Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Deep Inside

Past darkened rooms
Reserved for long lost lovers
At the end of a long hallway
Littered with broken pieces
Never repaired
In the deepest
Most hidden part
I never stopped hoping
Never stopped believing
Despite the sideways smile
The lonesome eyes
The scars
The regret
In that most secret of places
I never gave up hope
When luck and logic
And all odds told me to
I think I always knew
That you existed
And in the midst
Of those raging waters
On that ocean of doubt
There always remained
An island of hope
An island of dreams

"Storms are raging on a rolling sea. Down the highway of regret. The winds of change are blowing wild and free. But you ain't seen nothin' like me yet..."


  1. Though it begins with despair, I think this is the most hopeful thing I've ever seen you post.

  2. I'm going to have to come up with more words...you've heard them all before...beautiful, swoon, lovely...at least I'm not bawling over this one.

  3. I thought of you during the last week's recap on 24 last night.

    How could I have been so stupid??!!

  4. Beautiful B, just beautiful.

  5. The lonesome eyes, and the lines just below that are amazing

  6. Meghan: Thank you. Hopeful, yes. Maybe no one will assume I'm in a deep depression now :-)

    Carnealian: Well swoon was a good one. But it does seem like you've used it a couple of times ;-)

    Southie: Yes, unfortunately, I think that's the one moment I'll always remember from this season. The instant Jack became Fragile Frankie.

    Xinh: Thank you much. Nothing means more to me than a compliment about something I've written.

    OCG: You think? I'm definitely more of a writer than a poet. But thank you so much.

    Pia: Thank you. I can't overstress how important feedback is to me.

  7. Gorgeous. Great imagery, great... longing, I guess. Good poem :)

  8. It's not who you know, but what you know about whom.

    That's on the back of my Dentyne ice artic chill box.

  9. If "she" is your soul-mate, she IS out there, but you already know that deep down, otherwise you wouldn't have written the poem, right?

    I enjoyed the poem.

  10. Darkneuro: Thank you. Again, it means a lot.

    Feenix: I've tried dissecting your comment, looking for a deeper meaning. But as usual, there is none ;-)

    Chickadee: Yeah. It's a hopeful thing. Thanks.

  11. Yeah, that was nice.. now, does anyone want to talk about the upcoming SEC Basketball Tournament that is this weekend?? HELLLOOO???

  12. Okay, I think that I need some clarification here... Are you still holding a candle for SHE? Or is this hope for a new she?

    I once told this to a friend and she hasn't spoken to me since, but I still believe that it's true... "Love happens when you stop seaching for it."

  13. That was really lovely, Bone.

  14. Beachgirl: Why do I get the feeling that your comment is a perfect microcosm of who you are? ;-)

    Renee: Nope. This was not about her.

    Sherry: Thanks a lot, sweetie.

    Lizzie: Thank you, Miss Lizzie. By the way, I have a barista question to ask you at some point.

  15. Bone-
    Why? b/c I yada yada'd over your sweet words and got straight to the sports talk?? Yep, that's me, and you know what else, "there's no crying in baseball" so says Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own, he also said to avoid the clap, which is some pretty good advice!

  16. Why do I get the feeling you'd be like three handfuls :)