Wednesday, December 20, 2006

3 Word Wednesday #15

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. This is a writing exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

aging face
mirror shows
only quickens
never slows

seconds, hours
days and years
mem'ries seen thru
homesick tears

reaching out
fingers clasp
handle lacking
empty grasp

always hurry
in a rush
they say it flies
it really does

like sand
we watch it

"We look to our future. We make all our plans. As if we control what is out of our hands..."


  1. I get to be first! This is off the top of my head but it came to me as soon as I saw the words.

    The sand flowed faster, in a rush to get through the neck of an hourglass. I anxiously watched, but before it was too late, I stopped time with a quick swing of an old axe handle...

  2. As reported from WFRS earlier today:

    "...and in entertainment news, Britney Spears was recently spotted on the beaches of Jamaica for what seemed to be a holiday excursion. Ms. Spears has been handling her divorce well, being seen at the hottest night clubs with gal pal Paris Hilton, but without underwear. When reached for comment earlier today, Ms. Spears had this to say:

    "I like, felt it's time to have fun. I'm young, and should be, like, partying. Like, my kids are important to me, but that's what I have Lupe for. She'll raise them well. Like once she bought them their first thongs , I like knew she was perfect."

    At that point Ms. Spears attempted to pull sand from her buttocks for the next five minutes. After giving up, she continued with:

    "Like, I'm down here in Jamaica not to just have fun, and get some sun. Later I start to work on my, like, next album. It'll be a covers album. I'm like doing songs by my heroes: Madonna, Survivor, Rush, Janet Jackson, and like Weird Al."

    *reporter pauses, wondering why the hell this is news*

    Moving onto weather...."

  3. In a rush to handle the sand, I stepped in dog poop.

  4. Big Man, that's one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. :) Thanks for the laugh! That's hilarious!!!!

  5. Sage: Good! Crush it! I went a similar direction. Thinking of the hourglass.

    East of Oregon: I'll be over soon to check it out :)

    Big Man: And "sand" made you think of this, I'm guessing? That's hilarious. Is that for real? Songs by Weird Al? I'm dying.

    Ed Abbey: Oh, I hate when people let their dogs go and don't clean it up. Pooper scooper, people!

    Traveling Chica: Um, well, that wasn't really a comment to me. Are you playing 3WW this week?

  6. I hadn't participated, but very thoughtful prose there, Bone. I enjoyed it.

    Big Man, that was definitely hilarious. I think I need a moment to wipe the coffee off of my monitor.

  7. the end i heard the days of our lives theme. but that's just me. :)

  8. I am playing along, but apparently you didn't have the patience for me to tell you that. ;)

    And I have to say , I also heard the days of our lives theme song at the end of it. :) Very good stuff, and that's from a person who normally isn't a big fan of poetry.

  9. I didn't hear the days of our lives theme--but I've never watched it

    Is this about your grandmother?

    Love how you put words together and can make poems out of them--you've heard my last try--my Mary Poppins was a junkie poem

    As I said I want your talent for poetry

  10. Can we request more poetry?

    You're just so good at it!
    I'm thinking like every fifth TWW should be poetry . . .

    Just sayin'.

  11. Zeus: Thanks. I think we're all looking forward to Britney's new album now. Um, take that with a grain of salt.

    Ms. Sizzle: Good thing I decided to leave out the stanza with "hourglass" in it then :)

    Traveling Chica: Thanks. I think you outdid me again this week though. That was very good.

    Pia: No, it was just about the passing of time in general, I guess.

    And I am a firm believer that Mary Poppins Was A Junkie belongs on display somewhere :)

    Elizabeth: Well, certain word groupings seem to lend themselves to it more than others. But I'll keep that in mind.

  12. Thanks, but I'm sure there are many fans who would disagree. ;)

    And there is no way I'll be attempting poetry anytime soon.

  13. here, still dizzy from all that exercise. nice poem. I'm not good at fiction or poem. DD is much better.

    Listening to the burrr of snow blowers!

  14. Great poem! I never mastered them, so I can always appreciate someone else making them wonderful :-)

  15. nice. I didn't mean to stutter...darned word verification. I knew I got it right the first time!

  16. Traveling Chica: I should probably stay away from poetry myself. Mine usually end up sounding like song lyrics. But not these.

    Renee: You should attempt some fiction one week. Just for fun.

    Snow???? Sigh.

    Arlene: I'm not sure about wonderful. But thank you much :)

    Renee: It's OK. I deleted the duplicate :)

  17. What's wrong with song lyrics? ;) Your poem was great.

    Snow? Someone has snow? I'm jealous!

  18. Hey there!

    Just wanted to let you know that I moved my blog. The spam filters on my blog template sucked eggs. I had a melt down. I moved. :)

  19. yes, we had a blizzard... you can have all the snow you want. Just come and pick it up. or you can just come see the pictures too.
    I feel like putting out a sign "Free UnAssembled Snow Men!"

  20. it becomes less and less pretty with each shovel-full that you lift.
    by the end of the day you end up asking folks "Were you dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS???" it's pretty scary actually.

  21. Traveling Chica: Thanks, Chica. Yes, evidently they got an inch or two in Colorado. As for here, I had to turn the air on the other night. It was just getting too hot upstairs.

    Chickadee: Thanks for letting me know. I've updated my links.

    Renee: No, no. Make it say, "Free Snowmen! (Some assembly required.)"

    I'm sure if we got that much that often, I might feel differently about it.

  22. Air? As in air conditioning?!?! Ugh.

  23. Chica: Yes, as in AC. It's cooling down a bit though. We have a slight chance of snow for Monday night/Tuesday morning!

  24. I'm hoping for you for that snow! We aren't supposed to get any, but I think it means more to you than me. ;) Merry Christmas.