Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Three Word Wednesday #14

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. This is a writing exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

"Hi. I'm calling to inquire about the pool table you had for sale in the paper. I was thinking of getting one for my hus-"
"Sorry, it's already sold."
"Oh... well thanks anyway."
"No problem."

James hung up the phone. Then unplugged it. He looked around at the apartment that had been his home for the last year. Now it was only barren walls and cardboard boxes, yet it seemed smaller than it ever had before. He placed the cordless into the last open box, as Kevin came thru the front door, holding a lamp like it was the Olympic torch.

"This lamp. Staying or going?"

"That goes."

"What's wrong?" Kevin asked.

"Nothing. I'm fine."

"Come on, bro. What is it?"

"You wouldn't understand," James answered, shaking his head and looking at the floor.

"Look, man. I'm the only friend you have to talk to who won't consider you gay afterward."

His statement drew a smile and a shove. "Shut the-"

"Seriously," Kevin interrupted.

James began to close and tape up the last open box. "I dunno, Kev. It's just... I was married, dude. And now, I'm not. You know? I mean, it's not supposed to be like this. We didn't even last five years."

Kevin, the shorter and pudgier of the two, breathed in deeply and let out a long sigh, "God, man. I don't know what to say."

"I mean, met in college. Married after graduation. We did everything by the book. And... you knew her. She was perfect."

"She was sweet... and hot. Remember that night she did that dance on the-"

"Thanks, man," James stopped him. "You're really a huge help."

"Come on, J. You gotta go out, dude. It's been a whole freakin' year."

"A year and twelve days."

Kev sighed again. "Look, I'm meeting Tim and Vanessa at The Breeze tonight. She's supposed to be bringing some girls..."

"I don't wanna meet anyone," James raised his voice in a futile attempt to end the conversation, or at least change it. It was his usual reply, given partly out of guilt, partly out of fear. But mostly it was easier than saying or doing anything else.

Kevin continued, "OK, you don't like that approach. How about this? Life, my young friend, is like a book. When one chapter closes, you turn the page and begin another."

"Oh, that's brilliant, oh great one. Especially considering you've never opened a book. What's that from? Doctor Phil?"

"No. Fortune cookie. Loosely translated. Anyway, Vanessa really wants you to come out tonight. Farrah's supposed to be there. You know... No Panties Farrah..." Kevin lifted his eyebrows and waited for a reply. His remark drew a laugh.

"Don't do the dance," James closed his eyes and turned away as he said it, but it was too late. Kevin was dancing and chanting.

"No pan-ties Faaaar-rah. No pan-ties Faaaar-rah..."

The Idiot Dance, James thought, as he named it on the spot.

"Come on, bro. What can it hurt? Give it a twirl."

"Twirl? It's whirl, jackass."

"What?" Kevin squinted.

"The phrase is, give it a whirl."

"Well, excuse me, Mister Business Management major. How's that degree working out for you down at the mall, by the way?"

James sighed and put his hands over his face. "I'm divorced. I work at the mall. And I'm moving back home with my parents. What the hell happened to my life?"

"You should've done like me, man, and never left home in the first place."

"Gee, I don't know what I was thinking."

"Come on! New chapter, bro," Kevin grabbed his friend's shoulders and shook. Then patted him on the back. "Focus! Confucius say, turn the page."

James rolled his eyes. His cell rang. Thank God for small blessings.

"Who is it?" Kevin asked nosily.

"It's your Momma. Now can you go outside and give us some privacy?"

Kevin didn't move, except to lean over and try to sneak a peek at who was calling. James warded him off with his right arm while holding the phone in his left hand. He answered.




"Hi, this is Farrah... Vanessa's roomate. Remember me?"

"Oh, uh, Farrah. Um, yeah, of course. Hey!"

Kevin got a giddy smile on his face and began to dance around again.

"These clocks keep unwinding and completely ignore everything that we hate or adore. Once the page of a calendar is turned it's no more. So tell me then, what was it for?"


  1. She used to twirl
    In the sunlight
    With her eyes closed

    A page from history
    That can't be repeated

    Too many shadows
    Too many voices

    Keep her eyes open
    And her flowing skirt

    She misses that feeling
    A childlike stream

    And the need to inquire

    Is it possible to recapture
    that freedom?

  2. It was a sharp, bitter night in Chitown, and all Fred wanted was to get in out of the cold. His mind was flooded with thoughts of a warm bar, and an even warmer shot of whiskey. That'd thaw him out. But a night of a cozy bar, and slight buzz was not what lay ahead of him. His blood ran ice cold as soon as he shook the snow from his fedora. Suzie was in the corner, twirling her hair, sipping on a hot toddy. That was the last thing Fred needed.

