Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

There has perhaps been no more tragic figure in the United States in the past thirty years than the cigarette.

Once a rite of passage, a sign of maturity, and nervousness, there was a time when the cigarette was the ultimate in cool. Think James Dean with a pack of smokes rolled up in his sleeve. Or Cary Grant offering Audrey Hepburn a light.

But today, it's future is dim. Yes, there are still a few who voluntarily ingest this once proud carcinogen, but they are now forced to do so in dark alleyways and other secret out of the way places, mostly hidden from the rest of the world.

By and large, the nicotine filled, buzz inducing, cylindrical apparatus has become a symbol of the addicted and those banished by society. And what is it all for? Oh sure, we may gain in life expectancy, but what have we lost?

I'll tell you what I've lost: a cheap and easy way to hit on girls. A light costs next to nothing. A drink, that's like six bucks. Converted to bacheloronomics, that's eighteen frozen burritos. And who among us can afford that?

But they never consider the poor bachelor when making these decisions. Next thing you know, they'll take away the whole astrological chart. Then I'll really be out of lines.

I just remembered, I once kissed a girl who had been smoking...

Yeah, I think they made the right call.

"I believe the world is burning to the ground. Oh well, I guess we're gonna find out. Let's see how far we've come..."


  1. I labeled this as a poem, but it is a pathetic attempt. Good thing our mission is only, in your words, Bone: write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything.

    Call mine: anything.

    The C Word

  2. Colliding Worlds is colliding with my apartment which is being made ready to be sold

    Happy true beginning of holiday season

  3. marcia, you hit the nail on the head.

    Mine went up in smoke!

  4. Hi everyone, glad to be back after an absence of a week. Hope your Thanksgiving was good Bone.

    My attempt this week is a satire called "Stockings were hung" but it's not the nursery rhyme your thinking of.



  5. Ah, loved this:


    Thanks, Bone.

  6. Loved this one, Bone. Here's mine -
    Time Flies

  7. Ok, so this was different for me because I "cigarette" means the time period's more modern... Eh, here's what I got...

    Hope all of you are doing well and having fun writing! Thanks for the prompts, Bone!

  8. done...its long but its done...back later!!! Cappy Says HI! :)

  9. It only took me seis tries to publish it, but mine is done! I'll be back later to read everyone's :)

  10. e beginning of a short story, just a rough draft, very short.

    Chocolate in Madrid

    Great words! I'll be back to read after I make a pot of pasta.

  11. Messed up my link again. Here's one more try. If this doesn't work, You can go to my blog. Chocolate in Madrid is the name of the post.

    Chocolate in Madrid

  12. just a little something from me this week....

    "a proper match"

  13. Cigarettes - love 'em/hate 'em. Here's some prose for a change:


  14. I used to barely be able to afford cigarettes, but, this March will be six years since I last smoked 'em.
    However, while I would wish that it was a dim memory, sometimes (like when my brother comes over, a brand new Grand-dad) folks flash tobacco at me ("it's a girl") and I invariably reach for it.

    Still haven't smoked, but, dang!
    It's hard, sometimes!

    DON'T EVER START!!!!!!

    (maybe I should have used dim as in dimwit brought me a cigar?!?!?

    Been a ton of days since grazing on the three word wednesday, but, y'all are still on my mind.

  15. My 3ww post is here

  16. Here's mine, Bone. "regurgitating memory" Thank you for such fun words this week.

    I posted late last time so I have included a link inside my post to my last 3WW. Hope everyone enjoys.

    I will be around to everyone within the next few days. Have a nice night.

  17. ohhhh I love the words.. I have an idea... am out at class alllllll day tomorrow (7am-7pm) I got some of it written tonight...willpost the rest tomorrow! My own version of 3wT !! heheehhe


  18. Hi there! This is my first attempt for 3WW - turned out a bit darker than intended, but hey-ho!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  19. Hi. I know it's a Thursday. My post is up.

  20. My short contribution
    Better late than never ;-)

  21. I found my muse again. Albeit a bit late this week. =)

    Here's my late entry.

    Afford Cigarette Dim

  22. It's looking dim that I will ever smoke a cigarette in my life. A cigar maybe, but alas, I cannot afford the habit!

    Lil Bootay
    PS Just thought I'd try it!

  23. Good to see you all back after we took a week off for Thanksgiving. Thanks for participating. I'm looking forward to seeing what you came up with this week.

