Monday, November 12, 2007

Tragedy, technology, & tying knots

The dull edge became a little sharper last Thursday as I received my Blackberry Curve. It immediately becomes the most cutting edge piece of technology I own, followed by my iPod, and then next would be my... um... Remington PG-250 electric shaver, I guess.

Those in the know tell me that I should refer to it as a Crackberry. I can't wait to find out what that's all about. And the girls at the cell phone place had a nice laugh over my old phone, the discontinued Samsung P107 with the 0.1 megapixel camera, which left all my camera phone pictures looking like abstract impressionist paintings.

My excitement was short-lived, however, as tragedy struck my world Friday afternoon. Shortly before 3 PM, someone I have known for roughly twenty-five years suffered a massive heart attack.

That someone is Luke Spencer.

He was found on the floor of Windermere by Scott Baldwin's long lost son, Logan Hayes. As of today, Luke is still alive, but it is unlikely they'll be able to get him to a hospital because of the storm, so please keep him in your thoughts. More importantly, please keep me in your thoughts, because if Luke goes, I... well, I'd rather not think about it.

Remarkably, I was able to press on despite that weighing heavily on my heart. As a few of you may know, I was in a wedding Saturday. My longtime friend Kyle said goodbye to the ranks of singledom and hello to a brave new world. (I was going to say "My BFF Kyle" but guys don't really have BFF's. We just have buddies, or homeboys, or longtime confidants. Wonder why that is?)

During rehearsal, the wedding director repeatedly called me and the girl I escorted "professionals." I'm not sure I want to be known as a professional groomsman. Then again, why the heck not? Maybe I could make some extra cash on weekends, legally for a change.

It was great to see several friends that I had not seen in quite awhile. And hopefully, no footage of me "dancing" will turn up on YouTube. No, trust me, you think you want it, but you don't.

As the weekend was quite busy, I haven't had a lot of time to play with my Crackberry yet. Though I did finally figure out last night how to change the ring tone. That only took four days.

Technology rulz!

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get thru this thing called life. Electric word life. It means forever and that's a mighty long time. But I'm here to tell you, there's something else..."


  1. And just how did you figure out how to change the ringtone??? Hmmm?? I bet some brilliant female told you.

  2. Oh, dear...trouble. I have the 8700g...and yes, it's awesome! You can download Gmail on it and check your e-mail all day long. It has helped with my laptop addiction a bit...have to give it that :) When you learn to text give me a holler (that shouldn't take TOO long...;))
    I'm terribly sorry about Luke.If he dies, I can only imagine the backlash worldwide....oy...

  3. "My BFF Kyle" but guys don't really have BFF's. We just have buddies, or homeboys, or longtime confidants. Wonder why that is?)

    Love that. Never figured out the crackberry thing either. Uh, I really wantyou to be on the cutting edge but uh, Apple phone

    Luke can't die and I hate GH. If he goes does GH so I have hope

    If you weren't a professional groomsman at your age it would be sadder

    I have a horrible headache and am afraid that everything I want to say is coming out wrong

    I enjoyed this post--Bones cutting edge week with despair and action--the wedding

  4. The afterworld

    A world of never ending happiness
    U can always see the sun, day or night

    So when u call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
    U know the one - Dr Everything'll Be Alright
    Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
    Ask him how much of your mind, baby

    'Cuz in this life
    Things are much harder than in the afterworld
    In this life
    You're on your own

    A professional wedding attendant huh? Wow! What a great title...I guess that means you have lots of friends who have gone on to "happily ever after." I think my BIL falls into that Professional category too...although I'm sure he doesn't get paid.

    Oh I almost forgot...I did find video of you dancing on YouTube okay it's not really you...but I couldn't resist.

  5. Fun new phone! The Curve is great and from what I have seen, better than the Iphone. (the biggest gripe I have with the iphone is that the battery charge doesnt last... plus who is really watching videos and movies on their phones????? lol)

    I have a relatively new samsung... not fancy, but it is red! =] I need to figure out how to buy a ringtone... I may actually end up at the cingular store to do so... It just doesnt work for me! lol Perhaps I should ask my kids!

    Sounds like a fun wedding! Always the groomsman never the groom! lol In reality... not a terrible thing! Plus, you are young! =] Guys have BFF's but they just call them by other names. Most guys are worried about their masculinity I think... it sounds sorta sappy and girlie!

    Cant open the Luke file... I am hoping that its a soap opera...if not I am sorry !