    She'd slipped away years past without even the slightest hint of goodbye. His first thoughts were to go over, and shake the hell out of her. "Why?!?" Instead he pretended not to notice, nestled up to the bar. The bartender was lost in a dime store paperback, The Babe Wore Red. Fred threw a coaster at the barkeep, tearing him out of the steely pages of carnal lust and unrepentant crime.

    "Just what the hells you're problem mister?!?"

    "I'd like to inquire about a drink."

    "Fine. Ya didn't have to throw the coaster."

    "Just poor me a whiskey, and shut yer yap."

    The bartender hesitantly poured JD in a tall glass, all the while eyeballing Fred for any further outbursts.

    "What d'ya say there sweetie, wanna buy ol' Suzie a drink?" came from the corner.

    "I've spent enough of my nickels and dimes on you, honey."

    Suzie gasped at the realization that it was Fred Roberts. Her mind became a twisted ball of anger as the memories sped at her.

    "Why Fred Roberts, as I live and breathe. I didn't expect you around here."

  3. Love love love the dialogue--and the story

    Always knew that you were a slacker at heart.

    No really drove home that many men too feel horrible after the divorce. Sometimes we women forget that

  4. Could you PLEASE - pretty please with a cherry on top - have a bad story one week? Please? *sigh* I don't really mean that of course...

    Nicely done. I think this one seemed a little more personal, probably due to the dialogue. Brothers share a special bond and you seemed to hit that well.

  5. "Give it a twirl." BRAHAhahahahaha!

    No panties Farrah? That sounds like a real girl. is there a real Farrah?

  6. I'm with Pia.
    A lot of us look at the men as the heartbreakers and users.
    We forget that women can be coldblooded and manipulative.

    Abd Chica nailed it on the head.
    I'm running out of non-canned praise.
    How many times can someone say "You're so miraculously talented" before it rings untrue?

    Keep leaving us speechless, Bone.

  7. Dorothy: Ooo, a rare poetry entry for 3WW. Love the last line. Great question.

    Big Man: "tearing him out of the steely pages of carnal lust and unrepentant crime." Excellent. Looks like we both went the dialogue route this week. Fred Roberts sounds like it came right out of an old book. Good name.

    Pia: Shhhh. I am a slacker at heart. Or maybe more of a gigolo, hitchhiker or world traveler.

    Traveling Chica: Ooo, a cherry! *Mesmerized for a second*

    I think you have me beat this week. And they weren't supposed to be brothers. "Bro" is just something guys call each other sometimes. (It's also an alternative name for the mansierre, the world's first support garment for older men. But that's neither here nor there.)

    Hotpinksox: Perhaps. (Dang! I knew I should have changed her name.)

    Elizabeth: Thank you much. But please, let this meeting of the Bone Appreciation Society disperse :)

  8. testing? 1 2 3

  9. Did you sell your pool table?????

  10. I'm thinkin that James should not go out tonight...especially not with no-panties gal.

    Lets see the phases of the break up (from Friends)

    Phase 1: sitting around in your sweat pants feeling sorry for yourself

    Phase 2: Going to look at naked girls

    Phase 3: Imagining yourself with naked girls

    I think that James is still in phase 1.

    Jerry of course never had this problem as no break up ever got to him.

  11. Whenever I have a sundae, I give away the cherry on top... ;)

    I'm familiar with "bro" but I also know that brothers doesn't always refer to blood. I knew a couple of guys growing up that are true "brothers" and don't share a drop of blood.

    But thanks for correcting me. ;)

  12. hotpinksox: Coming in loud and clear ;-)

    Grooviechick: Um, yes. A couple of years ago.

    Renee: I must have missed that episode. And phase one is not a phase. It's a lifestyle choice :) The sweatpants part anyway.

    Traveling Chica: Excellent point. Although I don't have a brother by birth, I do have a friend or two I consider as close as a brother.

    Someone else had mentioned they assumed the characters were brothers, too. I think maybe my bro's are confusing :)

  13. I think that was the best one you've ever done!!!r

  14. hello! Mine's up.

  15. Great story Bones....great balance between the serious content and the funny dialogue! I used to work with a gal we called No Panties Debbie...I saw her @ the store not too long ago and almost called her that to her face....LMAO...that would have been bad....but funny hee hee!

  16. "No panties Farrah" dance. Awesome.

  17. Arlene: Really?? Thanks.

    East of Oregon: Hello :) Thanks for participating. I'll be by to check it out shortly.

    RedNeckGirl: Haha. I guess it's a universal nickname :) And thank you. That was one of the things I was wondering about. How the seriousness mixed with the light-heartedness.

    Big Man: Some classic male immaturity never hurt anyone.

  18. "Paging Dr. Bone." "Hello Dr. Bone, I'm inquiring about my examination." She said as she playfully twirled her long blonde hair between her fingers.

    Am I allowed to do that?? Change the words to adverbs or adjectives? I'm not allowed to play anymore am I?

  19. Carnelian: For you, anything. Oddly enough, I already have a stethoscope. How weird is that ;-)