Monday, March 13, 2006

Golden "Silver" memories?

I heard the music as I began to wake up from an unintentional mid-afternoon nap. As unintentional as taking off your pants and lying down on the bed can be. I thought I recognized it. But as consciousness continued to slowly regain its hold, my mind reasoned, "But it can't be. Who would be showing it at this time of day? What channel did I have it on from the night before?" As I finally managed to open my eyes and turn over, I saw that it was. 90210. And not only that. But the very first episode! On SoapNet, not surprisingly. Of course, I watched it. It's a piece of television history.

BH12, as my friends and I called it. (You'll figure it out.) Wonder why that never caught on. I started watching it because of a girl, not surprisingly. Cindy K. My first love. My first broken heart. You know it had to be a special show for her to put off making out with Bone for an hour every Wednesday night. As fate would have it, Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, and Dylan would still be around long after she was gone. (Although Brenda not much longer.)

My favorite character? Tough choice, but I'm going with Steve Sanders.
My favorite episode? That's easy. Donna Martin graduates. Of course.

Sticking with the TV theme. A friend of mine IM'd me today saying something to the effect of, "Did you hear the news? Look who's quitting. It's your favorite show. What will you do?" At first, I thought Kiefer might be leaving 24. Since it's Monday and 24 is pretty much on my mind all day anyway. Then I thought maybe Anthony Geary was leaving General Hospital. I'll admit I was beginning to panic. Until my friend sent me the link. Chef Leaving South Park. Whew! Don't scare me like that.

As for 24 tonight... Good twist having Lynn save everyone. And Kim's therapist/boyfriend reminds me a little bit of Kyle Petty. As for the rest of it... who got me started watching this show anyway! If anything ever happens to Chloe or Audrey, I'm gonna lose it.

Finally, I'll leave you with this...

Which Original 90210 Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

"No sex. No drugs. And you were too much into hip hop to be rock and roll. Young David, nobody took you seriously, with good reason! You didn't come into your own until college, and before then, you were just trying to please everyone else. When you did speak up for yourself, it usually helped, though. So you held some purpose."

I'm David Silver! Go ahead. Laugh. Deride if you must. But take it yourself. Let's see what you all get. Ya bunch of Andrea Zuckermans.

Just kidding. See you all at the Peach Pit later.

"I got the green glow under my car. I got the boom boom system you can hear real far..."


  1. Just look at all the memories you have from your first broken heart.
    There is no way I could remember what night that show came on...

  2. No . . NOT Brian Austin Green.
    What's sad is that he hasn't changed.
    If you ever HAVE (yes, HAVE, I didn't VOLUNTARILY do this) to watch that insipid Freddie Prinze, Jr. show . . you learn that Green has no acting talent.
    He's still David.
    Just on a new show.

    A girl put off making out with you for a WHOLE hour???
    Say it ain't so, Bone, say it ain't so . . .
    Doesn't she know that that's why God made commercials??
    Let's hope she learned with age.

  3. Apparantly, I'm too young to realize what I was watching back then. I took the quiz and got
    "You're Nat. You don't have a life of your own. You're 100 percent 90210, though. How many people can say that, huh?"

    I dont even know who Nat is! How can I be 100% 90210??? *Going back to watching MTV hits*

  4. Sherry: Yeah, that's the only way I remember. I'm pretty sure it was Wednesday.

    Meghan: Yes, Brian Austin Green. I know. I almost didn't post it. So, who did you get? Do tell.

    Groovy: Nat ran the Peach Pit! Uh... I think :-) You're Nat? That's funny. Yeah, I figured this would be one of those posts where I'd get some "I'm too young to remember" comments.

  5. Wont say who I am; kind of fitting

    And you had me really really nervous about Tony Geary--not that I ever watch it. Just like knowing that he's there.

    And loved your first paragraph

  6. HOLY SH*T! I'm Brenda. I just knew it. Dammit. Of course I'm really not like any of those people. Somehow the first time I took the quiz I was that Ian Ziering character! EWWW!

  7. I was Brandon?
    You met the President, dated older women, survived a drunk driving accident and graduated second in your class after staging a walk out during finals. You're smart, fun, good-looking and will try anything once. Although, on the flip side, you'll also condemn anyone who tries something more than once. You're the good guy with a hidden rebellious streak. 90210 was lucky to have you!

