Sunday, July 24, 2005

That girl is like a sunburn

Amy invited us down to her house on Saturday. She lives on Smith Lake. Jonathan and I headed out around 9:30. Need I say it was hot? Rode the jet ski, the pontoon, and swam lots. It was a lot of fun, and quite exhausting. I love the water! Took some pictures, and figured I'd share a few...

This handsome feller walked over from the neighbor's yard while I was lying in the hammock. I love dalmatians:

Here is the view from Amy's deck:

A couple of lake houses:

I got a sunburned a little, so I have spent the better part of last night and today lathering myself with aloe... which isn't a lot unlike other weekends.

Other highlights... I went running Friday. I was sweatin' like Dan Quayle at a spelling bee. (Oh, that was bad. I'll probably get an outdated analogy citation for that one.) Had dinner at Los Charros (Mexican) with my sister and her husband. Picked up a Bobby Brown greatest hits CD at Wal-Mart. (Yes, these are my weekend highlights. You know you wish you were listening to it right now.) It was only $9.72, so I couldn't pass it up. Today, the apartment kids created a new game. It's a really fun one where they ring my doorbell, then are gone when I get to the door. Fortunately, I was lying in bed in my underwear when they first played it, so I had to get up, put some shorts on and go to the door. Is it any wonder I love living here? Oh, and two cop cars were at the house across the street again Saturday night. Hope you all had a good weekend!

Recurring dream
I keep having a dream where it's Christmas or Christmas Eve or whatever, time to exchange presents, and I have forgotten to shop. Sometimes I don't have any gifts for any of my family and sometimes I have only forgotten to buy for one or two people. It really distresses me. I love Christmas time and probably over-buy, if anything, for family. Interpretations?

Farewell Tour
Lance Armstrong wrote what will likely be the final chapter of his cycling career Sunday, winning a seventh straight Tour de France. I started following the tour back in the Greg LeMond/Miguel Indurain days. When Lance first came up, to me he seemed like a brash young punk who had not paid his dues. And although billed as America's cycling future, I had my doubts. Once he came back from cancer to ride the tour, I was immediately converted into a Lance Armstrong fan. Still I never thought he would even finish, much less win it, and much less seven times. I imagine that any person who survives cancer is a source of hope and inspiration for others. What better gift could you give anyone.

You had to be there...
(In the lake...)
"This water is really warm."
"Oh. Sorry about that." (Ewwww!)

"So when did that show come on, the forties?"
"Um, I don't know, maybe the fifties or early sixties. It might have been on in the late forties. When did TV even begin?"
"Well, in Back To The Future, they were just getting a TV in 1955."

"No matter what your friends try to tell ya, we were made to fall in love. And we will be together, any kind of weather. It's like that. It's like that..."


  1. It appears that although this weekend was purported to be the HOTTEST yet so far this year, we someow made it a point to plan outdoor activities.

    Despite the heat and humidity,I had a great time with my friends down on the river. Looks like you had a good time over on Smith Lake.

  2. That looks so pretty! And the doggie is cute too! They make this stuff called sunscreen. It helps keep you from getting burnt.

    Bobby Brown's greatest hits? Is there such a thing?

  3. Ahh...weekends at the I miss it. Your pics are great. It's a beautiful place.

    Sorry to hear about your sunburn. Try Lass's advice next time. ;-)

    When are you moving? I get upset when I hear about the rowdy, silly kids and the odd neighborhood antics. I know you can handle it, but I guess it brings back so many bad memories of my days in a similar situation. Anyway, I hope your move is going to be soon. :-)

    I hope you have a great week!

  4. The river is so peaceful,i could just stare at the river for hours. You took some great pics. The doggy is so cute.Sounds like u had alot of fun but next time u better invite me lol.U know i gotta see u do a one hand stand on the jet ski WHAT lol. Did my bonester get sunburned poorbaby.Now u take care of that sunburn.

    luv u .

  5. j-mo: Yeah, even riding on the boat for very long got hot. About the only relief was to swim or lie in the shade.

    lass: I did use sunscreen, SPF 15. It must have washed off or something. It's better to have someone else (read: cute girl) apply it.

    Yes, Bobby Brown had a few good songs. I could sing them for you now, if you'd like :-)

    cindy: I am still waiting for something to come open. I have started thinking about a house more recently.

    anonymous: Yeah, I love the water, ocean, lake, river, whatever. I loved that doggie! I am going to get one eventually.

  6. SPF 15!?!? That's not sunscreen. Try SPF 45, sport, and reapply (or have the cute girl reapply...see, givin' you some game here) every hour to hour and a half.

    I still don't believe you about the Bobby Brown songs.

  7. lol Thanks for the tip :-)

    Oh, where to start. I always liked the parts where he rapped. "Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They're called the ghostbusters and they're in control..."

    Try to battle my boys, that's not legal.

    Someone said there's a Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston reality show on now.

  8. Sadly, yes, there is. I've seen it. It wasn't pretty. Can you say 'crack ho'?

  9. The Lake:
    Mmmmm... I love the lake. I love the sting of a crisp sunburn from laying water-side all day long.

    The dream:
    You probably feel like there are aspects of your life that you're leaving unsolved and incomplete.

    Lance Armstrong:
    He's a hero to most - understandable. Though he left his wife and small children to be with someone else (Sheryl Crow, even, maybe?)

  10. Bobby Brown? The rest of your post was so great, and uh, all I can think of is Bobby Brown who I don't want to be thinking about ;-)

  11. robyn: "You probably feel like there are aspects of your life that you're leaving unsolved and incomplete."

    Well, yeah! Of course :-)

    pia: Yeah, I'm good at stuff like that.

    OK, I'm giving up on getting any luv for Bobby Brown.

    Don't be cruel...

  12. Hey, just trying to help you!