  6. Anonymous: Actually, yes, about three females told me it was under "profiles" but it still took me awhile to figure that out.

    Jennifer: Yes, I've got my gmail going there. Now I just have to figure out how to input all the names and phone numbers from my old phone :)

    Pia: Absolutely, Luke can't die! Though they haven't been giving him much of a story since Laura returned briefly from a catatonic state thanks to the experiimental drugs Robin found.

    Renee: Ah, I should have known what that video was going to be. Thanks, I needed that laugh this morning :)

    Maybe if there is a YouTube of me "dancing" we can compare it side by side with Elaine.

    Kate: Yeah, I haven't figured out how to buy a ringtone or download any fun games yet, either.

    So that's why people have kids! I knew there had to be a reason :)

    It is a soap opera.

  7. We want YouTube Bone. Here's an idea! Announce Three Word Wednesday on YouTube! Brilliant!



  8. oh boy, are we on the cutting edge of technology...enjoy your blackberry. :) You are gonna love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Yea there has to be some redeeming value in having them or people just wouldnt do it... well except for the 'mistakes' that is! hehehe

    Oh and you can use that fancy phone of yours and take a dancing video for us! You can write the subtitles and hold them up as you are dancing... so you will be writing AND making people laugh... 2 things you are good at and enjoy! =]

  10. Oh goodness! I'm soooo terribly sorry about your dear friend, Luke! You must be devastated! I mean, honestly, devastated! You'll have to keep us posted on his situation, as I'm sure you and the newest toy are sitting at his bedside right this second.


  11. OK, I totally freaked out for a minute that one of your REAL friends had a heart attack. Then it dawned on me that you were talking about GH. And then I laughed at myself, and then I laughed at you. Dude. Seriously. And a BFF? LOL.


  12. I think his heart attack was brought on by years of overacting.

    Poor Lucky, finds out he's not Jake's father and his own father has a heart attack in one day. If that doesn't drive him back to drugs I don't know what will.

  13. You scared me--it took me a couple beats to remember that Luke's a fictional character. Soap operas.

    congrats on being a member of the techie culture! Whenever I do get a cell phone, someone will have to teach me how to open it.

    Hope the wedding was fun:)

  14. Bone on youtube. The idea intrigues

    I gave you an award. I closed comments as I know each person I gave the award to would rather kill me :)

    Yes since you have joined the technical age full sounds great

    I believe Dell makes keyboards for Blackberrys. Know they used to.

  15. Rose: Ha, that is an idea. I need to become more proficient with YouTube.

    UL: Yeah, I've still got a lot to learn about it, but I think I'll like it.

    Kate: I don't think the Curve has video capability. Guess I'll have to invest in a video camera.

    TC: He's not in a bed! That's what is so tragic. He's stuck at Windermere on a couch, far from proper medical attention.

    Lass: OMG! I didn't mean to freak u out! ROFL

    What's the difference between a BFF and an LLF?

    Scarlethip: Ouch! Luke's just about always been favorite character on the show. Except for Frisco for awhile :) And yeah, I expect Lucky to be falsifying prescriptions anyday now.

    Actonbell: Sorry to have freaked anyone out. I don't want to be known as the boy who cried coronary.

    Pia: I won an award?? Gee, I just have so many people to thank. First of all, my BFF...

  16. Luke came back from the dead once before, didn't he? I think he's part cat, so you're probably safe. I lost track a long time ago. What happened to the whole Luke and Laura thing? (I think I conquered my addiction somewhere around 1983, give or take).

  17. crackberry
    crack = totally f'ing addictive

  18. Ha Ha Ya know, Bone, I haven't watched GH in years and in just one blog entry you've managed to get me caught up on all I need to know.



  19. Gay: Well, they divorced around six or seven years ago. Then when they were going to get remarried, Laura (supposedly)accidentally killed Rick Webber. Then she became delusional and went into a catatonic state and was admitted to Shadybrook. Robin Scorpio found an experimental drug that brought Laura out of the catatonic state. She and Luke "remarried" but a few days later, she slipped back into the catatonic state.

    Paisley: Yeah, that's what I'm learning.

    Sandy: Well, there ya go then. It doesn't really take much. I could catch you up more if you want to start watching again :)

  20. Well at least I wasn't the only one who thought, for a bit, you weren't talking about a tv character.

    I think this is the first time I've heard of a camera with 0.1 of a megapixel.

  21. GirlFPS: Me too! It was the next best thing to not having a camera at all.