Thursday, August 31, 2006

Exercises In Composition

OK, I'm going to continue what I started last Thursday. And hopefully, some of you will play along. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also write something using the same three words and post it here. Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

Her mouth was moving, but he wasn't hearing. Sometimes that happened. He laid on his back and just took her in. This creature sitting astride him on the bed. Her warm brown eyes. Her hair, black as coal. Smooth, pale skin.

And even though he wasn't listening, he could feel it. She was getting thru. Breaking down walls. Paring away the layers around his heart. Slowly. But surely.

His thoughts faded and he began to hear her again. Just as she said, "Let's play a game."

So silly she was. So loved her, he did.

"She's slippery, you're sliding down. Will she be there when you hit the ground? It's alright, it's alright, it's alright. She moves in mysterious ways..."


  1. NegreanuShortStacked??8/30/2006 11:57:00 PM

    I can't believe what you did with those three words.
    I read them and thought of all the directions it could take, but not the road you took.

    This post made me feel.
    It gave me hope.

    And, on a lighter note, it shows us women that maybe you guys tuning us out isn't because you don't want to hear what we say . . it's because we've bewitched you.

    Fiction or truth, it's moving.

  2. i love this.

    and am too exhausted to participte.

    this post makes me feel better because sometimes i am talking with a guy and he is just looking at me and i can feel he isn't listening but i can also feel that it doesn't matter because he is listening with his heart.

    does that even make sense?

  3. One day we're going to have a serious discussion as to how you do It. And don't give me that "I dunno" crap.

  4. You are really good at these writing exercises. Next time a guy seems like he's not listening to me...I'll think of this. :-)

  5. How did you know that I do that??? What's bad is when you try to do that and they are home. YIKES.

    Some folks even have the nerve to say "Oh, I thought you wouldn't be home."

    Did that ever happen to Jerry?

  6. Shortstacked: Yes, you've bewitched us. Go with that :)

    Ms. Sizzle: I think it makes sense. Of course, sometimes we are just thinking about the football game, or what time poker comes on TV, or something :)

    Heather B: Define it please :)

    RedNeckGirl: Thank you. As I mentioned to Ms. Sizzle, sometimes our minds do wander to other things. At least mine does. But I have a good heart and good intentions.

    Renee: Haha. No, George did it. To the girl who was trying to break up with him He was returning her call, but called her at home purposely when he knew she was at work.

  7. Very good. I'll participate later on my writing site. I'll let you know when it's up.

  8. I played. Mine is a poem, not a story. I really liked your piece. But then again, I always love your stories.

  9. I also did the exercise... though I like yours 100 times better. Practice, practice....


  10. Afternoon Bone,

    Coming here from RedNeckGirl, she is a girl with a large heart. She is also paring back to the essentials after having gone through an experience hot as a coal.

  11. I love it. I love the exercise too but I'm so bad at writing. Although, that is the point right?

    Can I suggest three words for next time?

    Sox (or socks)

  12. You truly blow me away with your writing...... :)

  13. As promised.

  14. Lass: I've been checking out naked blathering since you reposted it on your blog a couple of weeks ago.

    Dorothy: I have to be in a certain mood to write poetry. I tried with the three words, and haven't been able to yet.

    Blondie: No, no, no. Everyone has a different take and goes in a different direction. That's one thing that's so great about it. You have talent, chica.

    Brian: Thanks for stopping by. I'm fairly new to her blog, but she seems like a wonderful person.

    Hotpinksox: Aw, I bet you're better than you think. And yes, that is the point. It's just an exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. Or even a complete story. Just exercising the mind.

    Xinh: It's a totally different side of you. I like it.

    Shayna: You are too kind, Miss Shayna. Although I'm surprised I was able to write anything after your party :-)

    Thanks to everyone who has participated. It's been very interesting to me. And I'm learning from you. Thinking of maybe changing it to Tuesdays, since a lot of people do the Thursday 13.

    And I need to come up with a permanent name. I like Three Word Thursday (or Tuesday), but didn't use it because I thought I might change up and make it four or five words sometimes.

  15. How about doing it on a Wednesday and calling it something like Word Challenge Wednesday or something similar?

  16. Love your exercise. Even "black as coal" worked because of how you placed it

  17. Xinh: That's an idea. I'm very indecisive. I think I'll just stick with the three words. That's enough. Maybe I should put it to a vote?

    Pia: Thanks. I had a problem fitting coal in there, obviously.