    Although after reading it, other than dating the older women, it seems pretty dead-on.

    Can I get a little YUM YUM KITTY KITTY
    Just a little sumthin sumthin itty bitty
    Do you wanna get TRIPLE X GROOVY?

    (stuck in my head for the rest of my life... but it is the best song in the whole wide world)

  8. I didn't even have to take the test to know that I'm Andrea! LOL! I think that Aaron wrote her character based on me though as I was already way past HighSchool when this show came on. I barely watched the first year, let alone any of the other years.

    "Walkin in LA, walking in LA, only a nobody walks in LA!"

    Sorry my Monday Memories brought that one up. ;o)

  9. It took me a couple of tries to read this entry. My mind kept wandering every time I got to the "take off your pants" line.


    When 90210 came out, I watched the first 3 episodes, decided I couldn't care less about the show, then never watched it again until the last 3 episodes of their high school career. I never watched it again, even when they came on the USC campus to film.

  10. Pia: You were nervous? What about me! Luke is my favorite. That's Luke Spencer. Not Luke Perry. There's a clarification I never imagined I'd be making at any point in my life.

    Lass: I can see that. LOL Your comment seems very Brenda-like. Hey, don't knock Steve! Sure he was spoiled. But it wasn't his fault. And he had some good qualities later.

    OC Girl: What, you only date younger women? ;-) Me too, mostly.

    Aw man, I was really hoping I'd be Brandon! He was my fave.

    Renee: No worries. I think most of the cast was well past high school in real life. Luke Perry was like 30, wasn't he?

    Xinh: Haha. I assure you it was completely innocent. Well, an innocent as...

    Anyway, I think the show really started going downhill after high school. Hmm. Sort of a microcosm for some, I would imagine.

  11. I don't understand the fascination with Chloe. She acts surly and curt. Obviously I watched last night and she was a little upset, but the other time I watched she wore the same stick up her ass face as she did last night. What's with her?

  12. Oh Gawd! I'm Donna...I guess that's better than being Brenda! Sorry Lass!

    I haven't seen the show in ages. I used to watch it all the time because it was on before Melrose Place.

    You're gonna need a nap today for sure!! ;)

  13. Stupid is as stupid does...

    I took that quiz.

    Ooooo.... how I wish I was Andrea at this point.
    This dumb quiz dubbed me NAT! That creepy waiter guy from the Peach Pit. Friggin' ridiculous.

    This post rocks, Bone. And I'm jealous that you got to see the first episode. I wonder if they have all ten seasons on a DVD set, yet? You'd think that would be one of the first sets ever made... but I haven't heard of one.


    p.s. Let's discuss you taking off your pants and laying down on the bed some more. I mean, I'm just one vote... but.....

  14. Oh holy buddha.
    Carnealian - I feel your pain.
    I was Donna, too.
    Which makes very little sense to me . . .but whatever.

    Hey, can I side with Blondie and Xinh . . . how about a post regarding you laying down on the bed with your pants off????

  15. Heather B: That's just Chloe. You have to remember, she woke up in bed this morning with a guy she'll probably never see again. She always helps Jack. You learn to like those people.

    Carnealian: Or should I say, Tori? ;-) Being Donna isn't so bad. You're the center of my favorite episode!

    Blondie: Welcome back! At least you know who Nat was. Unlike some people.

    Meghan: Don't you people see? Donna gets to date David Silver! Me! I wanted to be Brandon. But you don't hear my complaining about it. More than once or twice :)

    OK, Blondie, Xinh, Meghan. Looks like it's 3 against 1. I like those odds.

  16. I got Brandon...surprise surprise

    Just got back from Vacation to the west, come check out my installments on THE TRIP - Part I

  17. No surprise to me - I turn out to be Brenda.


  18. Dorothy: I wanted to be Brandon. Minnesota! OK, I'll check out the pics. When I first read that, I thought it said, "Just got back from the Vatican..." :)

    Debby: No surprise, huh? :)

    OK, so tallying the results, we've got:
    Two Brandons, two Brendas, two Nats, one Andrea (although some of you didn't reveal who you were), and two Donnas for the one David, me!