Tuesday, March 06, 2007

24 Recap: 3/5/07

Recapping tonight's epsiode, also known as Day Six: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM, while wondering if 24 will observe Daylight Savings Time next week...

Here's what we (think we) know: Assad is dead, killed by the bomb that Reed planted and activated. President Palmer is alive, but unconscious and unable to serve.

Bill calls Karen to tell her about Palmer. Karen, who is still waiting for a plane, decides she should stay and says she will withdraw her resignation. Vice President Daniels, who is still on a plane, is notified that he will assume all the duties of the Presidency. Does that include dealing with the President's sister? I'd definitely have to ask that before proceeding. Upon landing, Daniels asks to see Tom Lennox a couple of times. When Tom can't be found, the Secretary of Defense calls for a sweep of the bunker to find him.

Reed hurries down to the boiler room to tell Carson the news. Carson wants to kill Tom and make it look like suicide, but Reed talks him out of it. Reed tries convincing Tom that they are doing what is best for the country, and that if he reveals what he knows about the assassination attempt, no one will believe him anyway. He unties Tom, and they leave the boiler room. The second Tom sees a Secret Service agent, he tells him Reed and Carson are directly responsible for the assassination attempt, and has them arrested.

Upon arriving at the Russian consulate, aka Moscow 90210, Logan convinces Jack to let him meet with Markhov alone. Markhov denies any knowledge of Gredenko's whereabouts, even after Logan threatens him by saying he will send evidence to Moscow linking Markhov with the syntax nerve gas the terrorists used last season.

As soon as Logan leaves, Markhov calls Gredenko, who surprisingly is not on the phone with Fayed. He tells Gredenko the Americans are looking for him, but assures him that by the time they locate him, it will be too late. Back in the car, Logan tells Jack he is certain Markhov is lying. Jack calls CTU and tells Chloe to prepare to cut off power to the Russian consulate for sixty seconds. He's going back in. Finally, Jack's back in action! Is it just me, or did it not seem like the power stayed off for anywhere near sixty seconds?

In the bunker, Dick Cheney... I mean, Daniels, tells his assistant(?) Lisa to make sure everyone gets a copy of Tom's proposal. He then walks in while Tom is being questioned about his knowledge of the assassination attempt. The two of them argue over Assad's innocence. And the Vice President tells Tom he wants to push thru the stricter security measures, reminding him it was Tom's proposal in the first place.

Out at Moscow 90210, Jack gets inside the Consul's office, but Markhov manages to press his panic button. Now if Jack only had an Easy button to override the panic button. Jack locks the door and informs the Russian guys outside the door that he is holding the Consul hostage. This sets off a string of phone calls. Jack calls Buchanan, who calls the Vice President, who receives a call from the Russian President asking what's the dealio?

After Markhov initially denies knowing Gredenko's whereabouts, Jack begins to play a sadistic game of This Little Piggy with Markhov's fingers and a cigar cutter. After the first finger is, um, removed, Jack pulls a gun on Markhov. Nine Fingers finally tells all. He says Gredenko is in the desert and planning to launch drones in two hours which will carry the nukes to their destinations.

Jack starts to leave, although I'm not sure why he thought he was just going to be able to walk out. The security guards set off plastic explosives to blow open the door. The explosion knocks Jack off his feet and he is apprehended. Later, Jack tells a Russian guard what Nine Fingers told him and implores him to call CTU and pass the information along to Bill Buchanan. The guard goes outside and calls, but as he is holding for Buchanan, he is shot (SPF: 5) by one of the other Russians. Who didn't see that coming.

At CTU, everyone is concerned when they haven't heard from Jack. Morris somehow finds a message in Russian which says that an American agent is in custody. Nadia tells Bill about the message. Bill tells her to get special ops ready and make plans to storm the Russian consulate to try to get Jack back. Booyah!

The good:
Jack going back into the Consulate and the interrogation of Markhov.

Lennox ratting out Reed and Carson.

Bill rounding up the posse to go rescue Jack.

No mention of Morris' alcoholism.

Palmer's alive. Because really, we've been there, done that, on the Presidential assassination. At the beginning of last season.

Lisa, the Vice President's assistant. We need some new characters in the bunker, with everyone being arrested or blown to smithereens.

The bad:
No Milo. And really not much CTU. Remember when like 80% of the show was either Jack in the field or goings-on at CTU? Sigh.

Still not a ton of action.

