Tuesday, March 20, 2007

24 Recap: 3/19/07

As you may have heard, Lindsay is reportedly out of rehab and looking for a boyfriend who is more mature and settled. Um, does that just scream "Bone" or what?

Recapping this week's episode of 24, also known as Day Six: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM...

Outside Moscow 90210, Jack is checked out by a medic who says he has floating rib fragments that could cause internal bleeding. Ricky Schroder takes Jack off the case and sends him back to CTU. Meanwhile at CTU, Bill is on the phone with VP Daniels, and tells him that Gredenko has five RQ2 Aerial Drones he is planning to use to carry the nukes. RQ2? Isn't that the morning after pill?

Out at Gredenko's Desert Hideaway, Resort, and Nuclear Drone Launch Site, Gredenko tells Fayed they have to hurry because the Americans are on the way. Fayed says there is only one drone ready. Gredenko says they must launch that one now and leave. He phones his remote drone pilot and tells him to take off. The drone pilot, who we will come to know as Victor, pulls out a cool flight stick--which kinda looks like the old Tron joystick--and launches drone number one.

Back at As the Counter Terrorist Unit Turns, Morris somehow loses track of the drone on satellite. Milo--who has evidently become Morris' unofficial AA sponsor--becomes suspicious and tells Chloe to check his breath. Chloe walks over to Morris and plants one on him.

Morris: "What was that for?"
Chloe: "Just checking your breath."
Morris: "Got to love this place."

Chloe proclaims that Morris is clean. I know this is random, but I just suddenly got the feeling Milo would have been great in Red Dawn. Wolverines!!

Meanwhile, Jack has arrived and sees Marilyn--who has apparently just been standing in some room for the past couple of hours--and stops to chat. Marilyn tries to, ahem, check Jack's breath, but he turns away. She says she always regretted the way things ended between them. Which I'm thinking is Marilyn-ese for "Josh is your son."

Jack tells Marilyn he can't let her check his breath until he finds out what's going on with Audrey. Marilyn can't believe Jack hasn't already heard, and tells him Audrey was killed in a car wreck in China! Audrey is dead?!?! Jack. Is. Stunned. He storms over to Chloe's station and demands to know why she didn't tell him about Audrey. Chloe looks uncomfortable. Then again, when does she not?

Hello! We have terrorists to catch, people!

When Buchanan tells Daniels they've lost track of the drone, Daniels tells his assistant to assemble a meeting of the Joint Chiefs. Karen, who we find out is National Security Adviser, makes it back in time for the meeting. Daniels says if another nuclear bomb goes off in the US, he will launch a nuclear strike against Fayed's country. Karen objects. After the meeting, Karen and Tom argue.

Chloe discovers there's a leak at CTU, which is allowing Victor to block their tracking satellites. Bill orders everyone's computers checked. Ricky tells Chloe to check Nadia's first. Chloe says it looks like that's where the leak is coming from. Nadia is taken to holding where Ricky interrogates her. And by interrogates, I mean chokes and makes her cry. Meanwhile, Morris finds the drone pilot's address, which turns out to be just three blocks from CTU. Bill prepares to send a team over when Jack happens by and asks to be on point. Which is CTU speak for "in charge."

Karen goes to visit President Palmer. The doctor tells her they had to induce a coma. She asks if he can bring Palmer out of the coma for a matter of national security. The doctor says not without consent of the family, because it would endanger Palmer's life. The camera pans to a tearful Sandra Palmer, watching her brother thru a window.

A field team, led by Jack, storms the drone pilot's compound, shooting the pilot and two other guys. Jack takes control of the joystick, which now looks more like Flight Similator than Tron. Now I love Jack, but shouldn't Ricky Schroder be playing the video game? I mean, this is the role he was born to play! Jack sees that San Francisco is the target and is told he has less than four minutes to steer the drone away from the city. He manages to do so and Chloe finds an industrial park where Jack can land it. The suitcase nuke does not detonate.

Buchanan calls Daniels and tells him they were able to divert the drone, but that while it did not detonate, radioactive material was released. Despite objections from Tom and Karen, Daniels tells his Defense Secretary to proceed with plans for a nuclear strike.

