Tuesday, March 13, 2007

24 Recap: 3/12/07

Recapping Day Six: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (and that is Pacific Daylight Time, for those of you who are wondering)...

Inside the Russian Consulate, aka Moscow 90210, a guard pushes Jack down a stairway where he falls on top of a dead guy. Over the phone, Markhov tells the guard to shoot the American. With hands bound, Jack manages to take the belt off the dead guy then uses it to knock the gun out of the guard's hand and escape. Only Jack Bauer could make taking a belt off a dead guy not seem awkward. Well, maybe MacGyver.

Jack finds a phone and calls CTU. Morris answers and Jack is about to tell him Gredenko's location when Markhov orders all phone lines shut down. Did he really just tell them to shut down the DSL? No more YouTube for you, Bauer! Jack buys time inside the Consulate for most of the hour as several Russians pursue him, yet can't seem to ever find him.

At CTU, Bill introduces Ricky Schroder as Mike Doyle, the new agent in charge of field ops. And everyone acts as if they've never even seen Silver Spoons. Turns out he's a bit of a jerk who we learn worked with Milo in Denver. Ricky puts a chokehold on Morris to establish his authority or something. CTU begins assembling a field team to launch an assault on the Russian Consulate, hoping to capture Markhov and rescue Jack.

Meanwhile, Charles Logan has been brought to CTU for questioning. He tells Buchanan attacking the Consulate would be a huge mistake. And says he thinks he can get his wife/ex-wife to contact Russian President Sukarov's wife, Onya, and get her to convince her husband that Markhov is working with Gredenko. Charles calls Martha Logan's Bungalow--their name, not mine--and Aaron Pierce answers! He convinces Aaron to let him talk to Martha, but after a minute, she throws down the phone. Pierce picks it up and Logan tells him he's taking a chopper to come and talk to Martha.

In the bunker, Vice President Daniels meets with Tom Lennox. He strongarms Tom into agreeing to say Assad was the one who planted and detonated the bomb that injured President Palmer. They meet with the foreign ambassador of Assad's country, and Tom goes along with Daniels' claim. Then Daniels threatens to attack the ambassador's country if they don't help find the terrorists before the nukes go off. Daniels is now making even Dick Cheney seem logical and reasonable.

Logan arrives at the Bungalow and tries to convince Martha to call Onya. They begin to bicker back and forth, and she throws a piece of kiwi in Logan's face. Ouch! That can really burn if it gets in your eye. Then Martha gets up to walk around and out of nowhere comes up behind Logan and stabs him in the neck! You know, one of those little squishy stress balls can do wonders for that pent up anger. You can almost feel the homocidal tendencies just melt away. Pierce yells for a medic as Logan pulls the knife out and blood begins to spurt.

At Moscow 90210, Schroder has his assault team amassed along the perimeter. Inside, Jack finds a room with a previously unseen Russian couple who appear to be on the verge of making out. Really people, not in the Consulate. Get a room. He asks the guy if there is another phone in the building. The guy says there is a satellite phone and Jack sends him to get it. When he returns, Jack dials CTU as some Russians come thru the door and open fire. Phone guy gets shot(SPF: 7), while Jack and Svetlana--my name, not theirs--take cover.

Though she has just stabbed her husband/ex-husband, Martha pulls it together enough to explain the situation to Onya Sukarov. We next see the Russian President call Markhov and tell him to surrender. Markhov refuses, then calls Gredenko to warn him the Americans are coming. Sukarov calls Buchanan and tells him Russian government will support the use of force on the Consulate. Buchanan gives Ricky the go-ahead and a massive firefight ensues. As the assault team moves in, Markhov is shot. Two Americans break windows in the room where Jack is and take out the Russian gunmen just in time.

Out at Gredenko's Desert Resort, Oasis, and Nuclear Drone Launch Site--the GDRONDLS--Fayed has arrived with the nukes. Gredenko gives the orders to arm them. Meanwhile, in the back of an ambulance somewhere, Charles Logan begins to slip away...

Next week, Alfonso Ribeiro challenges Ricky Schroder to a Pac-Man Death Match at the Stratton Mansion!

The good:
Pierce is back! Back again. Tell a friend.

Martha Logan's shocking and unstable return.

Decent action, with Jack pulling the amazing belt escape in the beginning, then the assault team moving in on the Consulate at the end.

The bad:
Ricky Schroder. Seriously, I'm not buying him as a tough guy at all. When I first saw that's who the new field agent was, I literally screamed, "Noooooo!"

Very little Chloe.

A lot in this episode seemed to be rushed or forced: Ricky putting a chokehold on Morris. Are you joking me?

The whole Pierce bringing Martha fresh fruit from market thing just seemed hokey and out of place.