No Fayed.

The stricter security measures storyline isn't really going anywhere. I guess it could affect Nadia again at some point.

Best scene:
Jack cutting off Markhov's finger! Although it would have been better to see it drop to the floor. Or at least hear a thud and a roll. And why stop at one? Three Fingers or No Thumbs makes a much better nickname than Nine Fingers.

Understatement of the hour:
"Bill, this is Jack. I've got a situation here."

Did you know...
Four out of five special agents chose the cigar cutter as their preferred finger removal device.

This week's Did You Know is brought to you by La Carolina Torpito authentic Cuban cigars. You'll think you've died and gone to Havana.

Who else was in on the assassination plot? Tom said Reed seemed to indicate there were others involved.

Will Palmer return, and when? And WWDD? What will Daniels do?

In the scenes from next week, was that Aaron Pierce with the former First Lady?!?! Are they bringing Pierce back?! I don't think I'll be able to contain myself.

"What's the d-d-d-deal? What's the d-d-d-deal? What's the d-d-d-dealio, the dealio..."


  1. You have a sick, sadistic, twisted mind, Bone. Honestly, you do. WHO, besides you okay, and probably every other testosterone ridden male on the planet would want to see the finger stop, drop and roll? Just thinking about it is making me sick to my stomach. The women who said you were one of the girls during your roast should read this!

    Is it just me or was it cruel of the writers to make me almost like Lennox there for a minute? I mean, seriously, when he turned himself, Carson and Reed in I was flabberghasted! They can't make me like Milo and Lennox! Who will I hate. . . oh yeah, besides Sandra Palmer and Dick Cheney, oops, I mean VP Daniels. Thankfully, Lennox's meeting with Daniels restored most of my hatred for him. But there's now a bit of a question mark where once there was a big black period.

    Question: Jack's not stupid. So why the buddha didn't he see that attack on him coming? I mean, dur, of course there are cameras in there and, of course, they're going to take any opportunity to get you! Why would you go to the door?? It's called a window. Jump you big igmo.

    I shouldn't watch the scenes from next week, it ruins everything. But I will say that I'm looking forward to the siege of the consulate. Blow those commie bastards to Siberia. Harboring fugitives, helping plan nuclear attacks on the U.S. and expecting soveriegnty on our soil??? Ummm, hello. Wrongo, bongo, kids.

    And if Milo's not back - - I'm boycotting 24 for a while. Sorry, it has to happen. Oh! And Chloe's my new idol - in regards to work. Her interpersonal relationships still need tons of work.

  2. aka Moscow 90210


    Pretty much. :)

    And okay, yeah, I'm with AL about the finger thing. That was just nasty and hard to watch.

    And I miss Milo! I don't think I'm going to be able to boycott just because of no Milo though. *sigh* I vaguely remember the days when I didn't watch 24. Oh those were the days... right??

    And okay, hate me for it if you must... but Jack's going back to the consulate was predictable as all get out! Of course he wasn't going to get away with it! Of course they were going to catch him! And of course that Russian guy (I'm technical today I know: sue me, just don't play a game of This Little Pig with my fingers and a cigar cutter) was going to get shot!

    My scenes from next week got cut off for some reason by the local news (who needs that anyway??), so I have no idea what's going to happen. Which is both nice and nerve-wracking.

  3. What the ddddddeal, I'm late for your kite-flying post. It's easy enough for me to understand.
    The IDEA of flying a kite appeals to me, but I'm too embarrassed to try it in front of other people. They have some mean competitions in Afganistan, btw, in which kite people attach a glass&glue mixture to the kite strings, in order to cut their opponent's strings. Yes, they get bloody hands doing that (The Kite Runner contains a good description)

    SAdly, I spend almost all of the day working. Honest.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. OK, I haven't been able to get myself to watch it, though I DVR it, but your asides crack me up

  5. oh I loved loved loved your question about Daylight Savings Time. If I were into 24, I would probably stay up an entire night wondering. Maybe not an entire night but a good five minutes

  6. Avery: Wow, you're really getting into this :) I just think a nice "thud" would have made the finger scene more realistic.

    And yeah, Jack walking already knew there were people outside the door. That made no sense.

    Traveling Chica: I vaguely remember the days when I didn't watch 24.

