Sunday, July 17, 2005

Everything you always wanted to know

Thanks to everyone who answered my five questions in the last post. I found it interesting and it satisfied some curiosity. Now, I shall attempt to answer the questions you asked in response to question #3, "What is something you wonder or would like to know about me?" (I will edit this post if and when more questions are posed.)

Anonymous asked: Dude, why are you still single?
I could ask you the same thing :-) Well, let me try to add a little here. I suppose it would be best to ask some of the girls I have dated this question. Perhaps I am modeling my life after Jerry Seinfeld, who didn't get married until he was forty-five. Of course, it might be a little more difficult sans the hit sitcom, successful stand-up career, lucrative endorsement deals, best-selling book, comedy album, and DVD sales. Then again, I do have a blog.

Dea wonders: Why exactly you stalk me?
Because you're irresistible and easily acccessible.

InterstellarLass asked: What's your favorite flavor ice cream?
Well, I am not sure I can pick just one. Here are a few I enjoy: Mint chocolate chip, cotton candy (mmmm), homemade vanilla, orange sherbet... I could go on. I'm really hungry now.

Kerry says: I'd like to know who you think will make it to the MLB playoffs.
White Sox, Yankees, Angels, and Red Sox in the AL. Braves, Cardinals, Padres, and Nationals in the NL. I think the Twins or Orioles could slip in, but it's hard to pick against the Red Sox and Yankees.

Crys had several. Why your name is Bone?
Well, this all stemmed from "The Maid" episode of Seinfeld, where George decides it would be cool to be nicknamed T-Bone. People started calling me that. It wasn't too long before it was shortened to just Bone.

What your real name is?
Well, not to be ultra secretive, but I choose to use Bone to keep things at least partially anonymous.

Are you married or divorced?
Neither. I am single, never married.

Cindy aspired to know: Do you like Chinese food? If you do, what do you like? If not, have you been to decent place with good food yet?
I'm not real big on Chinese food. I think I had Chinese food like one time before the age of 22. But since then, having dated a couple of girls who liked it, I have found some things which are OK. I really like lo mein and the egg rolls. I actually occasionally buy frozen pork & shrimp egg rolls at the grocery store. I usually order some kind of very spicy chicken. Bone likes his chicken spicy. (If you get the Seinfeld reference there, then bonus points for you.)

You compared me to:
Danny Tanner
Kenny Chesney

Your nicknames for me:
Bama Bonester Babe
Little Blogger Friend
Tenacious B

Those are better than nicknames I've actually had. For awhile in 8th and 9th grade, I was given the nickname "Elvis." I think this was because I developed a habit of curling my lip when I smiled (I still do that), and maybe because of my hair at that time. Thankfully, once I got my hair cut a little different, that name faded away.

"Girls were a mystery that we couldn't explain, and I guess there are some things that are never gonna change. Man, I don't know, where the time goes, but it sure goes fast..."


  1. You didn't answer my question, you dork!

  2. orange sherbert doesn't really count. its like a scoop of a popsicle

  3. Mint-chocolate chip? That's a fav of mine also. I also liked the orange sherbet in those Push-Up pops. Are those even still available?

  4. anonymous: There's a reason for that, SHANE!

    crys: Well, I'm not too much of an ice cream expert. I specialize in bartlett pears and Oreo experimentation :-)

    j-mo: Yes, I love the push-ups, too. You can still get them. Just watch for the ice cream man. He plays music and kids follow him around. (Insert Michael Jackson joke here.)

  5. bonester the reason i'm still single cause u won't ask me to marry u ,WHAT ROFL.

  6. The Braves will never make it past the division series...of course, if they do make it to the World Series, I'll be there :)

    I think it will be White Sox and Nationals in the Series. Yeah, I know it will probably be White Sox and Cardinals, but I think it would be neat for the Nationals to make it.

  7. Well I actually thought this might be the year that the Braves didn't even make it to the playoffs, but it looks like they will again. And for the 35th time in 36 appearances, yes, they will no doubt go home early.

    The White Sox sure look strong. I don't know about the NL. I think the Padres or Nationals could make it, but the Cards have such a strong lineup. Then again, Larussa has been to the playoffs like ten times and only won it all once, I believe.