The couple getting hot and heavy in the Russian Consulate, after they locked everything down last week.

Best scene:
Martha Logan stabbing Charles. Just for the sheer shock value, if nothing else. Right before that happened, I was thinking, "Is Martha throwing kiwi in Logan's face the most action we're going to see tonight?" The 24 writers do it again.

Best quote:
"Martha Logan's Bungalow." That cracked me up. I may start answering the phone like that. Bone's Bachelor Domicile. You're on the phone with Bone.

"I'm beginning to feel ambivalent."

24 Trivia:
Which of the following does not belong?

A. Tony Almeida
B. Curtis Manning
C. Ricky Schroder.

Where are they taking the Martha/Pierce storyline? Surely they didn't bring her back just to stab Charles.

Will Ricky and Jack clash? Or should I say, when will they clash?

After he escapes, how is Jack able to wander around for basically the entire hour inside the Russian consulate without being found, even though basically everyone is looking for him?

"Here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons. Hoping to find, we're two of a kind. Making a go. Making it grow..."


  1. [ c.] Thanks sweety :)

  2. Only Jack Bauer could make taking a belt off a dead guy not seem awkward. Well, maybe MacGyver.

    I soooo thought they'd brought MacGyver back for a few minutes while I was watching last night. ;)

  3. Isn't Jack Bauer the 2000's version of MacGyver? I mean, if we're honest, every generation needs one. :)

    And isn't Ricky Shroder just the announcement of the demise of a show? I'm relatively certain that every show he became a regular character on ended at least two seasons after he started. In that respect, he's the Mark Paul Gosselear of the 2000's.


    1) Seriously, was it necessary to prove his alpha maleness by strangling poor Morris. Like he doesn't have enough to deal with in alcoholism and Chloe. 2) I've got one nerve left and Daniels is gnawing at it. 3) Jean Smart. How far she's come from her Designing Women days. I seriously doubt Charlene would stab anyone in the Carotid. 4) Martha Logan's Bungalow???? Did anyone else immediately think Martha's Vineyard?


    1) Agreed. Martha stabbing her abusive ex was the high point, even though it was a bit far fetched. 2) Milo's back!! This is in leiu of Pierce since I had no idea who he was until now. 3) Jack managing to survive the firestorm of American agents swarming the embassy - since they managed to shoot everything in sight - save Jack and the "hot" girl. 4) I'm back to hating Lennox again. Thank heavens. I was starting to worry about myself.

  4. lol - all of your italicized commentary is hilarious. I love you for your brain. :)

  5. GirlFPS: You're welcome

    TC: I think I saw MacGyver use his belt for something... Hang on... yes. MacGyver uses his belt to route water from the drain trap of a sink to a wall plug to short out the electrical system and cause a distraction.

    MacGyverisms :)

    Avery Laine: Yes, except MacGyver didn't carry a gun.

    I thought the exact same thing about Ricky Schroder. It's usually bad news for a show when he arrives.

    I kinda like what they're doing with Tom. You never know which way he might go.

    Blondie: I love you for your brain.

    Aww, thanks. It gets old sometimes only being wanted for my body.

  6. I hate Chloe and her isms.

    Macgyver is definitely the theme of Jack's life. I said the same thing while watching last night.

    Ditto to AL about hating Lennox again... I was hoping he had turned over a new leaf... but alas, one can not be so lucky. Although now I find myself hating the VP more.

    I love the stabbing, good shock.

    It seems that this year (albeit there was a nuclear bomb) there are less explosions than last year. I didnt actually watch last year, but it seems as though you were always talking about the convenient gas tanker nearby.

    Ok, love.... peace.

  7. ps- LOVE LOVE LOVE the lack of word verification. It would hold me up for hours...

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  8. I think I say this every week. I don't watch 24 though I do DVR it, but your asides are worth reading the recap for

    I seriously think you write the best recaps I have read, anywhere. Much better than most professionals

    I can never picture Ricky Schroeder grown up. if I do start watching it, I will think of him as a little kid, I know that

    People love you for more than your brains? :)

    Oh, I have a theory that Blogger isn't letting non-blogger people use their URL's

  9. MacGyverisms :) You crack me up.

    See... I have to say, I saw the stabbing coming a mile away. I'm not sure why, but... she was slaughtering those poor kiwi in the kitchen, and then there was a knife on the plate with the raspberries??? Who needs a knife with raspberries?

    It was still impressive though! Added a little action to the scene!

    I loved Chloe last night. I thought she was great. She had just the right amount of feistiness to put up with Mr. Dork. I think they need to give us more Chloe.

