Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turning two

Saturday kicked off my busy fall social season, also known as the toddler birthday party circuit. Nephew Bone and I attended the first fall informal of the year, a birthday gala for the godson at Kywana's house. It was boys night out. Or, boys morning out, as he tends to get sleepy around 2 in the afternoon. And to be quite honest, so does his uncle.

The godson officially turned two yesterday, and Nephew Bone hits the big dos mañana. The cool thing about turning two is it's the only time in your life that your age doubles in a day. I've tried explaining this to Nephew Bone, but instead of blowing his mind he seems instead to take it all in stride. I'm like, "OK, but don't act all confused next year when your age only increases by fifty percent."

The other cool thing about being two-years-old is that you have no idea who your friends are, so your parents just invite whoever and tell you, "These are your friends." The red-headed kid down the street? That's your friend. The son of your mother's college roommate? Another friend. That frees you up to concentrate on more important things, like eating cake icing and... pointing at things.

Overall, it was a decent party with delicious cake and a pinata, which I didn't get to hit. And like any happening party, there were girls there, including Setup Girl and her daughter, formerly known as "the kid who was almost mine." Setup Girl is expecting another child, which we'll call "the kid who is definitely not mine," and also engaged. So Nephew Bone and I steered clear and headed for open waters.

At one point, I started playing with this super cool bubble blower and began to lure some of the younger kids away from the pinata. In my plaid shorts, I was beginning to feel a bit like the Pied Piper. But I thought it best not to march out of town. You never know how parents these days are going to react to something like that.

The party started to fizzle out around the break of 12:15, and I decided to take Nephew Bone to see his grandma. On the way over, "Lovefool" came on and of course I turned it up a bit and was singing along. In the middle of the song, I glanced in the back seat to see Nephew Bone "dancing" to the music. "You like this song, buddy?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.

While we were at grandma's, I caught myself still singing the chorus because, well once that song is in your head, it's there for awhile, and let's face it, I'm always singing something. Right after I sang, "Love me, love me," Nephew Bone hummed, in tune, "Ha huh, ha huh."

Sigh. I must have done something right.

And how about one more Nephew Bone story for the road? Alright, you talked me into it. My sister was telling me that while cleaning recently, she had moved Nephew Bone's piggy bank from one end of his dresser to the other. So a couple days ago, he was standing by his dresser and pointing up. When she picked him up, he grabbed the piggy bank and moved it to the other end of the dresser, where it usually sits.

"I think my kid might be a little OCD," she said. "And I'm the complete opposite of OCD, so I don't know where he gets it from."

"Hmm, I have no idea," I replied, reaching to straighten the ever-so-slightly-crooked mouse pad on my desk.

"Love me, love me, say that you love me. Fool me, fool me, go on and fool me..."


  1. ....only time in your life that your age doubles in a day.

    I never thought of it that way. Good post.

  2. *Sigh* My age just increased 2.78% today. Though on the other hand, at least it is not increasing as fast as Nephew Bone. You certainly have an interesting way of looking at things.

  3. I don't know what I love most. I think two being the only trying to explain that. Hilarious
    You just throw these lines in as if they're nothing and they're so great
    Love the OCD part too
    Is your mother? Or father?
    My WV--wary in u go without spaces--has to mean something

  4. You sure know how to party Bone! Glad to see you're training up the nephew right.

  5. You and that wee little boy make a nice pair. Being in the same age group and all that..

    I SO envy you...

  6. OKChick - Yep, and sadly most of us are too young to enjoy it. I mean, we enjoy it, but not that part of it so much.


    Ed - Happy birthday! I had no idea. Mine took the 2.78% climb earlier this year.

    Pia - Thanks. I always assume he's picking up more than I realize :)

    No, neither are as far as I know.

    That has to mean something. It sounds more like a fortune cookie than a word ver.

    Renee - Thanks. I was trying to party like it was 1975. You know, the year I turned two.

    Gautami - Haha. Yeah, we get along quite well. It's like there's almost no age difference at all.

  7. That almost sounds better than my recent concert experience. ha ha

  8. You made me laugh all the way through this post, so my initial plan of quoting bits of your own writing at you and telling you how much I liked them is kind of scuppered... I could listen to you talk about Nephew Bone forever I think! Also, I've never thought of your age doubling on your second birthday before - I really like that idea. Such a shame that no two year old is ever going to appreciate it...

    Great post!

    (Also this is an experiment comment, in that I'm not going to use my blogger ID... somehow I feel like I need to mark the occasion by telling you... I may or may not have had a few glasses of wine...)

  9. Pictures?

    How is it possible Nephew Bone is already 2?!?! Man, time just flies.

    I had never looked at the age thing in that light before. I swear, a lightbulb went on over my head as I was reading it. Oddly enough, two weeks after NB turns the big dos, my age increases by 3.7%. And while you're right, it doesn't have the same ring as doubling, I don't want to suddenly be as old as my parents, so I think I'll go with the flow.

    As always, what a great post. Blogust was a fabulous idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

    PS: I'm really impressed by the ñ! But you know piñata has it, too, right? ;)

  10. sounds like the party was a hit for nephew bone and yourself. interesting thoughts on the age doubling in a day. great post. have a wonderful night.

  11. Glad to see he takes after his uncle. I thing you love the kid much.

  12. SoccerMom - Well, you managed to stay out waaay later than we did.

    J Adamthwaite - Thanks! I laughed at your marking the occasion comment. I think the experiment would have gone fine, except you put a comma after the www. But I'm attributing that to the wine :)

    TC - Apparently not many other people had thought of the age doubling thing before, either. That's why I'm different. Well, that's not the only reason I'm sure.

    Also, nice birthday hint :)

    PS: I blame spell check. Why doesn't it indicate missing tildes?

    Naquillity - Thanks. It's pretty cool hanging out just the two of us. For me, anyway.

    Cooper - I just hope he turns out to be a big Bama fan, too.

  13. Glad you got to come Godfather B! We'll have to get the kids together and teach 'em how to play some tennis!

  14. Oops... yeah, that'd be the wine... :S

  15. Great post, so much fun:) I never thought of it that way, either.

  16. Thanks. Now I'm singing Lovefool too...and knowing my retarded mind, it'll end up in my dreams! Oh well, there are worse songs :-)
    Your nephew sounds adorable, and it sounds like I have a lot of catching up to do, what with the nephew, setup girl...
    Oh, and depending on how Blogger lets me comment, which apparently changes constantly, I'll either be mrsodell1980 or Arlene...I'll figure out how to make it say Brizzle!

  17. You are a good uncle, and with those math concepts you're introducting before he learns the alphabet, he just might be the scientist that cures cancer.

  18. since we're telling stories, here's my favorite nephew story lately:

    he and I were going through the grocery store, and we were practicing our football cheers- and I was teaching him "B-A-M-A, Roll Tide Roll"- and we're walking down an aisle past some people- and the dad smiled at us, and said "War Eagle"- and my nephew looked at me, and said "why does he like eagles? we like ALABAMA" it was AMAZING.

    you're welcome.
    Roll Tide.

  19. Java Boo Boo - Sounds good. I was noticing the godson has quite the arm. Could be a pitcher or quarterback in the making.

    J Adamthwaite - Of course now I'm not sure which made you laugh. But I'll just assume it was my writing :)

    Actonbell - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Arlene - That has got to be one of the top ten songs at getting stuck in your head, right? Also, the Sesame Street theme is bad for that, I have found.

    Sage - Thanks. I was always better at math than English.

    Cami - Now that is a child that is being raised right.

    Roll Tide. 12 days!