Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hurricane Dennis & other stuff

Well I spent much of today watching the coverage of Hurricane Dennis on CNN and The Weather Channel. I sure hope everyone made it thru OK. We're pretty much just expected to get lots of rain and a few storms up here. During Ivan last year, the power went out here for a little bit, but that hasn't happened so far with Dennis. If I lived on the coast, I think that I would have to stay and ride one out just one time. Anyway, those on-site reporters are definitely something to see. I can see an SNL skit with one of these guys getting picked up by the wind and blown down the street a few blocks, still yelling into his microphone:
"Can you believe this, Jim? I'm flying! Have you ever seen anything like this?!"
"No, Stu, I never have!"

iPod Playlist
J-mo let me check out his iPod Friday night at Logan's. Among the songs I sampled:
"Under the Bridge" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Axel F" - Harold Faltermeyer
"Addicted to Love" - Robert Palmer
"Hey Ladies" - Beastie Boys
And last, and least...
"I'll Be Loving You Forever" - New Kids On The Block

Sometimes it's Cops, sometimes it's Springer
This afternoon, while just hanging around the proj, I heard some yelling outside. Adults yelling, rather than the usual incessant kids yelling. I peeked out my window to see a confrontation of Springer proportions taking place on the porch of the neighbors apartment. There was a large 300+ lb. redneck-type (who I hope does not have internet access) and his wife/girlfriend/cousin/or-some-combination-of-the-three standing there. He was yelling at this guy I had never seen before, who was sitting on the porch, shirtless, eating a sandwich while this guy reamed him out. All I heard was something like, "If you have a problem with her, you come take it up with me! Understand? Don't smart off to her." I was just waiting to hear gunshots. Where's Steve when you need him? I gotta hurry and move.

I worked until 1:00. Mom cooked lunch, so my sister and I went over there and ate. Knowing the rain was supposed to move in Sunday, I got in a short run. There was a softball game going on at the high school. As I turned the corner, there were two girls and an older man (maybe a coach) standing against the fence. I could hear the girls yelling, but I had headphones in so I couldn't understand what they were saying. I looked over and the coach was waving his arms towards me. So, rather than stop, I threw up my hand to wave and just kept running.

Cassie was down here cleaning up her old house this weekend. So she, Kyle, and I went to Huntsville Saturday night.
We had dinner at Carrabba's. I had manicotti, a salad, and the 'Little Rosa' dessert. Hmm, it didn't seem like such a non-manly meal at the time. Anyway, it was good. Not worth a 2-hour wait. But it was good. Fortunately, we had called ahead and only waited about 20 minutes. I think 30-45 minutes is my limit on waiting for a table. No food is worth more than that, unless I was standing in line for the Soup Nazi. I mean, it's not like I can't come back another night. After dinner, we went and shot some pool at The Jazz Factory. Roy (aka Flux Capacitor Boy) was working security. He introduced me to the cute hostess girl by saying, "Hey, this is Steve-O." Ah, that never gets old. Then it was closing in on midnight. K was wanting to go to The Brick, but I was tired, so I came home. (The picture at left is of Cassie and I in the lobby of the Jazz Factory. We're not really green all the time, just on a camera phone.)

You had to be there...
"Odd that an Italian restaurant would name a dessert after a civil rights activist."

"Do you think Gulf Shores will be open for business in two weeks?"
"According to it will be."

"Avoid eye contact or she'll come over and start talking!"
"Here she comes! Red alert!"
"We've just gone to DEFCON one."

"Tragic eyes, I can't even recognize myself behind. So if the answer is no, could I change your mind?"


  1. You don't want to wait in line for the soup Nazi--well maybe once just to say...

    He ain't that good. think he started a chain, in Manhattan. Don't think they all yell

  2. cute pic u and cassie make a cute couple

  3. Dude, does your place have wheels? If so, it should be easy to move...

    DEFCON 1. HA HA.

  4. Pia: Well, it's just not as good if they don't yell. Soup Diplomat... Soup Mediator... it's just not the same.

    Anonymous: Thank you :-)

    Lass: Despite how it may sound, my place does not have wheels :-)

    You can usually get a good laugh with the occasional DEFCON reference.

    OC girl: I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to comment on my music list.

    I wish you could have all been there to hear me singing falsetto along with that song in the restaurant.

    Who can name all the NKOTB? lol

  5. NKOTB! Oh no. Please, why did you have to stoop so low??? I don't even think I could name one. Fortunately I was just over the cusp of being able to be sucked into the 'Boy Band' world. *shudder*

  6. Well...I can't name all the NKOTB but I do have to tell you that I laughed out loud while reading "and his wife/girlfriend/cousin/or-some-combination-of-the-three standing there" :-)

    So, I've seen at least two recent comments about moving - are you going to? Soon?

  7. Lass: LOL I was just thinking after I posted that comment, "I know I just didn't ask that question on my blog."

    Cindy: Still looking for a place. But yes, as soon as I find something suitable, I am still planning to move.

  8. Jordan, Donnie, Joe (my fav), Danny and Jon

    Sad sad sad

    (I really did have some www help... I swear)

  9. Oh well, I understand. I couldn't have done it without some help myself... *BIG LIGHTNING STRIKE*

  10. No wonder why your comment count is so high! You post one about every other comment. Geez... That's about as lame as giving yourself the nickname, "Bone."

    Everyone else reading this, don't let him deny it. He really did give himself the name. LOL

  11. You're not allowed to give yourself a nickname! That's totally against the rules! we need to come up with a new nickname. ;)

  12. Oh, he's just jealous because he doesn't have a good nickname.

    But, I'm open to a new one, as long as it conveys all of my coolness :-)