Monday, April 16, 2007

The dull edge

Thanks to Jennifer and Traveling Chica for naming me a Thinking Blogger. That is definitely among the nicer things I have been called :)

As I've mentioned before, although maybe not in so many words, I tend to be on the trailing edge of technology. The dull edge, if you will. I just got my first iPod this past Christmas. I don't have a laptop. My TV is not hi-def. (Although my stereo may be hi-fi.) I don't have a DVR or TiVo. Even my watch is a Fossil.

Being on the dull edge of technology does not mean that I lag behind everyone. While I'm obviously not in the top one percentile of the techno-savvy, I do like to consider myself right in that meaty part of the curve. Not showing off, but not falling behind. Just consider me your typical C-student in the world of technology. Maybe C-minus.

Being on the dull edge means that when I see the latest, fastest, sharpest, neatest new gadget advertised, I don't think, "I've got to have that now!" Instead, I think, "Cool! I'll be getting one of those in two to ten years." After all, I've only had a DVD player for a couple of years. Still, when it's time to upgrade, it's time. And I'm afeared it's time for me to get a new cell phone.

How do I know? Well first, there's the 352 x 288 pixel resolution, which does not exactly provide the crystal clear imagery one might desire. Then there's the loud shutter sound the phone makes when taking a picture, which can sometimes be inconvenient, and also cannot be turned off. And of course, there was the fun phase I went thru a few months ago when almost everyone I called, I had to call twice, because I couldn't hear them on the first attempt. I affectionately refer to that as my Hollaback Phase.

Still, I've managed to deal with all those things. But recently I've encountered something that I fear cannot be overcome. Embarrassed by my lack of technology, I've noticed myself subtly covering up my phone anytime girls are around. Why? Would a girl really be turned off by my low resolution? I don't know. And I don't plan to find out. But I feel like I'm carrying around a bag phone. And I simply cannot face the world with a cell phone that I am ashamed of. The decision has been made.

Now, you should also know that being on the dull edge also means once a decision has been made that an upgrade is necessary, it can take up to twenty-four months until said techno-gadget is actually procured. But once that occurs, ladies, be sure to holla at a baller on his wicked fresh cellie!

In closing, my Samsung P-107 has served me well for the past three or four years. But there comes a point in every man's life when it's time to move on. For me that time is now... or, sometime in the next couple of years. I just hope I don't have to give up my "Sweet Child O Mine" ringtone.

"She's got eyes of the bluest skies, as if they thought of rain. I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain..."


  1. Bone I just bought the lowest tech phone I could find. It has a camera that will never be used

    Of course I am an all cell household, but do resent actually being forced to buy a picture phone

    There is $9.99 non-picture phone but it's really not good

  2. No TiVo?

    **drops dead**

  3. I don't have TiVo or DVR either, though not for lack of trying. I just refuse to pay the stupid cable company a fee to have someone deliver it to me when I could just go and get it but they won't let me.

    And I've got you beat on cell phones. My cell phone is a Samsung SCH-8500, which was discontinued several years ago. However, I'm loathe to give it up because it's a sturdy phone. I've driven over it twice and it still works.

  4. Even my watch is a Fossil.

    Love it! :)

    So, the point of this post is for us to check with you two years from now to see if you've gotten a new cell phone, right?

  5. Kid, can we assume that your TV - while not hi-def - is at least color?

    Bone, Bone, Bone, upgrade your phone NOW, please. Do it for your friends, your family and the women you have yet to show your commitment phobic side to. :)

    . . .ladies, be sure to holla at a baller on his wicked fresh cellie! - Where DO you come up with them??

  6. Pia: I've thought of going all-cell, but then the call everyone twice phase sort of put a damper on that idea.

    Blondie: No worries. I still have a VCR :)

    Xinher: I just refuse to pay the stupid cable company a fee to have someone deliver it to me when I could just go and get it but they won't let me.

    You've perfectly summed up cable companies in one sentence :)

    TC: So, the point of this post is for us to check with you two years from now to see if you've gotten a new cell phone, right?

    Well, yeah, pretty much :) I just put all that extra stuff in there to entertain (hopefully).

    Avery: Where DO you come up with them??

    I got most of it from the Urban Dictionary O:) And yes, both my TV's are color.

  7. I only just found out what an Ipod was a couple of months ago.. Don't feel bad.

  8. I've never gotten hot and bothered over new gagets. I have a DVR because the cable company made me. I got my first DVD player from my brother because he was trying to buy me DVDs as gifts but I always exchanged them for VHS. I also once accused the poor $8 per hour clerk at Blockbuster of participating in a DVD conspiracy after I couldn't find the movie I wanted to watch on VHS...and I looked at 4 Blockbusters. That was 2004.

