Friday, October 27, 2006

Confessions of a Child Soap Viewer

Notes from Blogville...
Be sure to stop by and wish my good pal, Heather B a happy birthday.

Also, my real life friend, Lil Booty is attempting to blog again. She's an Auburn fan, so go easy on her.

Oh, and Xinh has switched her GH recaps over to Wordpress. Now including a map of Port Charles :)

Nothing could have ruined yesterday for me.

Not waking up late for work.

Not blogger being down for the umpteenth day in a row.

Not being on the phone for an hour with Dell customer support, about fifty minutes of which was spent on hold, as I tried to get my sister's computer hooked up.

Not even this conversation with the customer support guy (Thick foreign accent, of course):

"Please look for the Earthlink icon. Do you see it?"
"Look again, please."
"I don't see it. I double checked. It's not there."
"Please look carefully."


Still, not even that could ruin this day. Because this was the day that Laura returned to General Hospital. After four years in a catatonic state.

I watched it at work. And when she uttered "Luke?" just as he was about to leave her room, just as it looked like the special experimental drug, LS-49, wasn't going to work. Friends, I almost lost it. Fortunately, no one else was in the room at the time.

I can't help it. I was raised on General Hospital. All the ABC soaps really. All My Children, One Life To Live, even Ryan's Hope. But GH is the only one that stuck. The only one in which I sometimes become emotionally invested. Especially with Luke and Laura. They do, after all, represent my ideal relationship.

There's a little more love in the world today. Do you feel it? A certain harmony. Laura's back. And all is well.

"Think of Laura but laugh don't cry. I know, she'd want it that way..."


  1. I wonder how Tracy's going to react to Luke and Laura? And I wonder how Laura's going to react to finding out that Tracy and Luke are married, if they tell her.

  2. After the Days of Our Lives debacle involving the demonic possession of Marlana (which one, you may ask), I swore I wouldn't watch a daytime soap opera again.

    Yet, here I am, newly addicted to a daytime soap.
    I can't wait to get home and see Luke and Laura renew a love that's endured so much and continued to thrive.


    Remind me to use a pillow to smother the friend that got me hooked on this soap.

    So glad to see that I'm not the only rational person somehow sucked into an emotional involvement with the fictitious inhabitants of Port Charles!

    And shouldn't Help Desk people have to speak ENGLISH clearly? Wouldn't that make them more helpful?

  3. Easy to comment to as I'm wondering the same thing as Xinh, and echo newlyadddicted about the friend who got me readdicted
    though talking about rational people watching is a bit over the top

    How do you tell a DVR to only tape the days Luke & Laura are on?

    So, now we know what you do at work--watch TV--good thing to add to the Bonemeter--just in case you're ever a question on a quiz show :-)

    I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm afraid that the high point of my week might be watching Luke say "Laura? You're back." or something like that.

  4. Now that i work from home 3 days a week, i can watch GH often, vs. ever once and a while. My babysitter got me addicted when I was 6 months old.

    What i want to know is, is Elizabeth's baby really Lucky's? I left half way through yesterday's episode to go to the gym. i get to the gym, and I see on tv that she's burning the paternity test. WHY? Did I miss something. Argh.

  5. Xinh: I guess that'll keep us watching :)

    I also wonder if she'll go off the show again in a few weeks or months. Rip my heart out again.

    Newly: Well, GH is much more realistic than Days. Except for the massive head-on train collision awhile back that miraculously only killed one person :)

    Good to have you on board.

    Pia: I don't have a DVR. I barely have a DVD.

    And it was the high point of my week. So why not yours, too :)

    Carmen: I didn't see who's name was written on it, or even if they showed. But I assume it's Jason's. But she doesn't want to complicate things or drive Lucky back into addiction. Why else would she burn it?

  6. Gosh, since you were so nice to leave me a little birthday love, I won't call you a girl. ;-)

    But seriously, now I'm hooked and my heart did do a little bounce when Laura said Luke's name yesterday. Though I'm still a hardcore Days of Our Lives fan, possession by the Devil notwithstanding.

  7. I had to quit soaps because I got so emotionally involved. For me it was the Carly, Jake, Roseanna thing when Jake went missing after escorting a prisoner and then the car crash, and then he ended up with amnesia in St. Genevieve with a nurse then getting him a fake id and then hiding him from Carly. As the World Turns. I went cold turkey. All that "other people's pain" stuff just ate at me.

    It was only about a year of watching it. But I'm prone that way. My grandma was an Another World person, and I was a "Days" watcher in high school. But the demonic Marlena thing killed it for me too.

    The comatose Luke/Laura thing reminds me of the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke thing from Bold and the Beautiful. Interesting.

    But I haven't watched in more than a year.

  8. I want to give you a big warm hug and tell you everything will be alright. Rock you back and forth...

    General Hospital. **sigh**

    Bone. My darling. You need a girlfriend. Or a really involved hobby.


  9. lmao

    I think Blondie's right: you need a girlfriend. :) Still, though, I thought it was cute (so what's that say about me?!) that you were trying not to "tear up" while watching it...

  10. I love the fact that you're addicted to a soap opera! I myself used to be that way about Days of Our Lives. In college I even arranged my class schedule around the show so I would never miss it.

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  12. I feel it. I can hear Herb Alpert in the background. You crack me up!

  13. I used to watch GH and All My Children when I was in mid/hi school but I got cut loose when I went to college. Luke and Laura were such drama! I didnt even know she was 'gone'... but I heard last week some advertisement about her coming back.

    I'm so happy. The world can turn again. lol
    I'm onto Desperate Housewives now... :)

  14. I used to watch GH at lunchtime when I came home from school in grade two!
    Hee hee
    Did you ever watch Another World??
    That was my fave:)

  15. Heather B: Thanks for not calling me a girl. I'm glad you're hooked. It's a good time to be a GH fan.

    Is John Aniston still on Days as Victor?

    Not that I've ever watched the show.

    Dorothy: Too much drama and stress, huh? I understand. Especially those Friday cliffhangers. Urgh.

    Blondie: No. All I need is for Luke and Laura to live happily ever after.

    Traveling Chica: Well, thanks. It was a quite powerful scene.

    Krista: Now that's a true fan. Thankfully, with the advent of SoapNet, we have two chances to catch it Mon-Fri, or we can catch an entire week's replays on weekends.

    Amy Mistretta: I'll be glad to link to your site.

    Carnealian: I'm glad you're feeling the love :)

    Kerry: I think Carly would fit in well on Desperate Housewives.

    Ms. L: No, I never did. I remember it though. How do soaps go off the air? Is there like a big series finale?

  16. I love GH! That was a great moment when she came back, and then letter when she had all her kids and Luke together as they put up their christmas tree. Love them!

  17. HOLY CRAP! I remember watching Luke marry Laura when I was about 10...and folks that was a long time ago. Oh please do post an update...damnit now I am going to have to go to (ther MUST be a site right) and see what happened.