    I'm sure those were sad times for you. Glad you've seen the light :)

    Well, if you want to know. The scenes from next week show Bill introducing a new guy at CTU, the former first lady (Logan's wife or ex-wife, not really sure now), Jack holding a gun (so that's good), and a team attacking the Russian Consulate. Best I can remember :)

    Actonbell: Yeah, I was a little nervous about getting out there at first, too. I forgot Kite Guy mentioned something about some glow in the dark things you put on your kite to fly at night.

    Pia: Thanks. My asides are meant to amuse and entertain :)

    I can picture Bill saying to Jack next week, "Jack, did you remember to set your watch forward one hour?" That would actually make a good Daylight Savings Time PSA :)

  7. Thanks for filling me in. I'm sure I couldn't have survived a whole week without knowing. ;)

    And um, I'm not sure 'sad' is how I would describe my Monday nights prior to 24...

  8. I agree with Bone about the finger thing(I never get grossed-out from watching gore in a movie[but thats just me and movies are not real anyway],though you would never be able to guess that by looking at me). And thanks for the recap Bone[kiss kiss] ;)

  9. If they bring back Aaron Pierce and the former first lady I will explode. Or implode. I can't decide.

    You forgot to mention under the good that they didn't show the president's sister again. Ha!

    I can't wait to see Jack kick the shit out of Markhov.

  10. TC: Well then, if not sad, perhaps empty? ;)

    Oh, and I meant to say this earlier: You girls and your Milo. The odd thing is, I miss Milo, too :)

    GirlFPS: You are welcome. I actually enjoy writing them.

    Brookelina: I did notice the President's sister wasn't on again. That's always a good thing :)

    I'm excited about Pierce coming back!

  11. I must be one of the few people in America who hasn't watched 24. But... I AM eagerly waiting for 3 Word Wednesday. Does that redeem me???? We have to go out to work today and I wanted to think on the words while we were gone. Bones, where are you?????

  12. You girls and your Milo... I miss Milo, too :)

    Of course you do: you're one of the girls, remember???


    I don't think 'empty' is the right word either. I was going for sane? (ish)

  13. For any LOTR geeks out there, the Russian Guy was played by John Noble, who played Denethor (Boromir and Faramir's dad) in LOTR.

    I'm glad The Biscuit had an attack of conscious but I'm not sure how sympathetic I'm going to be towards him.

  14. Thanks Xinh for the comment about the father of Borimir (sp)and Fairamir! I was saying, "Hey! Hey! Hey! We know THAT guy! He was bad! What movie was it???"
    It was the Russian accent that threw me! :)

    Bone- I think the VP is in on the attempt on Palmers life.
    Do you think that if we all chant- in unison "AUDREY, AUDREY, AUDREY!" They'll bring her back???
    This was good...sorry I was late~

  15. Judy: Yes, that redeems you :) Sorry I didn't have the words up earlier. I promise to work on that.

    TC: Sad, empty, sane. They're basically all pointing the same direction, right? :)

    Xinh: Yeah, I think there are a lot of people who don't know how to feel about Tom. I kinda like him, actually.

    By the way, you watch a lot of movies. Do you know who the guy is playing Carson? Or more importantly, what else has he been in?

    Mayden: You could be right, even though Reed told Tom earlier that the VP didn't know anything about it. He could have been covering. Personally, I don't think he's in on it.

    I think bringing Audrey back will be a perfect mid-season surprise.

    Thanks. I was wondering where you were :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Sad, empty, sane. They're basically all pointing the same direction, right? :)

    I think I'm just gonna let you win this one, and admit I'm hooked. Ok???

  18. Well, Bone, it's true that I do watch a lot of movies (and tv), but I didn't really recognize the guy, so I had to have Nathan look up his name on the 24 credits so that I could IMDB him.

    Michael Reily Burke (aka Bruce Carson), according to his IMDB listing has been on practically every freakin' tv show since the 90s. He's one of those Hey! It's That Guy! but he was on Beverly Hills 90210 as someone named Jeff. Does that help?

  19. so do you watch American Idol? THAT I can discuss with some authority (sadly lol)

    Ok and any new practical jokes on your office mate?

  20. TC: Woohoo! I won one! One out of a hundred isn't bad ;)

    Xinh: Wow, he has been on everything. I guess if I were to know him from something, it would be 90210 but I can't remember him on there off the top of my head.

    Thanks for looking that up :)

    Kate: I've watched American Idol two or three seasons. My usual plan is to wait until the Final 12 and then start watching. So I guess that's right about now :)