place inside the ever-so-cavernous CTU, where he promptly checks her breath, for about six and a half seconds. I feel much safer knowing that people assigned to stop terrorists can still find a moment or two to make-out during the day.

At Coma Central, the doctor tells Sandra that Palmer is starting to have intercranial swelling again. Palmer begins to crash. Which, sadly, is the most excitement we've had to this point.

Across the street from Hauser's, Brady is wired and waiting. Gredenko arrives, gets out of the vehicle, and begins uploading the security specs. Jack hears Gredenko tell one of his men to shoot Brady as soon as the upload is complete. Just before he is about to, the field team shoots Gredenko with a tranquilizer gun and take out other two men who were with him. Brady is unharmed. Once Gredenko wakes up, Jack goes to question him. Gredenko says he will help find Fayed, but he wants amnesty in return.

Back at Shock & Awe HQ, Daniels gets word that CTU has Gredenko in custody, but gives the command to proceed with the nuclear strike anyway. The defense secretary returns and says they've just been ordered to stand down. Daniels asks where the order came from, and is told they came from President Palmer! He's out of the coma! Lisa hands Daniels the phone. It's Palmer, who says he is resuming his duties as President and that there is to be no hostile launch without his direct authorization. After they hang up, Daniels says, "I can't let him remain in power. Get me the Attorney General."

The good:
President Palmer being brought out of the coma just in time to stop the nuclear strike.

Jack and the field team capturing Gredenko.

No "mole" being found at CTU. It's been done to death. Besides, a Counter Terrorist Unit that averts terrorists attacks together, stays together.

Ricky not withholding the information about Nadia. I hate to say it, but when he told off Johnson, I kinda started to like him.

The bad:
In what is becoming an all too often occurrence this season, there was very little action. We're basically left each week waiting for the final ten or fifteen minutes of the show for the excitement.

I would have liked to have seen some cigar-cutter-finger-lopping interrogation action between Jack and Gredenko.

Best scene:
Palmer calling Daniels to stop the nuclear strike. "I am resuming my duties as Commander-in-Chief."

Random quote:
Nadia to Morris: "You have to admit this is not the best place to start a relationship."

"This is gonna be awkward... especially for you."

Where is Jack's father?

Now that things are running a bit too smoothly at CTU, will the fact that Bill signed off on Fayed's release come back into play?

Why do they only refer to it as "Fayed's Country?" Is there some sort of obscure international Treaty of Fayed or something that says you can't make a TV show about launching a nuclear attack on a specific country? Has anyone ever read the fine print from that SALT agreement?

Will we ever actually see Audrey again? Or just hear stories about her? Kinda like on Happy Days when Richie joined the army. And they would act like he called, but we never saw or heard him.

"A tournament of lies. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline. It's the end of the world as we know it..."


  1. Sure you could survive if you had to sit to pee. I've known men who survived just fine. In fact I've heard that sitting helps to completely empty the bladder...which is better for you.

  2. Something's been bugging me;
    in your profile, you list "anything Hemingway".
    Now, I like the OG Big Papa as much as the next red-blooded heterosexual male, but he also wrote a ton of rambling nonsensical crap. For every "Sun Also Rises" there are at least two "Garden of Eden"s and "Have & Have Not"s. Just utter shit.
    so I can see how one could like individual Hemingway books/stories, but his whole catalogue raisonné?
    That's impossible.

  3. And I, for one, am very thankful. I'm not sure I could survive if I had to sit to pee.

    Just once, I just want to get past line 2 or 3 of your post without already laughing. Honestly.

    Oh yeah, and I feel fine.

  4. I was actually making a shopping list during last night's episode. They need to up the tension factor again. I prefer to feel as if I'm having a mild heart attack by the time the show is over.

    However! The VP clearly needs to be sedated. The Prez seemed quite lucid considering his recent coma and that was fairly impressive. Milo looks like he's quite the kisser. And I love how you continue to keep calling Doyle "Ricky."

    But seriously, shouldn't Jack be really really tired by now?

  5. You forced me to comment. Forced me to.

    Damn Bone, the invention of the urinal should be big news and only you would know the date :)

    But will you remember it tomorrow?

    I'm very angry at Blogger for not letting non-Bloger URL's show so I established a blog simply to link back to Courtingdestiny.com

  6. Renee: Let me tell you this. Even if there were no toilets or urinals, men would still stand to pee :)

    Anonymous AC: Well, To Have And Have Not was the first Hemingway I read. And although it's been awhile, it caused me to go out and get many of his others, so I must have liked it. I haven't read The Garden of Eden.

    TC: Thanks. I'm afraid if I wait too much longer that you'll lose interest :)

    You feel fine?