  9. I consider myself rather ''techno-savvy'' and do like new techno stuff but I usually don't buy new gagets until other companies/same companies improve it or fix any gliches and the price does go down after awhile, so sometimes it is better if you wait a bit anyway.

  10. I still don't own a mobil, an Ipod, or a TV. You can call me Wilma.

  11. I just put all that extra stuff in there to entertain (hopefully).

    You never fail to entertain, Bone.

  12. i like a phone to be a phone--I don't want it to be a camera (I have a nice digital now, why would I want a 1.3 megpixel camera), I don't want it to be a lighter, or a swiss army knife or even a surrgorate computer--I just want it to be small and to stay in my briefcase and never ring!

    Of course, i'm of an older generation, but I have no TiVo, but I've had an ipod for nearly 2 years

    Your comments on your technology use are funny

  13. I have a snazzy pink RAZOR only because I got it free and my old Samsung fell in the toilet.

    I wouldn't judge you with THAT phone, becuase at least it is a flip.... :-)

  14. Ok I haven't gotten past the first paragraph and I am laughing already. Fossil... I love it! Bone reading your posts makes my day better.

  15. Burg: Thanks. It always helps to hear from people who are in the same boat.

    Lass: Yeah, it seems like I received a couple of DVD's as gifts before I ever had a player, too. Another thing about technology to me is, if I've never had something, then I don't know what I'm missing. And that's OK for now.

    GirlFPS: Oh yes, lower price is definitely an advantage of waiting.

    Lux: Wow, I think even Wilma had a TV. Well, at least you could watch 24 online, you know, if you chose to ;)

    Traveling Chica: Muchas gracias, chica.

    Sage: I understand that sentiment. Still, I don't carry my camera everywhere. There have been times when I've had an opportunity to take a great )(read: blogworthy) spur of the moment picture, but with the poor quality of my phone, it just didn't work out.

    Esmerelda: Aww, thanks. It is a flip. That's gotta count for something.

    Melanie: That's why I'm here, cheerleader :)

  16. I can imagine that the loud shutter click noise when taking a picture could be really inconvenient when you're trying to steal shots of a hottie so you can send it to all your friends. LOL!

    My cell is archaic, we have a home made TiVo a.k.a. the nuclear bomb because I'm not really sure that it isn't nuclear weaponry. And I just got an iPod last year so I guess I'm on the dull edge as well. I don't really care either. Neither should you!

  17. I don't think girls would notice your phone at all unless it was super high-tech. There's this guy I know with a really cool phone, and I really think he checks it so much just to show off. ;)

  18. I'm even lower on the tech scale than you...what's less than the dull edge?
    Your cast off phone looks very good to me! I don't even have a camera phone. My poor cellphone provider is so sorry that they ever took me as a client (as if they had a choice!) My Tracfone account has over 200 min on it that I've had for 2 years now...I have to buy 60 min every 3 months and that's about all I use in about 6 to 8 months. My friends laugh at me...I never wanted this phone in the first place so I don't use it for idol chit's for serious business only. Like "Hey Jen, where is that store?...okay thanks, see ya!" CLICK

    But I will admit that it's nice to have when we're on vacation...the extra charges for the calls are hardly noticed since we're not paying for the phone in the hotel.

    I posted my spaghetti sauce recipe for you...but I'm guessing that you're a jarred sauce guy. ;o) I would be happy with jarred sauce, but dh won't eat the onions...he picks them out. So I make sauce with no onions for him.

  19. ooh, if you bought that ring town more than 6 months ago, you will most likely lose it.

    I don't even want to tell you how pissed I was when Cingular told me that!!!

    I have an "oldish" phone that annoys me to no end....

    but I can upgrade in AUGUST! :)

    and I'm afraid, if I was a friend of yours, I would've ignored you in your "hollaback" phase.

  20. Carnelian: Exactly! Thank you! Hmm, a homemade TiVo? Exactly how does that work?

    Carmen: Yes, but is a girl really impressed when a guy flashes "phone?" :)

    Renee: Haha. Less than dull edge? Hmm. I guess some people aren't even on the knife :)

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm not opposed to trying it if it's not too complicated.

    DCChick: Yes, annoyed! That's what my phone does to me.

    Hmm, I'm not sure if it's been six months since I changed from "White & Nerdy" to "Sweet Child O Mine" or not.

  21. I'm very glad you're upgrading! I upgrade every year or so, but then again, I do that with cars too ;-) Either way, get yourself a new phone that does all you want it to so it'll last you another 10 years!
    As for TiVO and DVR...what the hell is wrong with you man???? I'd die without my DVR! Let's me watch the shows and/or movies I love on MY time!

  22. DCChick: It definitely got me a few looks :)

    Arlene: I really don't watch that much TV. At least, there are only a couple of shows that it bothers me to miss. And pretty much every popular show is available on the internet now anyway.