Tuesday, August 03, 2010

On the third day of Blogust...

What? Two posts from Bone in four days? That can only mean one of two things: Either you've been joyriding in the DeLorean again and traveled back in time to 2005, or more likely, it's Blogust!!!

That's right, blogging friends. It's the month you've all been waiting for. Time to celebrate and procreate. Or, just create. So string up the lights and light up the tree, I'll be writing like mad for all the world to see.

Blogust -- not to be confused with Blog Lust, whatever that is -- is very similar to Blogtober which I invented last year. In fact, it's exactly the same, except I couldn't wait until October this year because, well, my blog was dying. The basic premise is that I'll make myself write for at least 30 minutes a day for the entire month, which will ideally result in a few more blog entries. Also, I'm hoping the increase in writing will carry on beyond the end of the month this time.

I should warn you. I'm already feeling rejuvenated, like I've discovered the blogging fountain of youth! Or it could be I've just had too much caffeine today. Either way, feel free to join in or just read along.

I'm also proclaiming this the 3rd annual National Blog Something That's In Draft Week. Or NaBloSoThaDraWe, as it is as commonly known. (Sometimes written as National Blog Something From Draft Week -- or NaBloSoFroDraWe -- especially in parts of Minnesota and Iowa, among certain nomadic peoples of the American southwest, and last year on this blog.

Boy, for someone who doesn't blog that much, I sure invent a lot of fake blog holidays. And if someday, perchance, I am credited as the person who saved blogging, well so be it.

Anyway, NaBloSoThaDraWe is a week I created back in two-double-ought-eight for the blogging lull which occurs for many of us during these dog days of summer. You are all invited to join in. I have no doubt that amongst the weeds and tall grass of your meadow of drafts, there is a radiant flower just starving for some blog-light. Also, for you history buffs, you can read more about the origins of NaBloSoThaDraWe here.

So Blogust and NaBloSoThaDraWe occurring at the same time! That's like having a full moon and a total eclipse on the same day!

(OK, so upon further research, it turns out that a lunar eclipse can only occur when there is a full moon. Who knew?)

Now without further adieu, let's get it started. On the third day of Blogust, your true Bone gives to you, his entry for NaBloSoThaDraWe. It's a piece I like to call "Facebook Stranger." I have a tune in my head that goes with it, but it's hard to convey a tune with a keyboard when one doesn't know how to write music.

Facebook Stranger
by Bone
from the unreleased album Take Heed 'Cause I'm A Lyrical Poet: Words Without Music
(For NaBloSoThaDraWe 2010)

I've never met you or I haven't seen you in twenty years
I guess we can catch up on the past that we don't share
Not sure why you friended me, I'm thinking of clicking deny
But then if I do, it makes me question what kind of person am I

Facebook stranger, you're no friend
All these pseudo-social decisions, will they never end
You've got mafia wars to fight
And what you loved about Glee last night
I don't really care to read again
Facebook stranger, you're no friend

I doubt you'd even stop to speak if we passed on the street
Yet you send me these friend requests at least every other week
Not sure why you friended me, what's the point of it all
Do you really want to poke me or am I just a number on your wall?

Facebook stranger, you're no friend
All these pseudo-social decisions, will they never end
You've got mafia wars to fight
And what you loved about Glee last night
I don't really care to read again
Facebook stranger, you're no friend

"You better put on the Hammer, and you will be rewarded. My beat is ever boomin' and you know I get it started..."


  1. I'm sure in the future, the dogs days of summer will be referred to as "blog days," all in honor of Bone, who saved the blogging world from something (but no one is really sure of what)

  2. I've been waiting for a dog days refernce from you :) Thanks for not disappointing me!

    I have Christmas music in my head, which makes me not think kindly of you right now. Uff da.

    However, I'm forgiving you, because I love the Facebook thing so much. In fact, I think I'll keep on ignoring some "friend" requests in your honor.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end

    Dog days, Sage, are Bonebloda in honor of NaBloSoThaDraWe and all the other things Bone has made up

    Thanks for telling me what to submit, Bone :) Uh how could that not be a draft though posted?

  4. Can I post your poem on Facebook?

  5. I was gonna ask that, too :)

    Maybe we can make him famous on Facebook? Well, more famous than he already is, I mean.

  6. Brava. I'd love to hear you sing it......

    Good for blogust for bringing out more often

  7. looking forward to blogust postings with all their made up goodness as only you can deliver. you had me laughing from beginning to end tonight. hope all is well.

