Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness

*yawn* I feel like I've spent the past four days in an NCAA Tournament-induced state of semi-consciousness. Oh, right, that's because I have! In my opinion, this has become the best weekend of the year in sports. Throw in CSpan constantly showing Valerie Plame reruns, and I saw little reason to leave the house the past four days.

The good news is, my Final Four all made it thru to the Sweet 16: Kansas, Georgetown, Florida, and Ohio State.

The bad news is, my Cinderella team, Winthrop, lost in the second round. I had them making it to the Elite Eight.

How is your bracket looking?

Signs you may be suffering from March Madness:

10. You have at least three brackets on your person right now.

9. You find yourself cheering for Oral Roberts, and you don't even really like televangelists.

8. Greg Gumbel begins appearing in your dreams, or nightmares, as the case may be. (OK, seriously, is he sitting in a booster seat in the studio or what?)

7. You drink yourself into a stupor after Creighton loses, effectively ending any chance you might have had of winning the office pool.

6. You TiVo MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, thinking it might include tournament highlights and in-depth analysis.

5. At different times this weekend, you've found yourself rooting for Central Connecticut State, Belmont, and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

4. By late Sunday evening, you begin to wonder if you really can get a Hummer with tires that transform into propellers.

3. You've googled "saluki."

2. You're now planning to name your next child Fazekas.

1. You're sleeping on the couch after telling your wife you always kinda considered her your "little 12 seed."

"I feel stupid, but I know it won't last for long. I've been guessing, and I coulda been guessing wrong..."


  1. People who know I'm a USC grad keep congratulating me about USC winning and I'm all "Winning what?"

  2. Oh, Bone!
    Tell me you didn't spend ALL weekend on the couch!

    Though, I must admit, the combination of games and pink tiarra'ed drag queen protestors in back of dear Valerie had me glued, too.

    Unfortunately, I'm suffering from at least a few of your signs. I had a dream about Greg Gumbel last night . . while lying next to my boyfriend. I thought about telling him but feared he may become insecure if he knows I'm dreaming of other men. :)

    I also cheered fo TAM-CC! Ummm, I promise I have a good reason for it OTHER than their snazzy blue and green team colors.

    I hope you recover soon, dear Bone!

  3. PS - I mentioned Fazekas to the boyfriend as a possible child name and he nixxed it. Guess I'll have to wait for him to pass out in the delivery room and then I'll name him Al Horford Saluki Laine.

  4. Little 12 seed? What the hell??
    I have no brackets this bookie attacked me...maybe next year :-) I know nothing, but I like to guess :-)

  5. it was sweet this weekend--on Saturday not only were people around here wearing green, they were wearing MSU green. I was the lone holdout with Carolina blue. Of course a lot of folks haven't talked to me since...

  6. OK Bone, admit it, you find Valerie Plame kind of hot, and you secretly want to be a televangelist

    March is the cruelest month is a saying for a reason, though I think I misquoted it

    If you're not going to be productive please figure out a way for blogger to pick up names or urls for non blogger people

    Going to leave my name Pia, and just put in my url and see what happens

  7. At different times this weekend, you've found yourself rooting for Central Connecticut State, Belmont, and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

    NOT considered acceptable behavior, no matter what your reasoning. Well, at least not the TAM CC anyway.

    Though I'm really only going to hate on people who cheered for UNLV: uff da.

    And I'm still laughing at the Super Sweet Sixteen line. Hilarious. :-)

  8. Oh yeah, and I'm cheering for your final four. :)

    And um, is it bad that those all made sense to me...?

  9. Xinher: Oh, that's right. USC is doing great so far. Um, congratulations? :)

    Avery: We won't get into specifics about how many hours I spent on the couch this weekend. Let's just say, whatever you're thinking, it's more :)

    Wow, Greg Gumbel, really? Bryant, I could see, maybe. But Greg?

    What was TAMCC's nickname? The Islanders, maybe? I liked it.

    Arlene: That's one thing that's so great about the tournament. Someone who knows nothing about basketball has about as good a shot as someone who watches every game.