    Brookelina. I agree. It seems like last season, nearly every segment had me on the edge of my seat.

    Pia: I figured if anyone should mention the invention of the urinal, it should be me :)

    Sorry about Blogger. On a related note, my Gmail has been down for the past two and a half hours.

  7. The urinal, huh? What makes you think men sat down to pee before they were invented?

  8. I swear to you, your recap was better than the show. Far more action and humor.

    First - Did Daniels really take it upon himself to call the doctors and forbid them to wake Palmer? Umm, control freak, much? That's it, Cheney, just advertise to the world that you're a cold, heartless, SOB who wants the president kept under so you can run the free world. When is CTU going to catch on to the fact that Daniels is the new terrorist?

    Second - Much like the Audrey bit, this Schroder thing isn't over. I'm not buying that he's a good Samiritan and just told them flat out that Nadia wasn't a terrorist. Something's up. Mark my words. He's NOT that good a guy.

    Third - I'm so glad that Palmer was back in this episode. President, obviously, not Sandra. What a simp! I reiterate my wish for someone to nuke only Sandra, Daniels and Ricky. And maybe Lennox. I'm on the fence about him.

    And while I'm talking about on the fence . . . I had been there about Milo's hotness, but it's been confirmed: He's Ho-T-T. Someone clue me in on how to get him to check MY breath.

    We think alike! I was singing REM through your whole post and then BANG - you used the song for your lyrics! Great minds, Sir Bone!

  9. I'm afraid if I wait too much longer that you'll lose interest :)

    Bone, you wound me. :/

    You feel fine?

    Read your lyrics...

  10. When the guy playing Johnson came on-screen, I squee'd like a little sci-fi fan girl because of other shows I've seen him in. I like him.

    Damn, I missed the Nadia/Milo kiss? I knew I should've just watched 24 all the way through and saved the Dancing With the Stars for later.

    Oh, and if you want the most obscure, metaphor laden Hemingway short story, try reading Hills Like White Elephants. God. I had to suffer through that at University and through a know-it-all classmate who proceeded to find symbolism in every little thing in that story.

  11. Oh, about not naming specific countries. I think tv shows don't like to use real Middle Eastern countries when they're dealing with a negative, like war or whatnot. The West Wing used to use made up country names as well. The recapper at Television Without Pity calls Fayed's Country "Middle Eastia" (or something like that).

  12. LOL thanks so much for letting me know there was SOMETHING to read below the recap ;) Im glad you enjoyed your day in history... :)

  13. Actonbell: That was part of my joke :) I'm glad someone caught it. Urinal, toilet, outhouse, shrub, or stream, men will always pee standing up.

    Avery Laine: Yeah, life imitates art with Daniels. And at least they kept Sandra's lines to a minimum. You could be right about Ricky. We'll see.

    Something told me you and TC would enjoy the kiss. Wishing you were Nadia much?

    TC: Ah, the lyrics. Of course. Sorry, I was on like four hours sleep today.

    I wound you?

    Xinher: Ah, Middle Eastia. That's funny, because as I was writing this morning, I was trying to make up a name for it. Syraqistan was the best I could come up with :)

    TagAlong: You're welcome. I was told some people see it's 24 day and leave right away :)

  14. Something told me you and TC would enjoy the kiss. Wishing you were Nadia much?


    I want her job. Seriously. What could be better?? Who cares that they are racially profiling her?? Honestly.want.her.job.

    I'll forgive your lack of lyrical recognition this time, Bone, just don't let it happen again. ;)

    And yes, you wound me by even suggesting that I would lose interest if you got past the third line. Don't I get credit for at minimum reading to the sixth or seventh line? :/

  15. Sorry...dont have cable and reading about it just doesnt cut it... ;)

  16. So you think men would simply parish if they had to wizz in a regular toilet like us women folk?

    Somehow... you seem pretty closed minded for this.

    Broaden your horizons, Bone... PEE AFAR!!

  17. Syraqistan!!!

    I almost did a spit take upon reading that! That's great!!!

  18. TC: Oh. I wasn't sure if you meant wound as in hurt or as in wound up.

    So if Milo made out with you, you'd be willing to overlook the racial profiling. I see :)

    ATag: It's on Fox :)

    Blondie: Let's cut to the chase. The bottom line is, I'm not sitting on a public toilet. Ever :)

    Xinh: Ooo, I almost drew a spit! That's gotta be good :) Maybe I'll start calling it that next week then. Thanks.

  19. I'd pretty much be willing to overlook anything if I was making out with Milo. ;)

  20. TC: I still wanna see Milo back in the field. That was cool.

  21. There are lots of places I'd like to see Milo: back in the field is just one of 'em. ;)