Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She was

She was smiling mostly
She was crying sometimes
She was the kind to dance out in the rain

She was a thousand sunsets
Out over the ocean
She was a lot of joy, a lot of pain

She was right sometimes
She was wrong mostly
She was carefree and full of life

She was mine briefly
She was free always
She was never gonna be my wife

She was a friend sometimes
She was a lover always
She was the best and worst I ever had

She was nights of passion
She was lazy Saturdays
She was always bound to leave me sad

"It's aggravating. How you threw me on and you tore me out. How your good intentions turned to doubt. The way you needed time to sort it out..."


  1. At least you'll always have maple syrup at the coffee shop. Wanna come over tonight? It's been forever since you've been to my place. BH and I are making BLT's( Garden fresh mater's are in season woo hoo)and we could start a foosball tournament. Or just hang out and watch Hee Haw and Seinfeld.

  2. You go through life looking and anxiously waiting for -the one-... she's out there. It took me 31 years to find the one for me. No hurry. You're still young you know.

    Odd seeing you in Wal-Mart the other night. You had that shocked look on your face... I guess most people would find it hard to believe that I'm actually dating someone, after being a bachelor for 31 years. LOL

    Glad you were able to partake in a cornucopia of taste bud delight at Oh Bryan's with us. How'd it feel to be the only adult that ordered off the adult menu?


    We're filming David and Anna's wedding Saturday night at 6:00... but maybe we could do tennis earlier in the afternoon.

    Peace out bro.

  3. Bone, that was just beautiful. There was a tear just about ready to form. I hope "she" knows how important she was to you.

  4. "She was a thousand sunsets..."


    So beautiful it makes me jealous of a chick I will never, ever meet! :)
    (am I as shallow as all that? I hope not :)

    Your blog is wonderful- I have missed being here...

  5. Have you ever thought of writing song lyrics? Was going to pick out my favorite. Couldn't

    Probably "She was right sometimes
    she was wrong mostly
    she was carefree and full of life"

    The lyrics before "she was never going to be my wife"

    No all

    Bone, you out did yourself. It's amazing.
    But all are so beautiful that the song lyrics you picked are jarring

  6. Bone... did you write this?


  7. Dorothy: Foosball? Eh, it sounds more Friends than Seinfeld :)

    BLT's do sound good, though. You have any Yoo-hoo?

    Kyle: Haha. That was interesting for sure. I felt so grown up. I guess I should get used to seeing you in my neck of the woods. At least for the next several months. You guys seem really happy. It's great to see that.

    Carnealian: Thanks, dear. You are such a kind heart.

    Mayden: Thank you. We've missed ya around here. I haven't been making the blog rounds quite as often lately, either.

    Genie: Thanks. Wrote this a few days ago. Thought it was no good. Put it in draft.

    I used to handwrite lyrics all the time. Years ago. Have a folder. Upwards of 99% is utter crap though :)

    PS - One day, I'll stop clicking on your name and hoping you've discovered some previously unknown GH site.

    Shayna: Yes, I must take the blame for this one. It's a Bone original :)

  8. you've a poet's heart, for sure, Bone. (And PS, the pic was from atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris.)

  9. Another one, just like her, BUT BETTER, is in your future, friend.

    Have no worries about that.

  10. I have to agree, you do have a poet's heart and that makes for inspired words and blogging, babe.


  11. This was really good. You have quite a talent. :)

  12. Carmen: Thanks :) Yeah, I figured it out after I saw the City of Lights part, but it was too late.

    Blondie: Oh, you better believe it ;-)

    RedNeckGirl: Thank you, ma'am.

    Circe: A poet's heart. I like that. Thank you.

    Lass: Why, thank you, Miss Lass.