    And more Milo. Because really, you can't have too much Milo. Right, Bone? ;)

  10. Ok, this is the first time I'm disagreeing with you. First, I thought the writers of last night's episode were the B team, while the A team was out figuring out how to end the season. It was my least favorite episode to date.

    Also, Ricky Schroeder was on NYPD Blue and actually rejuvenated the show, so seeing him as a tough guy fits right in for me. But again, the writers made him so one-dimensional and Neanderthalic that it was almost embarrassing.

    As for the stabbing, come on. Where the hell did that come from? I thought that was so ridiculously insane I wanted to stab the writers myself - it was pure shock value and nothing else. She has the power to prevent a war but chooses to stab her ex? Martha went through some rough stuff, but she was always strong. I felt that scene completely demoralized her. It would have been so much better if she had made the call saving the world and then clocked him in the face with the bowl of kiwis. I'd have liked to have seen some teeth flying. Or better yet, just threatened him with the knife until he wet himself. Now that's the way to get revenge.

    Still love me?

  11. BE: Good point about there being fewer explosions. And that's not a good thing. We need more explosions.

    Everyone seems to be loving the no word ver.

    Pia: Thank you :) Yeah, that's my problem. I'm thinking of him as a little kid, and can't see him as a tough, terrorist fighting CTU agent.

    TC: I didn't see the stabbing coming at all! I thought she might cut her hand or slit her wrist or something when she was cutting those kiwi like Edward Scissorhands over there, but the stabbing shocked me.

    Yes, I'm glad Milo is back. And I agree there needs to be more Chloe. More, more, more!

    Brookelina: Well, I never saw NYPD Blue. I'll try my best to keep an open mind with Ricky. But honestly, out of how many thousands of actors, you're telling me this is the best they could do for leader of CTU field ops? Please. I'm kinda hoping he doesn't stick around long.

    I don't think we disagree as much as you think :) The episode was slightly blah until the last ten minutes. Thus the reason my "bad's" outnumbered my "good's" this week.

    I thought the Martha thing was a little far-fetched. But, what other show would dare do that? That's why you gotta love 24!

  12. I thought she might cut her hand or slit her wrist

    I'll admit, that was my first thought too. Until she walked away from them.

    Then she was just a pissed-off woman. I have no background on the show, so I don't know "what she went through," but she still seemed off her rocker.

    And besides, they had to have a way to get rid of Logan. I mean, come on! "Oh, I'm reformed. I'm wonderful. Trust me."

    Gag me is more like it.

  13. Didn't like Ricky Schroeder on NYPD Blue and I love cop shows and most cops on thm

    Think he replaced Jimmy Smits who I adore and kinda met along with what's his name, the big fat one outside of Barnes & Noble.

    Was with my friend Rafe who they seemed drawn too, and then we went to a friend's apartment and watched them have a black tie reception in a room in Barnes & Noble.

    I admit that it was a perfect New York voyeur night--and has nothing nothing to do with 24 except for the Schroeder connection

    And to Boneifie it--when I ring the doorbell at that apartment building that faces B&N, I get to say "it's me."

    I'm also number one on speed dial--I want to say I checked but it was pointed out to me

    Bone, your college scoreboard looks lonely :-)

  14. great site and excellent recap of 24. a blogger friend sent me your way. oh how i love that show!

  15. TC: Yeah, I had forgotten, you don't just quietly disappear off this show. You keep reappearing and reappearing until you get killed off :)

    I think Martha had been in a home, or retreat, or something for mental problems. Then last season, when she found out some stuff she wasn't supposed to know, they made it seem like she was losing it again, even though she was right.

    Pia: Uh... not Danny Devito. What's his name? Oh, Dennis Franz! Right?

    Ooo, you get to say "it's me" and you're number one on speed dial? Sounds hot and heavy to me ;)

    Good for me: Thank you! Thanks for visiting :)

  16. You'd think that as the former Leader of the Free World, Logan would know better than to pull the knife out. That's what makes you bleed more.

    Never having seen last season, I'm not sure how I feel about Martha stabbing Logan but I did love her little bit with Pierce in the aftermath about the handcuffs. "Are these really necessary? I did the world a favor."

    And Bone, perhaps you should watch the show with closed captioning because I believe the Soviet President's Wife's name was Anya, which is a stereotypical Russian name. Not that it couldn't be Onya; I'm just going based on closed captioning (who usually get scripts ahead of time to caption with).

  17. BTW, I wasn't buying Rick as the Tough Leader of CTU, either. I'm not sure that's Rick's fault as much as it is the writer's fault for making the character so cartoonishly evil.

  18. Xinh: Ah, Anya. Thanks. Yeah, I usually misspell these Russian names the first week or two, until I see them on the 24 website.

    Good point about the over-the-top writing for Ricky.