The good:
More Chloe! And the Chloe kiss.

Jack finding out about Audrey.

Having Karen, a voice of reason, back in the bunker.

The Nadia did-she-or-didn't-she conundrum.

The bad:
Almost no action at all this episode.

Audrey's dead.

Did you know...
Ten out of ten men prefer the Chloe-kiss breathalyzer to the traditional electronic device used by most law enforcement.

Is Audrey really dead? Part of me doesn't believe it, or doesn't want to believe it.

Why was there no Martha or Charles? The ex-President gets stabbed and appears to be slipping away in the back of an ambulance, and the next week, they don't even show him?

What happened in Denver? When Ricky is making Nadia cry, she says, "I know what happened in Denver."

Did Nadia intentionally leak information? Or was it someone else?

"So I know I had at least a mile to fall. Is there life after Denver? Is there life after Colorado at all?"


  1. Am I the only one who was completely relieved that we only had to LOOK at Sandra Palmer and not HEAR her? I swear, the sound of her voice is nails on a chalk board. shudder

    I hate it when you make me laugh out loud when I'm alone staring at a computer screen. Seriously, RQ2? Isn't that the morning after pill? had me fighting back tears. Too good, Bone. Where do you come up with these things?

    Now, is there any way we can arrange for a second drone to enter an area where only Daniels AKA Cheney, Sandra Palmer and Ricky Shroder are? I don't think that's too much to ask.

    I'm not sure I'm buying the dead Audrey ploy. Particularly with the way Jack looked at the pictures of the dead body . . . Stay tuned folks, I feel a General Hospital-esque revival coming on. Audrey, or perhaps the ghost of Audrey, shall return.

    Lovin' the recap, Bone. Keep up the good work. Don't know what I'd do without your hard work.

    PS - Maybe you should check Lindsay's breathe to make sure the Rehab took.

  2. Wow, the VP is quite the megalomaniacal war monger. Nothing like art imitating life.

    Audrey is not dead. We just got a preview of next season's plotline. And I really like Avery's suggestion regarding the drone area. Can we do that as soon as possible please?

    I'm also becoming more and more attracted to Milo each week. I find this disturbing.

  3. you crack me up.

    how did Jack deal with the time change?

  4. As you may have heard, Lindsay is reportedly out of rehab and looking for a boyfriend who is more mature and settled. Um, does that just scream "Bone" or what?

    Funny, I pulled out a dictionary after reading this to check on the word “mature,” and in the antonyms section, your photo was pictured!

    Now, Bone, we know you watch a lot of soap operas and stuff, but um, how exactly is it you know soooo much about the morning after pill? Something you aren’t telling your loyal blog readers…? *er*

    My favorite scene in the entire episode was the Milo/Chloe/Morris breathalyzer one. Seriously, I.want.Chloe’s.job. (Granted, it would have been better if for me if I got to test Milo, but it was still hilarious.)

    The more I see of this show, the more convinced I am Josh is Jack’s son. It only makes sense. Marilyn is beyond obsessed with getting back together with Jack – her husband’s been dead, what 2 hours now, and she’s already trying to, test Jack’s breath? – and she just seems to have secrets she’s dying to spill.

    Hello! We have terrorists to catch, people!

    The first time I read this, I lost it here. Honestly had to stop reading I was laughing so hard. The show is just like a soap opera and it makes you forget things like this! People are trying to kill off the entire population of San Francisco, but we’re more concerned with Breathalyzers. Too funny!

    I would like to third the motion to arrange for the second drone to ONLY go off where Daniels, Sandra Palmer and Ricky Shroder are. Oh, and I think we could throw in Tom & his cohort too, don't ya'll think?

    (Brookelina: me too, me too. It's sad really.)

  5. Avery Laine: Maybe you should check Lindsay's breath to make sure the Rehab took.

    Ooo, I like that idea. Now see, why didn't I think of that?

    Sounds like your second drone idea is gaining popularity :)

    Brookelina: He is definitely a warmonger. (I always thought it was warmongerer, until I just now googled it.)

