Monday, July 18, 2005

LaGrange pics

Here are some pics from the excursion Friday evening, to help illustrate my LaGrange story a few posts back.

This is the view from the main highway. You take the curve to the right and after a short while pass the school site, which has a couple of cabins on it, some picnic tables, and a few other things:

A monument at the school site:

Here is one of the cabins at the school site. I don't know how old these are, but I do know you can rent one and spend the night there. Why you would want to, I'm not sure:

Immediately after you pass the school, the paved road ends, and things start looking like this. Keep in mind we walked out of here at like 11 PM:

After probably a quarter to a half mile, the gravel road turns sharply left and goes uphill to the cemetery. At that point, this muddy path is straight ahead. This is where we got stuck that night. They have since put up a gate. There is also a no trespassing/private property sign in the upper right hand corner. This past Friday as we were leaving the cemetery, there was an old truck coming out of this road. Yikes:

From that same point, this is the view looking uphill at the road which leads to the cemetery:

The cemetery is located at the end of the gravel road, probably close to a mile from the school site. It is surrounded by dense woods on all sides, except for the entrance where the road ends. It has really been cleaned up since that night eleven years ago. At the time of my story, all of this was overgrown and you could only see a very few graves:

This was a little freaky. The box on the right is what I assume to be an above-ground concrete coffin. Never seen that before. ("We bury our dead underground, so they can't get out and get us.) This was pretty far back in the cemetery. Once I saw this, I started heading back towards the car:

Well, maybe those will help illustrate my story somewhat. I am fairly certain this was my first time back to LaGrange since that night. The whole place is undergoing a restoration actually, so it's very pretty. "Now I know why people like golf. It's just nice to be outdoors in a well-manicured area." Still, with all the stories I have heard, and with what happened that night eleven years ago, I was expecting someone to come out of the woods at any moment.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my story.

"She got out of town, on a railway New York bound. Took all except my name. Another alien on Broadway..."


  1. Spooky. Wouldn't have taken long for me to fall into tears out of fear! I'm a big ol' sissy, though, when it comes to stuff like this. So, you're braver than I! I'll have to read your "eleven years ago" story when my hunny isn't out of town on business and I'm not forced into tackling the boogie man all on my own in the darkness.

  2. Uh, yeah. I wouldn't have even ventured past the gravel road. Not at night! No way! Cemeteries creep me out even in the daytime.

  3. Thanks for the pictures to illustrate the story

    Always wanted to be from the South so I could speak Southern, be languid, and tell proper ghost stories ;-)

  4. oh and thanks for that wonderful comment! Loved loved loved it

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  6. My over active imagination is running wild with the pictures alone… throw in a dark cold night… and it’s nearly too much to bear!


  7. robyn: Oh, come on now, you have to read the story. Just turn all the lights off. Oh, and if the phone rings while you're reading, don't answer it :-O

    Lass: I would not do that today. But then, I was young and stupid. Now, I'm old and scared :-)

    Pia: So languid is a good thing?

    You are welcome for the comment. Always enjoy your writing.

    OC: Only you, OC girl. Only you ;-)

    Crys: You girls have me smiling today.

  8. well, i can explain. and you might not be smiling after this

    many a many a childhood day, i spent on the road with my kooky, but loveable grandparents. one spring break, they took us (me and my sis) to louisiana. we thought it was going to be fun. there is this really cool zoo in new orleans, that i really really wanted to go to, but didnt get there. sadly, the trip pretty much dead ended in lafayette, and turned into a gravehunt grandpa wanted to find his father's grave. so for the next 7 days, me and my little sister spent our time in hospitals visiting archaic relatives, and grave yards. it was a hellish ordeal for two small children, but not because of graveyards, but because my grandparents are crazy. my mom was so mad when we got back, that they had taken us pretty much to only grave yards, she thought it might scar us or something, i dunno. i haven't ever really been afraid of em. ne ways, the point to this story is, most of the graves are above ground or in mausoleums in louisiana cuz of the swamp lands...

    yeah, prolly tmi, ahh well

  9. Wow, good luck with all that.

    Cemeteries are definitely a unique place. I don't mind them at all. It's just the isolated location of this one that makes me a little skittish.

    Next time, I'll know to take OC Girl with me.

  10. Great pictures to illustrate your LaGrange story. I think I'm more of a wimp when it comes to scary things as I get older too - maybe because life gets more 'real' as reality sets in. I've been to a few cementaries, even at night but I've always had a car to run to and leave with if I got spooked. Kudos to you and your friend for being smart enough to leave when you did and to get help.

    Still...spooky story and area. Thanks for posting the pics to round out the story!

  11. Old graveyards have a certain allure to them for sure. I was in Atlanta a month or two ago on a business trip and spotted an old graveyard. I thought it would be an excellent place to take some good photos. Turns out it was an old civil war cemetary! I ran around looking at all the graves from back all the way back in the 1800's and early 1900's. I don't think I have any of those shots posted in my online gallery yet but now that I'm thinking about it, I'll try and get some up there.

    Thanks for sharing your shots dude.

  12. Yeah, a lot of these were from the 1800's. Cemeteries are peaceful in a way.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments.