Monday, July 18, 2005

Folklore, fair maidens, & double faults

While talking to some girl I just met at Buffalo Billiards Saturday, I was reminded of this ever-so-true Seinfeld bit:

Women need to like the job of the guy they're with. If they don't like the job, they don't like the guy. Men know this, which is why we make up the phony, bogus names for the jobs that we have. "Well, right now, I'm the regional management supervisor. I'm in development, research, consulting." Men, on the other hand, if they are physically attracted to a woman are not that concerned with her job. Men don't really care. Men'll just go, "Really? Slaughterhouse? Is that where you work? That sounds interesting. So whatdya got a big cleaver there? You're just lopping their heads off? That sounds great! Listen, why don't you shower up, and we'll get some burgers and catch a movie."

It was quite a weekend. Friday evening, we ventured to LaGrange (before sunset) so that I could take some photos to help illustrate my story from a few posts back. They have really fixed the whole area up. They've done a little clearing, really cleaned up the cemetery, and put a lot more gravel on the road. Anyway, I uploaded the pics to my computer last night, so I hope to put those in a blog entry, maybe tonight. Thanks to Kyle for risking life and limb to go up there with me, since he had no real interest and there was little, if any, chance of encountering girls there. The oft-repeated phrase of the evening: "Now why are we doing this again?"

Saturday was long. I worked until Noon. Soon afterward, we headed to Nashville. Stopped off at S&M's Kennel, then ended up downtown around 6:00. Shot pool at Buffalo Billiards. At some point, we were playing doubles with these two chicks that Kyle had managed to coerce over to our table. Referring to her cue, my extremely attractive teammate said something like, "How do you hold it?" Well, as you might imagine, I was all over that like Jared on a foot-long sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich. I gave her a couple of um, tips, and amazingly she sank the shot, which was a fairly long one. Hmm, maybe I need to take my own advice. Had dinner at Amerigo's Italian restaurant, which caused me to randomly blurt out "Amerigo Vespucci" the rest of the night. Did some labeling and packaging, about two and a half hours worth, then got home about 2:30.

I did laundry. Went to eat dinner at Applebees. Played tennis last night.
Wow, it was humid as all get out. I was sweatin' like Richard Simmons to the oldies. J-Mo managed to snap some photos of me in all my Wimbledon-ness: I'm glistening! You know if you didn't know better, without actually seeing where the ball ends up, it actually almost looks like I know what I'm doing.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Don't forget ESPN begins airing the World Series of Poker tomorrow night (7/19)! Phil Helmuth, Dan Harrington, Sam Farha, David Williams, Dutch Boyd, Doyle Brunson, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Jason Lester, Phil Ivey, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, and my favorite, Annie Duke. Love ya, baby!

"Oh, baby baby, it's a wild world. I'll always remember you, like a child, girl..."


  1. Gawd now Im going to spend the rest of the day singing that song, out loud, and I'm tone deaf; can harmonize though, nobody's ever been able to explain it

    And since I'm in a bitchy mood; feels like 100 degrees, 1000 percent humidity--New York's just not made for weather like this, but we have it every summer.

    why do people act like poker was invented yesterday?

    Doesn't anybody remember Felix and Oscar? Sheet, I really am totally uncool

  2. I would kick your butt if we played tennis!

  3. I would so totally lose if we played tennis. Or if we raced. Maybe arm-wrestling? Nah. I'd lose that too. I'm such a big wimp.

  4. i don't quite understand. im kinda confused. why would you not care what a woman does for a living?

  5. Pia: Felix and Oscar... ah, the Odd Couple. I had to google it :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the song all day.

    Lindsy: I think that I might rather enjoy that ;-)

    Lass: OK, I might beat you in tennis, but no way I'd beat you in a race. I could keep up for 3 or 4 miles, but then you'd leave me in the dust.

    Crys: I'm not sure exactly. I guess we're generally more concerned with other things.

  6. "like Jared on a foot-long sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich" - man, you crack me up!

    I know why men don't care what women do - they still have it in the back of their heads that the woman will quit her job when they get married. The fact that I don't intend to give up my job if we ever get married and have kids is a continual source of frustration for my boyfriend's mother.

  7. Well, that's not really my reasoning. I'm just not overly concerned. I know something will turn up eventually, even if I have to work two or three jobs. (Boy, that attitude should score me three or four dates right off the bat.)

    Always good to frustrate the in-laws though :-)

  8. I fell accross your blog accidentally - good stuff! Hope you don't mind if I pop in here and there to check up on your words.

  9. Sprinter, not long-distance, eh?

  10. you have to be crazy if you think 3-4 is a sprint, MAD I SAY

  11. robyn: Of course not! Stop by anytime.

    Lass: Yep. I did run a couple of miles today. I know, I know, that is nothing compared to you :-\

    Crys: You may be right. She may be crazy ;-)

  12. Well, when I start running under a 10 minute mile over 3 miles, I'll really start giving you crap. Your last few runs have been between an 8:45 and a 9:20 pace! I'm not that 'elite' yet. ;) Operative word there is 'yet'.

  13. Maybe I could run farther if I slowed down.

    Still, in a distance race, you'd leave me far behind. I'd have to ride the first aid bus to the finish line :-)