    And I'm keeping my feelings for Milo to myself.

    Renee: It doesn't seem to have affected Jack that much. The beatings and floating rib fragments seem to be affecting him more than the time change :)

    Traveling Chica: how exactly is it you know soooo much about the morning after pill?

    Hey, I keep up with current events. I occasionally watch the ticker across the bottom of CNN :)

    Oh, and I'll fourth the motion.

  6. For some reason 20th century Fox has put only the first four episodes,of season 6,{way early} on DvD [they never did that ,before I would have had to wait a whole year for the '24' DvDs to come out],so that means I get to,actually, watch some 24!....And thanks for the recap,Bone :)

  7. So- in order to have my breath checked for alcohol- all I need to do is ask for a kiss?
    It's just too bad that Daniel Craig is so far away! :(

    Ok- now that the shock of Audrey being "dead" is over...I'm kind of thinking that she isn't really dead. We've seen a death faked before!

    I was wondering when they were going to pull out the needles and drugs on Nadia! Remember the cart they used on Audrey???
    I hope Nadia is innocent-

    I think "RQ2" is the title of an old Billy Squire album???
    As usual- this was fun :)

  8. Despite there not being a halo attached to your comment, I'm still not buying it.

    And why would you keep your feelings on Milo quiet??? We know you love him...

  9. Gotta love 24. Not like we don't see Palmer coming out of a coma and then crashing next week. I'm wondering when that son announcement is going to come, and I'll bet that Audrey is alive. Also, Milo didn't look so innocent did he?

  10. what I wanna know is, do you watch LOST?

  11. Girl FPS: Well, I'm glad you're gonna get to see a few episodes early :)

    Mayden: OK, I know who Billy Squier is, but I had to google Daniel Craig :)

    I hope Nadia is innocent, too.

    TC: I know. But, what if he's the leak?

    Kontan: That has got to be his son. And yeah, I'm worried about Milo. I hope it's not him.

    EofO: No, I've never seen Lost. I'm afraid to start watching :)

  12. I agree with you, mayden's voyage,about Daniel Craig(ever since I saw him in the new 007 tralier,I been meaning to rent 'Casino Royal' just have not got around to it,yet).

  13. I refuse to believe I will no longer get to see Milo.

    I might give up the show for that, you know.

    Just so you're warned ahead of the fact.

  14. You have got the weirdest pop culture knowledge. You know Billy Squier but you don't know Daniel Craig, despite Billy Squier being out of the limelight for over 20 years and Daniel Craig being all over tv and movies in the last year.

    I wonder if the whole Audrey thing might be a set up for Day 7?

    Nadia being the leak would be a twist because of the nature of the non-twisty-ness of it. It's so obvious it's not obvious, you know?

  15. bright to the eyes3/21/2007 06:22:00 PM

    Actually Bone, there was only 30 seconds available to turn the nuke away from San Fran once Jack got a hold of the controls... just so you know. :)

    I would like to suggest that Chloe get thrown into that nuke group, she makes me want to cut myself... or her.

    And I know for a fact that 10 out of 10 do *not* prefer Chloe breathalyser testing. Gross.

    I love love love that 24 episodes are available in full on MySpace. Brilliant. (AND the entire final season of The OC... I mean can life get better?!?!)

  16. TC: Well, it wouldn't necessarily mean you wouldn't get to see him.

    Xinh: Haha. It's not really that weird, considering I know tons about music, but little about movies.

    Nadia being the leak would be a twist because of the nature of the non-twisty-ness of it.

    Yeah, that crossed my mind, too.

    HotPink: That's what they told Jack. We shall see...

    BTTE: Really? Oh well, 30 seconds, four minutes. Either way :)

    I don't record the shows so I have to rely on my notes for details.

  17. I would like to suggest that Chloe get thrown into that nuke group

    Nooooo! I can't believe someone would suggest...

    How could anyone not like Chloe after this week?? She was great! She had personality, spiced things up, was a quick thinker... loved her!

    Well, it wouldn't necessarily mean you wouldn't get to see him.

    Yeah, I still think I'd have to boycott.