Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ides of March Madness

GroovyChick has started a General Hospital blog. Daily recaps. From someone who knows enough about me to likely keep me from ever becoming President. Scary. I just remembered. I had a dream about Manny Ruiz last night.

Oh, and I've brought back the scoreboard on the sidebar for the NCAA tournament, per request from a super cute chick. (Really, is there anything a cute girl couldn't get me to do? Actually, yes. But we won't talk about that here.) So now we'll all be able to follow the games at work, and watch as Bone's Elite Eight teams slowly fall one by one.

My Elite Eight? Right now it's Duke, West Virginia, Memphis, Gonzaga, UConn, North Carolina, Villanova, and Ohio State. Why no Final Four? I haven't narrowed it down yet. Still have a few hours. To me, this first weekend of the NCAA tournament is maybe the best four days of the year sports-wise. A friend of mine is getting the Direct TV Mega March Madness package. Bama plays at 1:40. Gonna try to leave work early today to go watch the game(s). Oh, and we're doing our usual not-shaving-till-Bama-loses thing. Bone could be bit unkempt!

Speaking of the sidebar, I'm now a flippery fish in the TTLB Ecosystem. (Wonder if I could use that as a pick-up line.) Actually, I think Pablo is pretty excited. I really think I got a good fish. Was over at Mom's the other night and her fish darts around like the fielder on Atari Baseball. Hmm, probably not a high percentage of readers will get that reference. OK, so he darts around like... a disoriented moth? Anyway, Pablo "naps" with me. And when I come home, I can wave from across the room and he'll start getting excited, swimming all around. I think I got a good fish.

Back in high school, a couple of friends and I made a pact. If we were attacked by the Soviets like in Red Dawn, we would... Oh, hang on. Wrong pact. We made a pact to have our prom dates by the Ides of March. The girl I was dating around the first of the year didn't believe in dancing. Who knew! And she hadn't even seen me dance. Now, I can see someone who had seen me dance saying they didn't believe in dancing. That's completely understandable. The next girl I asked was in eighth grade. And her Mom wouldn't let her go. Fortunately, the third girl I asked said yes. She must have been heavily medicated :) Anyway, that's what I think of when I hear the ides of March.

Speaking of Oreos? Why do we even still have single stuff Oreos? Seriously. Ponder this for a bit. I have been. Obviously. Do any of you still prefer single stuffs over double stuffs? I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just have a hard time believing there is still a huge market out there for single stuffs. We have double stuffs. It's been done. They did it. Twice the stuff. It's kinda like regular strength Tylenol. Why? Load me up. Extra strength. Maximum strength. Whatever.

More roundabout confessions from a hydrocodone addict later...

"Some people sleep all alone every night instead of taking a lover to bed. Some people find that it's easier to hate than to wait anymore..."


  1. Oh wow, this is so sad that I'm going to say this, but all I could think of when you were talking about your mom's Moth Fish was "How do you know when a moth farts? It flies in a straight line."

    More from the Queen of Bad Jokes, later.

    Final Four: Gonzaga, Duke, West Virginia and Villanova. These are just educated guesses. Watch how wrong I am.

    Color me confused: The girl didn't believe in dancing. So the guy that doesn't dance, except for his fish, asked another girl?? Ummm . . . couldn't you both have stood by the punch bowl making fun of the late eighties early ninties ensembles?? The couple that mocks together, stays together.

    Speaking of Oreos?? Nice transition.

  2. Oooh.. classified information!!

    We have a Beta named Bloo that has had his little tank emptied TWICE by my cats. (The top locks closed, they can't get it open.) I don't know how long he laid on the floor with no water before I came home and found him, filling his tank with water again! That's one tough fish!!

    When making desserts with Oreo, most of the time, it is easier to use single stuff Oreos. That's why we still have single stuff Oreos- baking needs.

  3. larsonbuckeyefans3/16/2006 08:15:00 AM

    Yes!We are in Bone's elite eight....and you will not see the mighty Bucks fall soon.Don't crucify me,I prefer single-stuff oreos,the doubles are toooo sugary.But I feel ya on the
    Tylenol issue,it's something I never understand when I'm choosing pain reliever.Is it for those who just want their pain gone a little bit,but not too much?

  4. I really think you should talk about what it is that a cute chick couldn't get you to do.


  5. I love your posts about Pablo. I don't know why, but it's so cute!

  6. Meghan: No Duke. Please no Duke. Although I like the rest of your Final Four. And no more bad jokes. Please no more bad jokes ;-)

    Yes, I thought that was a nice smooth, segue.

    Lindsy: Well, a two-word comment is better than none. Everytime the scores refresh, you'll think of me :)

    Groovy: Ah, that makes sense. For baking. Good call.

    Buckeyefans: Yes, even with the extra strength, half the time I can't even tell it's doing anything. I think Seinfeld has a bit about pain relievers.

    Sherry: How did I know at least one person was going to say something like that :)

    Mappy: Thanks. He's a cutie.

  7. I totally agree! Does anyone buy Single Stuff? Double Stuff is so double your pleasure..(and i'm all for pleasure)...

  8. Oreos, fish, sports, dates, dancing, medication--all leads to one thing and one thing only--but I think you covered addiction too

  9. Sure it was only a 2 word comment but it was in all caps...that's love!

  10. Circe: Woohoo! Me too ;-)

    Pia: I did cover quite a bit of ground, didn't I? And did you notice how they all tied together so well? Well. Almost all.

    Lindsy: OK. I'll let it slide this time. Although I think maybe you should move me to the top of your links. Just for the tournament. It'll be more convenient for you :)

  11. Games are postponed due to a bombthreat. However, if you are stuck at work later...
    there is free streaming of the game here:

  12. "Because I am an innocent man. I AAAAAAAAAAAAMM an innocent ma ha hon. Oh yes, I aaaaaaaaaam" I love Billy Joel.

    Anywho. Single oreos are still purchased by those who have to provide cookies for events, like dinners, youth dances, stuff like that. You get more cookies per package, and the kids can do the work to double their stuff.

    Tylenol- Totally with you, find out what will kill me, then ease it off just a bit. Maximum strength- all the way.

    By the way, the trip recap is up if you'd like to know where I was last week.

  13. I cannot even comment on basketball, I don't like the game, don't watch. Though I did just say yesterday, how bout that Gonzaga? Because that's just such a fun name!

    I never even went to prom. *sniff*

    I haven't eaten an Oreo in a million years! But, yea, who would want single stuff? They need to take them off the market pronto!

    So, you and Pablo have a connection eh?

  14. "I'm now a flippery fish in the TTLB Ecosystem. (Wonder if I could use that as a pick-up line.)"


  15. Not a Duke fan? I'll try to look past that.

    (::raising hand tentatively::) Um, I prefer regular Oreos. It's just the right combination of cookies and cream. I'm old skool like that.

  16. Tenacious T: Yeah, that was crazy. Thanks for the link. Roll Tide!

    Dorothy: I like Billy Joel, too. Tylenol, yes! I should have known I could count on you to remember the Seinfeld bit :) Thanks!

    Lindsy: You did it! Thanks. Sorry about OU though.

    Carnealian: Yup. Pablo and me. We's tight! Sorry about the prom. Maybe you can get someone to do like Zack did for Kelly on Saved By The Bell. Come to your house and have your own private prom.

    Southie: Ha ha. Thanks. Have to try something new. I'm stagnating. I'm thinking of wearing an eye patch.

    Lizzie: You're a Duke fan?!?! I'll try to look past that ;-)

    And that's two votes for single stuffs :) You and larsonbuckeyefans.

  17. What, no University of Tennessee love? ; )

    Do you remember the giant Oreo cookies? I remember them in my packed lunch sometime in the late 80's, early 90's. I wish they would bring those back. And the Mocha Creme Oreos. Those were amazing!

  18. Oh hey- Archway now makes a faux oreo that is actually really good. More stuff, crisper cookie. The also make a coconut creme cookie that sends BH into "hoarding" gear.

  19. I too like single stuff Oreos. Actually I prefer Hydrox, but you can't get them in CA.

    I'm a little weirded out by the fact that you as an 17/18 year old asked a 13/14 year old out for prom. I realize it's only a 4 year difference but at that age, there's somewhat of a difference in maturity levels as well. Of course, she could've been an incredibly mature girl. What do I know?

    And dang, Carly sure is moving up on Jax fast even though Courtney hasn't been dead long.

  20. I caught a glimpse of a game today. I see Bucknell is still in there. It's a local college to me, gotta root for them. Sorry Gonzaga.

  21. Big Man: I have UT getting beat by Carolina in the Sweet 16. We'll see.

    Dorothy: Archway! I remember they used to give those away on the Bozo show during the grand prize game.

    Xinh: Yeah, she was probably mature for her age. And I was probably immature. That's what I'm sticking to anyway :)

    I still don't like this latest Carly. Come on GH!

    Carnealian: Yes, Bucknell is becoming the next Gonzaga. They upset Kansas last year, and beat Arkansas this year.

  22. I tagged you, Bone. Do it.

  23. larsonbuckeyefans3/19/2006 06:10:00 PM

    There is no joy in Ctown,the mighty Buckeyes have struck out........sigh........

  24. Southie: Will try to get to it. I like that Coldplay song. And Erasure. Old school. Although I prefer "Chains of Love."

    Buckeyefans: Yeah. They were in my final eight. Now two of my final eight are gone. And one of my final four (UNC). Doesn't look like I'll be winning this year.