  8. If the Facebook poem does get circulated on FB Bone should post it first then we can all SHARE it so he gets the credit.

    now you make me feel bad for being a terrible blogger. :(

  9. Sage - Funny you should say that. I almost created a tag for "blog days of summer" for this post.

    TC - I know! I've done a post mentioning the dog days like the past three years. Almost forgot this year.

    I actually began writing a Twelve Days Of Blogust poem, but got no farther than "five memes to do."

    Pia - So just laughing this time and no crying? That's good :)

    Well when you put it that way, I suppose everything is a draft, from first to final or somewhere in between. I was just thinking of the things in "draft" in Blogger that I've never posted.

    I don't see why not.

    TC - Famous on Facebook would be OK, I guess. But really, it's all about the lifelong pursuit to have my own Wikipedia entry.

    Cooper - Maybe I could do an audio post. Now where did I put my pitch pipe?

    Nanquillity - Made up goodness only I can deliver. lol I like that. Can I use that as my tagline?

    Renee - I don't think I've posted anything on Facebook in a couple of months. How exactly does that work again? Wouldn't it be too long for a status update? You're the Facebook expert :)

  10. Ahhhh On the first day of Blogust my true love gave to me -a pssssst!!
    On the second day of blogust, my true love gave to me a love letter to a nun, and a pssssst!!
    On the third day of blogust, my true love gave to me a note that said he hated everytime I mentioned every second of GLEE! and insisted that he watch reruns of it on-line over and over, a love letter to a nun and a pssssst!

    Crazy as a run over Dog daze of Summer! Of Coures I blame the heat!!! Darn it!

    Don't worry... I'll come to my senses tomorrow and write my own blogust post! <3

  11. You're just a number on my wall.

  12. Do we give credit to Bone on Facebook?

    I'm going to put it in tomorrow as I was on facebook way too much today

    And yes you should put it in first, we have to make a fan page for it!
    Any suggestions TC? :)

  13. Facebook Stranger....classic.

    I will participate in Blogust. I've already posted twice this month. GO ME!

  14. If your blog is dying, should I take mine off life support?
    guess who?

  15. Great poem! And that's a great idea about revisiting old drafts. I have lots of them, that's lots of thought trains that ran right over and passed me by.

  16. Yes, Bone should post it first. I agree with everyone having to "like" and then "share" it on Facebook. Gives proper credit that way. :)

    So the sooner Bone does his part, the sooner we can do ours.


    Also, I'd like to announce I participated in NaBloSoThaDraWe. It's liberating, getting at least one thing out of draft.

    PS: My word verification is "trout." For some reason, I feel Sage should have gotten that instead of me.

  17. I wish I could particpate in Blogust but unfortunately, the server on which my blog is housed is being upgraded so my blog is down.
    Maybe I'll play catch up.

  18. to post the poem on FB you could make it into a NOTE, that would give us the ability to share it and give you the props.

    and unfortunately, yes I am the expert. sigh!

  19. DP - I got to day four on mine. I think if we put our heads together, we could probably come up with twelve :)

    Robyn - I knew it!

    J Adamthwaite - A Happy Blogust to all and to all a good write.

    Pia - You girls just talk amongst yourselves. Pretend I'm not here :)

    OKChick - I've already posted twice this month.

    Now that's the true spirit of Blogust!

    Guess Who - Definitely not. Blogust is a time of rediscovery and revival.

    Also, I loved you guys' music :)

    Actonbell - Thanks. Some men see drafts that I've posted and say why. I see drafts that never were and say, why not?

    TC - Thanks for taking part in NaBloSoThaDraWe! Next year I'm thinking of doing one of those snazzy buttons that says "Kiss me, I participated in NaBloSoThaDraWe." Of course, I'll have to learn how between now and then.

    Xinh - Ah, I noticed I couldn't get your blog to open the other day. Tuesday, I think it was.

    Renee - I think I've posted one note before. Maybe I can remember how.

  20. Wow you are brutal!

    Love it!

    Can you come up with a blog day for the Soccermom?

    Since your so awesome at it.

  21. I have mixed feeling about Facebook- I keep wanting to give it up, but then I don't because I feel out of the loop.

    It makes me feel like I am in high school or some crap again... which is not a good feeling. And at this stage in life I actually feel pretty healthy.

    I love your line- "Do you really want to poke me or am I just a number on your wall?"

    I don't know why- it's just funny!!!