Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That 70's Fish

I welcomed a new member to the household Saturday. At the wedding reception, there were Bettas on some of the tables, and I brought one home.

I didn't know if I'd ever get another fish after Pablo, and I sure wasn't in any hurry to get one. But when I came home from work Monday afternoon and he was swimming around his bowl, I realized I had kinda missed that.

So without further adieu, I now present to you, for his first time ever on the internet, GabeKaplan:

(Photo courtesy of my Crackberry Curve.)

I know, I know, the first question many of you will have is going to be, "Fish at a reception?" And the answer is... apparently.

And I'm sure some of you are also wondering, "Why Gabe Kaplan?" First of all, Welcome Back Kotter is one of my all-time favorite shows. What other show dealt so candidly and humorously with issues facing inner city youth and had a sign in its credits that said, "Welcome to Brooklyn: The 4th Largest City In America?" I'll tell you what other show. None!

Gabe Kaplan, the man not the fish, is an accomplished actor and comedian, as well as a world-renowned poker player and investment strategist. Not to mention he won the 2006 TVLand Award for Best Teacher. Now hopefully, little GabeKaplan can help bring to light some of big Gabe Kaplan's accomplishments.

Also, I kind of like the thought of hanging out with GabeKaplan, watching the game with GabeKaplan, napping with GabeKaplan, and yes, eventually, dancing for GabeKaplan.

And sure, if Gabe Kaplan, the man, finds out I named my fish after him and is so honored that he decides he wants to meet me, send me every episode of Kotter on DVD, or stake me in the 2008 World Series Of Poker, well then, who am I to object.

Who knows, me and GabeKaplan might even wind up being BFF's.

Wonder if he knows whatever happened to Epstein.

"Who'd have thought they'd lead ya, back here where we need ya? Yeah, we tease him a lot cos we've got him on the spot. Welcome back..."


  1. He's adorable. Worthy of Pablo--the Crackberry Curve is good

    Where do you come up with these things?

    GabeKaplan--the name is hysterical

    You're such a 70's-80's New Yorker--Seinfeld was based on 80's New York

    This is truly funny post--welcome to Brooklyn etc.

    Whatever did happen to Epstein though personally I'm torn between him and Horshak

    And yes I think Gabe Kaplan might stake you in the World Series of Poker. Hear you're pretty good :)

    Too funny--What other show dealt so candidly and humorously with issues facing inner city youth

    Yeah really

  2. Bone, Bone, Bone... you saddled such a handsome little fella with the name GabeKaplan? Sigh. I thought better of you as a parent, I really did. *shaking my head*

    GK, it's nice to meet you! While I can't speak from personal experience, I think you'll really like life with Bone. Pablo at least certainly did, and I think you'll find the same happiness and supportive parenting he got. Sure, you got stuck with a crappy name (I.am.so.sorry.), but remember this: Pablo might had a cool name, but it was an accident.

  3. P.S. Two posts in two days? :) It's nice to have you back.

  4. GabeKaplan? I'm not sure I can say all that...at least not this week. Can I call him Gabe? Gabby? G-Man?
    He's a very handsome fella...I'm sure he'll make a wonderful companion!
    And CONGRATS on the Gmail and texting!! You're the man! :)

  5. Welcome, Gabe Kaplan. You are a fine looking little fella. I am very happy to meet you. Don't keep Bone up to late now.

    Thanks Bone for the surprise visit to my blog tonight. It brought a smile to this white woman's Rudolph syndrome face. I have been sick for a few days. Looking forward to the 3WW tomorrow.

    Good Night.

  6. Welcome Back...but he really didn't come back. Oh well.

    yeah that whole buffer zone is totally blown. Kaplooie!

  7. Pia: Thanks. I'm not sure where I come up with it. Somewhere in the deep cavernous folds of my mind.

    Actually, the fish acts a lot like Horshack sometimes, swimming around trying to get my attention :)

    TC: You no likey the name? *gasp*

    Thanks. I'll give your message to GabeKaplan :)

    Yep, two posts in two days. My public was calling for more frequent updates. Or something.

    Jennifer: Well, he prefers GabeKaplan right now. Thanks, I'll pass that along to him :)

    Michelle: Oh, no problem. I've been trying to get around to more blogs this week. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well :-/ Get well soon.

    Renee: It's more of an I'm-back-to-being-a-fish-owner thing, I guess.

  8. Stranger and Stranger.

    I stumbled across your blog today. I think I am in love with you. Well, with your blog anyway.

    Now you have another Pia who reads your blog.

    Stranger and stranger.

  9. just freaky that you know all that! omg The fish even looks a bit shocked in the photo... or maybe that was from the dancing! *wink

    hey... just an FYI but you can actually get a plant to put into Gabes water that will feed him if you are away... I just saw some in Kmart (of all places! hehehe) but I am sure the local pet store would have it too!

    Just milling around WAITING for the 3WW words! zzzzzzzz


  10. TC GabeKaplan is a great name. Look at how psyched Bone is. The Crackberry Curve and GabeKaplan seems to have given him a renewed appreciation for blogging

    Pia I have always thought the problem with the world is that there are too few Pia's.

  11. Bone: No. My no likey da name.

    I shall refuse to call him by said name. He'll just have to get used to Handsome Fella or something.