  24. These words hit a nerve with me because my dad died of lung cancer and it killed me to see him trying to pull oxygen into his lungs at the end. My husband has asthma and quit smoking over 30 years ago, or so I thought. Whenever he's with his friends, who all smoke, I have the feeling he's sneaking a few puffs and I hate the thought of him tarring up his delicate lung linings. I don't want to have to watch him struggling for each breath like my dad did.

    Anyway, here's my poem for this week:


  25. Sorry, I left a link to the wrong post! Duh! I'll get the hang of this eventually.


  26. Nicely said Bone.
    I'm happy knowing that the future of cigarettes is dim.

  27. Can you see me pulling my hair out?

    One more try:


  28. Have you been holding out on me 'tee. Because lately there's a new refinement to your writing and an edge I really like

    Love this post and can't pick out a favorite line--oh the first paragraph hooked me.

    But the poor bachelor and his frozen burritto"s

    Bone do your realize that there's not an equivalent name for women?

    This causes me quite a bit of distress as I don't want to be called bachelorette, divorcee, etc. Which leaves "spinster" Sorry for the rant but you get all the fun with bachelor

    Anyway though this post was very modern in thought it was classical in style if that makes sense
    And I loved the James Dean/Cary Grant images

    an article in today's Times on women and smoking

  29. Okay, I'm going to get a glass of wine and read other posts to calm down.

    Oh, what the hell, as long as I'm here, I'll try once more.


  30. Thank you, Bone! I put a hyphen before the 29 instead of the underslash (I think that's what it's called!)Everything else was the same.

    My entry

  31. nice, I hate ashtray mouth...and a pick up line....i got one for you that happened to me walking home from class...

    this guy came up and walked beside me so I smiled and he did in return....we walked together in silence until he got to the building he was going to and he turn to me and said, "It was great sharing a smile with you."

  32. Linda: You're welcome. Sorry that was so stressful :)

    My Dad smoked, too, but thankfully he stopped many years ago.

    Jujee: Thanks. Well, I think it is, unless we maybe find an alternate use for them :)

    Pia: Thanks. I figure if I'm not going to speak out for the bachelor, then who is?

    There's not? What's wrong with bachelorette?

    I suddenly feel a discussion coming on :)

    Tagster: Yes, they say it's like licking an ashtray. Can't say I've ever done that, nor do I know why anyone would.

    Hmm, a smile, then awkward silence? How did that make you feel?

  33. Bachelorette sounds demeaning--and doesn't pass a spell check

    Bachelor sounds grand. All those Rock & Cary movies.

    Spinster speaks for itself
    Divorcee--which is never used for men, doesn't pass the spell check etc brands a woman

  34. Nifty post, Bone. Almost everything turns controversial but for my two cents, this is a fine write.

  35. 'bacheloronomics' ...oh loved the word! Goodness, you better patent that one too before someone steals, I am farely tempted ;) *grin*..thanks Bone.

  36. I try not to read the other posts, before I write my own, because I want to write raw, dude. And not be influenced by the tremendous insights found here. But, I'm done now. And I'll start reading your fabulous posts. And hope you read mine.

  37. Ha Ha Poor, Bone, here, let me help you out with a new pick up line...

    "If you could smoke in here would you need a light?" ;)

  38. Put like that, my heart goes out for the bachelor.

    However, this bachelor female does no smoke.

  39. Rose Dewy Knickers11/30/2007 06:43:00 AM

    Hey Bone! What's with the 'nickname' id????? Is this another blogger plot to rule the world? I bet they're all frustrated smokers.



  40. Bone, you're too funny--a cigarette as a cheap way to hit on women!

    As I'm just back in town, I'll write a little onliner 3WW:

    I really shouldn't have smoked another cigarette, but since I could afford another pack, and being the dim-wit that I am, I lit it up and puffed away.

  41. Pia: Look, I'll talk with the guys and see if we can't make you an honorary bachelor. How's that? :)

    (How about she-bachelor? Sorry, I never give up. Imagine a wikipedia entry one day. "The term was coined by Bone...")

    Tumblewords: Thank you much.

    UL: Ooo, good idea! Wait... I don't know how to patent :)

    Bun Bun: Yeah, I do the same thing. Thanks for participating.

    Sandy: Hahaha! That's pretty good. You had me laughing out loud at that one.

    Gautami: Thanks. This bachelor guy does not smoke, either. Though I did used to love those candy cigarettes :)

    Rose: I don't know. I just saw that yesterday. Maybe they should have a smoke to take the edge off.

    Sage: Thanks. I felt it necessary to present the bachelor angle of smoking.