    Sage: Ever since the Jordan days, I usually pull for Carolina after my beloved Tide loses, or, doesn't make the tournament :-/

    Anonymous Pia: you find Valerie Plame kind of hot, and you secretly want to be a televangelist

    Well, you might be half right. I definitely do NOT want to be a televangelist, although some do call me False Messiah :)

    Say, you weren't at the Plame hearing wearing a tiara and a pink "Impeach Bush" t-shirt were you? :)

    TC: I didn't say I was cheering for them. It was just a sign of March Madness :)

    Sorry about the Badgers. And no, it isn't bad those all made sense to you. Odd, maybe. But not bad ;)

  10. I know I'll end up posting this tomorrow...but I couldn't wait (because I missed last week's episode and didn't see it until Sunday night- and I didn't dare come over here because I would have read the have me in knots you realize that?!!! LOL)


    (I'm sure you heard me all the way from here!)

  11. I love march madness - this is the first time tho in 9 years I haven't been in a pool :(

  12. You know I love this time!
    I watched the games alot this weekend. I haven't kept up with it like I normally do.
    My final four teams all made it as well.

  13. Well that probably fits then, as I'm kind of odd myself. ;)

  14. I think it's been a pretty interesting tourney so far. I didn't join a pool this year, as I just end up losing miserably. UVA at least made a good showing, which is more than I expected.

  15. This is the first year I was actually aware of March must be all this Maryland madness!

    What happened to them, anyway?

  16. Mayden: I know!! I knew it. I knew something was going to happen with her.

    EofO: That's too bad. It always makes the games a little more interesting when you have a bracket filled out :)

    Lindsy: Hey, didn't I see Oklahoma's old coach at Indiana? What happened?

    TC: You like basketball and 24. I don't think that's odd at all :-D

    Carmen: I think Virginia would have won if Reynolds hadn't gotten hurt :-/

    Esmerelda: I don't know. I came thisclose to picking Maryland to make the Final Four.

  17. 6. You TiVo MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, thinking it might include tournament highlights and in-depth analysis.

    LMAO. Boy were you in for a rude awakening. :)

    I have OSU winning the whole thing. But sadly, I haven't watched as much college bball this year as I usually do. I'm into the women's right now because my marquette women's team is on a roll.

  18. I suffer from madness all year.

  19. i was beginning to worry. glad you're back!

  20. You like basketball and 24. I don't think that's odd at all :-D

    Well, one of those two isn't odd...

  21. So that explains why there's nothing but re-runs on TV. *sigh* How long does this last anyway? I hate sports, I hate sports!

    Let me know when it's over...okay?

  22. Not in any pools this year but it's been fun watching the games this pressure...lmao!

  23. DC: Indeed. Is that not the worst show?

    I have Kansas beat G'town in the championship. Probably not a good sign for Kansas fans :)

    Lux: Yes, but your blog is hilarious. That's what's most important :)

    Sizzle: Aw, thanks :) I'm alive and well.

    TC: And we all know which one...

    Renee: LOL I'll be sure to let you know when it's over.

    Redneckgirl: Hey! Good to know you're still around occasionally :)

  24. After having played and coached the greatest sport of all, there's nothing better than the month of March. Well...I take that back. Football season does kind of take my breath away.

    Nonetheless, let's hope Jamie Dixon (whose hand I shook, whose picture I took, and who is oh so dashing...) keeps Pitt on track for the Elite Eight.

    C'mon: You HAD to know I was cheering for Pittsburgh!

  25. I always wondered why someone would name their kid "Oral".

    and... is there someone in the family named "anal"?

  26. I have never been able to get into college ball. I guess I'd better start so that when Zed is getting calls from scouts, I'll know which way to steer him. :)

  27. Marina: Pitt surprised me, but they do seem to be playing well at the right time of the year.

    Nothing beats college football season on the whole for me. But for one weekend, this is the best.

    Kerry: LOL Yeah, Oral.. ugh. You know that kid is teased mercilessly.

    Lass: Um, yeah! I'm not crazy about college bball, unless Bama is playing, until tournament time.