Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When zippers were cool

I had a dream last night. The only thing I remember about it was that someone was asking me and several other people questions. It was sort of an interview-type setting. The only question I can remember was, "What is the one thing that you miss?" Just a very general question. And you know what I said? You'll never guess in a hundred zillion years. I said, "I miss the Michael Jackson of the 80's... Thriller, one glove, jackets with zippers, still had most of his nose." What the crap?

I did have a black jacket with lots of zippers that I would wear to school when I was like 12 years old. And I had the Thriller vinyl 33 1/3 album. I would listen to it and try to imitate Michael's dance moves. I listened to it so much that it became scratchy and would skip quite a bit during certain songs. When friends would come over and we would listen to it (because listening to albums was still a cool thing to do in 1984, or so I thought), I knew all the places that it would skip, so I could still sing right along without ever missing a beat. But worst of all, my dancing was apparently fairly entertaining, for one reason or another. So at family gatherings, my aunts, uncles, and cousins would encourage me to do my Michael Jackson impersonation. And I would. I would take it seriously, too. My cousins always seemed to conveniently have the album ready. So they would start it and I would go back in the hall and come out to the music. Ugh. I still cringe when I think back to those days. Thank heavens no one had a video camera back then.

Poll Results
In other news, I'm tired of this bar soap poll taking up space, so here are the results, and thanks for voting:

What is your usual bar soap replacement policy?
1. I don't use bar soap. Someone else has rubbed it over and through every crevice on their entire body. Gross. (31.5%)
2. Once the soap reaches a certain point, I throw it away and open a new bar. (29.6%)
3. I wait until it completely disintegrates or gets so small that it slips out of my hand and goes down the drain. (27.8%)
4. I mash the old bar into the new bar, melding them together, so as to not waste any soap. (7.4%)
5. Depends on who I'm bathing with. (1.9%)
(tie) I dunno. My Mom takes care of all that. (1.9%)
Total votes: 54

Let's see... so only 3 people besides me fuse the bars together in some sort of primitive soap-conserving amalgam? I just did that the other day. I nearly took a before and after picture to post on here, but I didn't have a camera in the shower... oddly.

"Why weren't we able to see the signs that we missed, and try to turn the tables?"


  1. Oh my lordy! I can just imagine...how frightning.

    Bar soap is so gross and passe. No excuse for it. Convert to a pouf and shower gel, for the sake of all of us. Better exfoliation too.

  2. Well I don't figure it's that bad since I am the only one who normally uses the shower. But yeah, sharing soap is kinda gross when you think about it.

    However, I'm not getting a luffa sponge! That's a little too delightful for me. I'm afraid I would begin to enjoy showertime a little too much :~0

    Or maybe I will. Who knows O:)

  3. I don't understand why you don't have a camera in the shower... You could completely change the format (and audience) of your blog!

  4. A 'pouf' and a 'loofah' are two totally different tools. Get thee to Bed, Bath & Beyond and get edumacated. ;)

    Shower photos...hmmm...I'm still wishin' there was a Thriller video.

  5. OC girl: Shower cam. Hmm... Although I'm not sure where I'd put a camera in there, what with the nerf basketball goal and all the plastic boats :-)

    Lass: Tools? lol I guess I don't spend enough time in BB&B. I was in Bath & Body Works one time (buying something for my Mom or sister), and this "happy" sounding guy working there asked me, "Could I interest you in some bath and body products for men?" I politely responded, "Uh, no you could not."

    Just give me some Lava and some Prell.

    I think my specialties were "Beat It" and "Billy Jean"... and maybe "Wanna Be Startin' Something." ;-)

  6. Lava and Prell! Do you finish off with a little Icy Hot afterwards? Your profile says you're 32! That other stuff is for grandpas. Dude...you need help. B&BW has some very nice smelling stuff for men. Heck...even just go to Target...Suave makes manly-smelling bath gels too.

  7. "Prell! Do you finish off with a little Icy Hot afterwards? Your profile says you're 32! That other stuff is for grandpas."

    IL's comment had me laughing my butt off!!!

    "Grandpa Bone"

    Hmmm... that sounds kinda dicey.

  8. Prell?

    I use Pantene Pro V shampoo and Conditioner, and Loreal Studio Line styling gel.

  9. Well, this is a step up from yesterday even with the Jacko references. Boy, Jacko and cameras in the shower kind of go together now that I think about it.

    I actually watched a little tube tonight. I watched a show on WB called "A Beauty and a Geek" and it was a unanimous vote in my house that Bone, Java Boo Boo, and J Mo all send in an application to be on the show for next season. You have until August 24 to submit your application. Go to http://www.thewb.com/Shows/Special/0,11116,233632,00.html.

    I will be happy to be a reference.

  10. ok bonester i understand a man has to have manly soap. But if u ever use gel u won't ever go back to soap lol. OH by the way do u still play with your rubber ducky also . PS when your buying your pink gel soap don't forget to ask for your pink showercap WHAT ROFL\\ luv u

  11. Wow, I never knew my shower routine would garner any interest. My humor didn't seem to go over too well, but I was joking about Lava and Prell. I normally use Irish Spring and some type of shampoo/conditioner in one.

    Lass: I guess I'm behind the times, but I'm not using shower gel. I actually have used Icy Hot... but only after softball injuries :-)

    J-Mo: I think it fits somewhat with the Michael Jackson theme.

    Boo Boo: As Kramer said to Jerry... "I'll tell you what. I'll pick you up a sundress and a parasol and you can just sashay your pretty little self around the town square." :-)

    Shane: You leave me speechless.

    Anon: Thanks. I think. I have to try and maintain some semblance of manliness around here. No rubber ducky. They always seemed a little too real to me.