    Pia: I'm not denying that it's great to see him back with a new appreciation for blogging and I never dissed the Crackberry-Just his naming of his children! I hope the future Mrs. Bone has better taste when it comes to naming their two-legged offspring O:)

  12. congrats on the new roomie. love the name but love the explanation more. hee hee.

  13. we have a restaurant here called Bonefish! I cant stop thinking about it every time I come by! hehehe

  14. Oh what a beauty, I see that you are already having fun with the blackberry, looking forward to more escapades of Gabe Kaplan, the new friend, of course :)

  15. TC I was just teasing--only Bone could do a whole post about naming a Betta--who is very beautiful

    I think the future Mrs Bone will have much to do with the naming of the children

    Bone will probably give the last name of pop stars to girls. Start a new craze for Spears as a girls name--will go over like Apple did

    Think Bone is holding out on giving the words as he knows some of us have much to do today and really really really want the words

    Think he thinks the longer he waits the more some of us will comment. Ha!

  16. Oh, I'm not so worried about Spears, Pia, but Lohan gives me nightmares at night!

    And I'm hoping the future Mrs. Bone doesn't just have a lot to do with the naming of children, but ALL! I mean, he named Pablo incorrectly, even though it ended up working out amazingly. I envision the conversation going something like this:

    Mrs. B: Honey, if we have a boy, maybe we should name him after your grandfathers. What were their first names?
    Bone: Uh... uh... my memory, you know?
    Mrs. B: Nevermind, I'll call your Mother.


    Mrs. B: Do you have any ideas for names of girls?
    Bone: Lohan!!! We could even give her a middle name of Lindsay, hehe.
    Mrs. B: (praying) God, please give me the strength to raise two children at once. (Turning to Bone) I'll go buy a baby name book.

    You may very well be right, Pia. But hey, it's working, huh?

  17. If he and Cappy are going to hang out...he better have a cool name!!! ;)

  18. Pia: That is strange. First, two Gabe Kaplan's and now two Pia's. I'll do my best to keep you girls straight :) Thanks for the kind words.

    Kate: Hey Kate... Kate! Wake up! The words are here :)

    Pia Savage: Pia I have always thought the problem with the world is that there are too few Pia's.

    ROFL Oh my, suddenly I think I'm suffering from Pia Exhaustion.

    Two Pia's. I should be able to have some fun with this. I'm just not sure how yet.

    TC: Do you even know who Gabe Kaplan is? ;) Something tells me that is contributing to your disdain for the name.

    Sizzle: Thanks. I think I was ready for a new roomie.

    Kate: Oh, that's perfect!

    UL: Me too. And I'll be sure to differentiate if I actually ever hang out with Gabe Kaplan, the actor :)

    Pia Savage: I'm not big on Spears. However, I do think Lohan has a really nice ring to it. Then again, it's proven hard enough to find someone to marry me without throwing in the condition that she be willing to name our first daughter Lohan.

    I would never admit to being a part of such a pedestrian comment ploy.

    TC: Hmm, those were pretty good dialogues. So real to life. Kinda scary, actually.

    And as for how naming Pablo turned out, some of the greatest achievments in the history of mankind were due to accidental genius.

    Let's see, there was Columbus. And, um... well I can't seem to think of anymore right now, but I'm sure there were plenty.

    Enjoy those nightmares :)

    Tagster: Well, you're in luck! He does! :)

  19. Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO know who Gabe Kaplan is, Bone. I pay very close attention while reading your posts. O:)

    Thanks, I thought those were good, too. And then I got to thinking of something... Mrs. B (as in the future Mrs. Bone of course) is called the same thing as Mr. Belding's wife on SBTB! Yes, yes, it's fate Bone!

    (Give me a hint how many halos I'm gonna need for that one...)

    And, um... well I can't seem to think of anymore right now, but I'm sure there were plenty.

    I'll help you out, because really, I was impressed your "memory" let you come up with even one: post its were an accident.

    Oh and I think that was Tagster was trying to tell you is that the fish won't be allowed to have "play dates" now because you saddled that poor little guy with such a name. Sigh. How on earth did you come up with Captain Morgan and now... this? Uff da...

  20. that is not a cool name bone...that something that would have won you an essay not a fish name...I will nick name him Guppy and all will be well...he has to be as confused as Pablo!!! ;)

  21. Last time I remember being at a reception with fish on the table....all the fish were gone by the end of the night. I guess I don't need to tell you where they went. It wasn't a good ending for the fishes.

  22. Hey there! Glad to see you are enjoying the fish! Next time we give you something, we will pre name it. JUST KIDDING! I like the fact that you are so original!

  23. GabeKaplan is a fine looking fish I can tell, even though that picture doesn't really do him justice.

    I've heard of people having bettas, and butterfliebs, at their wedding and usually things don't turn out to well for the fishies.

    "Who knows, me and GabeKaplan might even wind up being BFF's." Awww, thats just sweet :)

  24. TC: Ooo, I do like Mrs. B for my wife's name. I think I'll use that. As long as it's OK with her, of course.

    Tagster: Gabe Kaplan rulz!

    Carnealian: Ugh. Yeah, I was thinking that could have turned ugly. But I think no fish were harmed in the joining of this union.

    Jawana: Haha. Thanks. I'm nothing if not creative.

    GirlFPS: Yeah, I had a tough time photographing him. With flash, it just glares off the plastic. And without flash, you couldn't really see him.