  42. Has to be a term not derived from anything male. You think of it, you get the Wiki credit :)
    Trying to link from my blog
    courting destiny

  43. Bone, your piece sounds like it was written by a person who takes a philosophical view of life. The narrator can see the one upside of cigs, but in the long run realizes it's just not feasible.

    I like the give and take here, instead of a rant. Why preach to the choir, right?

  44. I'll tell you what I've lost: a cheap and easy way to hit on girls. A light costs next to nothing. A drink, that's like six bucks. Converted to bacheloronomics, that's eighteen frozen burritos. And who among us can afford that?

    I have a very serious question and I expect an honest answer. Did you EVER, once in your life, use a cigarette to hit on a girl? *ER* I'm guessing no, but I'll be able to handle being wrong. :)

    I've kissed exactly one guy who was a smoker. I think I actually told him it was like kissing an ashtray... *cringing* Not my finest moment. Then again... it was the truth.

  45. Great story,Bone. And I love the song you were inspired by.

  46. Very cool, Bone, btw, this girl never kissed anyone while smoking (unless they smoked too, which funnily enough most of my ex's did)!

  47. Hey, while I reading, I was listening to that very song you quoted...Anyway, this post was quite funny :D

  48. I wrote this, while waiting in line, on a receipt, wednesday:

    He had been awake the whole night, sitting in a chair with his eyes shut, smoking cigarette after cigarette, his mind floating with thoughts.
    And when the dim light of dawn poured through the open window, he slowly opened his eyes and saw thick mist hovering around the room. (With a wee smile, he thought thats just one of those interesting things that can happen to one that lives next to the ocean).
    As he stood up, looked out the window, looked at the floor, and then -(record stopping noise)- realized that the 'fresh ocean mist' actually came from the 500 cigarette butts litterd about the carpet.
    Shocked and disgusted at what he'd done; he tapped his chest and said to his lungs "you know, I really can't afford to lose you guys, so I promise I'll never smoke again".

    The End

  49. "I'll tell you what I've lost: a cheap and easy way to hit on girls."

    How true! Never thought of that one.

  50. Really glad to see that the cigarette is seeing a dimmer future. They're bad for your body. I enjoyed these lines best 'Think James Dean with a pack of smokes rolled up in his sleeve. Or Cary Grant offering Audrey Hepburn a light.' Who can beat those images of past? Bacheloronomics, what a cool use of the word bachelor. Keep up the good work.

  51. Bone can you put in the instructions you left on a comment to hyperlink for all us non-blogger people

    I know how to do it, but when I try leaving instructions it comes out looking like the actual link--even if I put spaces between each word and symbol

    an unwilling honorary bachelor--there has to be a better name

  52. No 3WW for me this week, as I'm trying to write a mega one to make up for all the words I missed in the hospital.

    Anyways, I've liked an ashtray because I was dared to do so during a game of truth or dare.

  53. Sorry, that should've been licked not liked.

  54. Lillith-Tenille12/02/2007 10:50:00 PM

    I love your tongue-in-cheek wit on this! A Master of Satirical Comedy, to say the least. My apologies for waiting so long to comment.

    You remind me of some of the great Humorists of our time. My favorite line: Think James Dean with a pack of smokes rolled up in his sleeve. Or Cary Grant offering Audrey Hepburn a light. I miss those black and white days.

    If you really want a cheap and easy way to hit on girls, show them some of your writing. They'll be falling into your arms.

    Mine is up.

  55. Pia: How about Celibataire?

    Mariacristina: You got it. Exactly. Thanks for the comment.

    TC: No, that's sort of what I was saying. That opportunity was taken away from me.

    Romancewriter: Thank you. That song is actually my current ringtone.

    Jo: Oddly enough, the girl I kissed who had been smoking, it was our first kiss. I'm not sure why your comment made me remember that, but it did :)

    GirlFPS: Thanks :)

    Wow, sounds like the guy in your story experienced a lifetime of smoking in eight hours.

    Carlos: Thanks. There was also a great impact on the ashtray industry that I failed to mention.

    Michelle: Thank you. I can't believe I'm just now thinking of bacheloronomics.

    Anonymous: That's a good idea. I may try to post the instructions in the next 3WW.

    Xinh: Ugh. I'd have to go with "truth" on that one, I think.

    Lillith: If you really want a cheap and easy way to hit on girls, show them some of your writing. They'll be falling into your arms.

    Ha ha. Sounds like you're quite the satirist yourself. Welcome to 3WW.

    Clockworkchris: Thanks for participating.