Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So many Christmases

One of the best things about blogging to me is meeting so many wonderful people, like my fellow-Southerner Shayna. This is my week to be featured at her My Music Highway Project.

I love music. When I began blogging, I wanted to do something different to set my blog apart. So I came up with the idea of including song lyrics at the end of each post. I encourage you to surf over and check it out.

Thirteen days. That's all. In the time it took to diffuse the Cuban Missile Crisis, Christmas will be here. Somehow I have a feeling this will seem to pass much faster than that.

Thru a complicated process of inventory and comparison research (aka counting the gifts I've bought and dividing them by the number of gifts I need to buy), I've determined that I surpassed the all important 50% barrier with my shopping this weekend.

(Note: I employ the one-one-one-one-cross count-by-fives method of gift counting. Also useful in games of tic-tac-toe.)

So now that I'm over half done with my shopping, what does that mean? I will begin to wrap some presents this week. Also, I need to write and address my Christmas cards today. And of course, there's more shopping to do.

All the while, I'll be trying to stop and grasp a few blessed moments of the holiday season as it goes flying by. Breathe in the cold air. Listen to Christmas songs. Watch holiday movies. Try and find time to ride around and look at the lights and decorations.

Once I thought of life in years. But now, sometimes, I think of life in Christmases. It seems shorter that way, but it helps me appreciate the days more. Especially this time of year. We only have so many Christmases left.

When I was a kid, these last few days seemed to take forever. I wished I could speed them up. Now I wish I could slow them down.

Such is life, I suppose.

"Every Christmas Day makes every other day seem long. What seemed would never get here has so quickly come and gone..."


  1. I agree with you that the years have begun to go by so quickly now. It's so hard to believe that when I was a kid it would take forever for Christmas to get here and for the past few years I am just not ready for it to be here...I need another month to get ready. Maybe if I do like the stores and start getting ready as soon as they pull out their decorations I'll get done on time. LOL

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Makes me want to spend yet another holiday in the south. Congrats on getting your shopping more-than-not-done.

    PS- Welcome to corporate America and counting your year by Christmases...

  3. You don't employ the one gift for another person, one for you method?

    I will take your word for it about your calculations and you do realize that you put the Cuban missile crisis in a very nice Christmas post

    Time goes so fast for me that i thought it was September for the first week of December but that might have had something to do with both the weather and my wish for it to be Labor Day coming up not Christmas.

    I really need another four months in every year

  4. As though I needed another reason to be jealous of you (your knock-the-breath-out-of-me writing being the #1 reason), you had to go and tell us that you're over half done with your Christmas shopping?!?!?!
    Consider me Green.

    I've also started counting my years in Christmases, but it has nothing to do with the commercialism.
    It's because this is when I've formed the most memories . . and continue to do so every year. The start of my company, my first big contract, my first post with over 50 comments, my family's togetherness, etc.
    This IS the most wonderful time of the year.

    Thanks for reminding us of that.

  5. I must say, that I'm rather impressed that you are not only half done with your Christmas shopping but that you also do cards. Wow. I haven't even started on the former and doing the latter requires more effort than I'm willing to give.

  6. Renee: I think it should be reversed. It should fly by when we're young and take forever when we're older. Not sure how to make that happen though.

    Maya: Holidays in the South are unique... I was thinking as I drove home with the sunroof open last night.

    Pia: Well, I like to try and educate while I entertain. Perhaps some youngster who doesn't know much about the CMC or has never seen Thirteen Days will google it and learn something :)

    Elizabeth: Oh please. 50 comments? Some of us never get that many.

    Heather B: Yeah, I kinda like doing cards. One year, I put my blog URL underneath my name on some of them :)

  7. Oh Bone, you really, do love Christmas don't you? *sigh*

    This was cute... very sweet.

    I'm jealous of the sunroof situation though...

  8. so which did you think I had done?

  9. Thanks for signing my guest map today!

  10. You're right...when you're young, it seems like Christmas is an eternity away and now, I can't believe that the holiday season is nearing it's end. I'm not sure I was aware that it even began.

    I don't have all of my shopping done yet. I'm stuck on my mom and my husband...it's strange...I have no trouble thinking up stuff for the rest of the family, but those 2 people give me the most grief idea-wise.

    I won't mention that people in my family have been nagging me for a list...does that mean I'm giving everyone in the family gift grief? :P

  11. Traveling Chica: Is it that obvious? :) Well, I'm jealous of your snow.

    Renee: Been elected to public office! I was trying to figure out which office. I had it narrowed down to city councilwoman or constable :)

    East of Oregon: You're welcome.

    Chickadee: I think I have the toughest time buying for my Mom, too. Dad starts asking me for a list sometime in mid-November every year.

  12. i miss that childlike hurry up feeling of christmas. i'm with you, i want to slow downs these final days and relish in them.

  13. Yep, that obvious. :)

    Snow? What snow? It's gone now: it's been 43 these past few days out, so adios white stuff.

    I'm over half done with my shopping and done with my cards, except for three stragglers who have moved and I'm hunting down addresses. You may very well be the only man alive that I have heard of sending out cards willingly though...

  14. it's hopeful the way you link 13 days with the Cuban missile crisis--if they can get us through a crisis like that in 13 days without a war, then I can get done my Christmas shopping!

  15. Ms. Sizzle: Maybe if we all join hands and hope real hard...

    Traveling Chica: Well, I'm a special man. To avoid using other less flattering words :)

    Sage: Good point. I didn't even think of that. In both cases, it seems we're on the verge of disaster :)

  16. cYou're right. It used to be that christmas seemed like it would never get here. And now, it just zooms in and zooms by!