Sunday, June 01, 2008

There's nothing to see here

Believe it or not, I started out this year making sort of a silent resolution to myself to try and write at least twenty minutes a day. Oh, the irony. Instead, I've gone in the exact opposite direction and have written much less.

Lately, I feel a bit like Lieutenant Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun movies--which by the way are some of the great comedic moments in movie history--standing there saying, "Move along. There's nothing to see here." All the while, things are exploding and catching fire behind him.

Plenty has been happening in my life. Probably moreso than anytime in the past few years. Last weekend was Decoration Day. Two weekends ago I ran a 10K. I did a Nielsen Diary again this spring. In one particular eight day stretch, I played golf four times. Sonny signed over the "business" to Jason. Yet none of it seems quite blogworthy anymore. Well, except for the Sonny and Jason thing. Can you believe it!?

Most of these are things I've blogged about in the past. Maybe that's the problem. I have written about all these things before, so now it seems repetitive to do so, and difficult to come up with something new to say.

Or maybe it's something else. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself. Maybe anything and everything is blogworthy. Maybe I waste too much time trying to figure out how they can bring Jonathan Jackson back as Lucky.

As I write this, I realize that I am very much an annual creature, like the groundhog. As opposed to a perennial, like say, the begonia. Year after year, I do many of the same things. Winter blahs, beach fever, 10K race, beach trip, Bama season tickets, holidays. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not that I'm complaining at all. That's not a bad year. I'm just trying to figure things out. And now that I've compared my life to Frank Drebin, a rodent, and a bottle of Prell, I think I'll stop.

Besides, we need to talk about this. I think I'm a little excited, even though it makes my Where Are They Now post outdated, if not altogether obsolete. I may go out and buy a Batman t-shirt.

"Remember when we said, girl, please dont go. And how Id be loving you forever. Taught you 'bout hangin' tough, as long as you got the right stuff..."


  1. i never find you repetitive or boring bone.. but then i am fairly easy to please...... i love the leslie neilsen (?) in airport too!!!!

  2. I saw NKOTB when I was 5. My mom got me an "I heart donny" pin. I didn't know who Donny was then, I do now... and I certainly don't heart him anymore. Yikes.

    (Saw your blog linked on; I'm from Decatur, AL, m'self.)

  3. Yay! Finally some new entertainment! Ha! You should blog about the upcoming Masters of Putt Putt Tournament. I hope you are getting in lots of practice!

  4. ah but it was new.. june 1.. now we can look forward to September, when it starts to cool off.

  5. And now that I've compared my life to Frank Drebin, a rodent, and a bottle of Prell, I think I'll stop.

    Interesting analogy. Anybody who makes it should stick to their New Years vow

    you're worth it :)

  6. LOL re: NKOTB! That's too funny. Drunk on the bus outside the stadium while Disney folks did their job better.

    I've missed your wit.

    You've missed my cuppa soup pantsstory. TC got it w/o even checking the link though. Whatta gal!

  7. Guess who just got her ticket today for the NKOTB concert that's happening this October in L.A.? Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    I'm so gonna rock like it's 1989!!!!

  8. Paisley - Thank you. I think I saw that Leslie Nielsen has a new movie coming out. Either that, or I dreamed it. Either way, I'm excited.

    Robin Lynne - So Donny was your fave, eh? Here's what I always wondered: Was Danny ever anyone's fave?

    Thanks for visiting.

    Jawana - Shh. It must be kept secret that I'm participating. Otherwise, it could draw a crowd.

    Shelby - Yes, but first we must enjoy the sun and the heat for a couple of months. And the beach, hopefully.

    Pia - you're worth it

    I once said that to a girl after I missed a golf game to go to dinner with her. She said, "But you missed your golf game because of me." And I said, "You're worth it."

    OK, not really, but it makes for a nice little story, don't ya think?

    Renee - Thanks. My wit enjoys being missed. And I am off to read your soup story as soon as I finish replying to these comments.

    Xinh - Cool! Though I was really looking forward to guessing :)

    Would you like to borrow my Batman t-shirt?

  9. I had a really awful NKOTB t-shirt with a mock neck. And it was teal. Yuck!

  10. That was the funniest reply to a comment I have ever read. I don't read too many though

  11. I would agree that you're putting too much pressure on yourself. Your posts have run the gamut and have never failed to entertain, enlighten and inspire. (No pressure!) :)

    Stop taking everything (and yourself) so seriously and write what you think and what you feel. This is your blog. Not ours.

    Just embrace your gift.

    PS- There's a child in our clinic that wears a black Batman Tee with the yellow bat outline on it at least twice a week. I can't figure out if his mom found him one somewhere . . . or if he just raided the back of her closet and found it. :)

  12. I think most of us are creatures of habit - unless we suddenly win the lottery and then, well, our 'rut' doesn't really need to exist as much. That said... most of us enjoy reading about what goes on in the lives of others, or we wouldn't be around the blogosphere at all anyway.

    You have to do what makes you happy, and if that's not blogging, then it's not blogging. Just know that you're missed.

    P.S. This made me think of you after reading this post.

    P.P.S. I got my tickets to see NKOTB yesterday :) Sooooo excited! I'll be sure to take pictures and post 'em for you to see. (Don't even try to deny you wanted to know that.)

  13. Renee: TC got it w/o even checking the link though. Whatta gal!

    Woohoo! That's me! ;)

  14. writing everyday is a tedious task, but you would be surprised at how much it helps, no matter how boring. Just being Southern is interesting - and you are not boring, st

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  16. About freaking time you got back to blogging!!!

  17. Let's review- you mentioned Sonny and Jason from GH AND New Kids on the Block in one post.

    there are not words to capture my emtions.
    i may love you almost as much as I love Jason Morgan and wish he were a real person. I'd TOTALLY be a mob wife for him....

  18. I understand what you're saying, but please remember that we all love your entries! Your insight on any topic, not matter how "blog-worthy" is always enjoyed amongst your readers.

    Get it straight, kid!

  19. Coconut - Hey, teal used to be in! I hope.

    Pia - Yes, well when I can't think of something that really happened to me to reply with, I have to start making things up.

    Avery - Your posts have run the gamut and have never failed to entertain, enlighten and inspire. (No pressure!) :)

    ROFL Thanks.

    PS: Oh no! They have them, for kids at least. I saw one in a store tonight.

    TC - I guess that is a big part of what blogging is: reading about others' lives, seeing how they differ from ours, and also how they're similar.

    Congrats on the NKOTB tix! Could you take a copy of my Where Are They Now post and have Danny autograph it? I figure his will be the easiest to get.

    Daily Panic - Haha. I love the dog story. And even after just a few days, I'm already finding out how writing (most) every day helps. Thanks for stopping by.

    Carnealian - Aww, and I didn't think you missed me :)

    Cami - Yes. Who else can say they've mentioned Jason Morgan and NKOTB in a single post? Few, if any, I daresay.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who wishes Jason Morgan were a real person. Wait, he's not???

    Blondie - Thanks, dear. Make ya a deal. You keep readin' and I'll keep writin'.