Monday, April 23, 2007

"All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand..."

The title of this post is a quote from Steven Wright. It may seem random, and is, but I think it goes along well with the randomness of the post...

The Alabama football team's annual A-Day game was Saturday. The game normally draws thirty to forty thousand fans. This year, with a new coach, new hope, and an unquenched thirst for a championship, they had to close the gates and stop letting people in early in the second quarter. Stadium capacity is a little over 92,000.

Even I was amazed at a crowd that large for what basically amounts to a glorified scrimmage. Still, it was a nice "tide" me over until the first game, which is now only 131 days away! Bama football fans are often called fanatical. And, well, we don't really consider that an insult.

My Mom, sister, and I went. As we were about to enter the stadium, who do we see but my uncle, aunt, and two cousins. I mean, seriously, out of 100,000 people, what are the odds? I got my first sunburn of the year, sitting on an aluminum bleacher in the 80-degree Tuscaloosa heat for three hours.

Mom got tickled when the crowd started doing the wave. By the third time it came around, she couldn't even stand up she was laughing so hard. It was great seeing her have fun. Even if it did lead my sister to remark to me, "We have got to get her out more."

When I got home that evening, Pablo was swimming around. I mention this because it has become a rare sight. Although I haven't written about it, I've been really worried about Pablo. He completely stopped eating two weeks ago and only comes out of his rock to get air, then goes right back in. Last Wednesday, I bought two kinds of fish medicine and some anti-fungus tablets at Wal-Mart, and started putting in his tank.

So when I saw him swimming around Saturday, I immediately tried feeding him. And he ate! For the first time in twelve days! I was as excited as I've been in a long time. And also hopeful that this means the medicine is working. I don't know what's wrong with the little fella, but I'm trying everything I can.

Saturday night, I drove over to Ben's. Ben and I have been friends since first grade. The night my sister was born (at some absurd overnight hour), after I threw up in the ER waiting room, I wound up at Ben's spending the night so that I could get to school the next day. These days, we don't hang out that much or even talk too often since he got married. I think this was the first time I'd seen him since Festivus.

The house was alive with two kids, a one-year-old and a two-year-old, running crazy. His youngest was eating a banana popsicle. Part of it fell on the floor. He didn't reach down and pick it up. Instead, he got down on all fours and ate it right off the carpet. Ben just laughed. It hit me in that moment that he was in love with his kids. What an awesome feeling that must be.

Sunday, I ran 4.5 miles, which is the farthest I've run since the 10K race last year. I've developed a new low-to-the-ground, low impact running style. It's tougher on the thighs, but much easier on the knees. If you're trying to visualize this at home, it may not sound like the most manly or aesthetically pleasing style, but it seems to be helping. This year's race is May 19th. I'm hoping to better my time from last year, of course. I'm thinking of shooting for a nine minute mile pace.

In other news, I took my car to the mechanic today. It started hesitating and sounding like it was missing dying last weekend. At first, I thought (and hoped) I had just gotten some bad gas. But two cans of gas treatment and one can of fuel injector cleaner didn't seem help. Nor did clutching the steering wheel, looking up at the stars, and saying, "Please, please, please start working." Then I thought maybe some mobsters had mistaken me for the real Jason Morgan and filled my tank with sugar. But the mechanic said the catalytic converter is stopped up. That doesn't sound too bad, although I haven't gotten an estimate yet.

Finally, one of my favorite comedians, Steven Wright, is coming to Nashville!! He's also supposed to be on Letterman tonight. Someone please remind me. (About Letterman, not the concert.)

"From Carolina down to Georgia, smell the jasmine and magnolia. Sleepy, sweet home Alabama, Roll Tide Roll..."


  1. "We have got to get her out more."

    Don't ask me why but I found that and the Steven Wright bit hysterical

    Then I tried to picture Steven Wright with any woman and couldn't.

    Then I tried with a man--same thing

    I'm glad Pablo is feeling better

  2. I had some jerk siphon gas form my truck a few times before I found out and put a locking gas cap on.

    Poor little Pablo, if its he has a fungal, or a bacterial, probelm ''Jungle Fungus Eliminator'' works well {but check out some betta health sites, so you will know what to treat - and its usually not a good idea to mix meds).
    By the way how many gallons is his tank and dose he have a heater?

  3. dude - dont forget to watch letterman tonight... and i hope the car is ok - i had to put over a grand into mine @ 6 weeks ago - and my tax refund was crap

  4. I’m very excited by the Pablo news. :) That’s simply wonderful. I’m crossing my fingers things continue on this path for you.

    The night my sister was born (at some absurd overnight hour), after I threw up in the ER waiting room, I wound up at Ben's spending the night so that I could get to school the next day.

    So… why’d you throw up in the ER and then go to school??? Seriously. 8-)

    (And I think all big brothers are annoyed about what time of day little sisters are born. :-P Or maybe just that they are born in general, whichever.)

    It sounds like Ben is very blessed and he knows it. :)

    Good luck with the car! Car problems are horrible. :/

  5. P.S. You sure you don't need someone to remind you about Steven Wright in Nashville, too? We all know about your memory, Bone...


  6. Sounds as though you had an extremely busy weekend! I keep reading the headlines about the AL game and, without fail, my jaw drops every time. 92,000??!!? I missed my team's scrimmage because of another obligation, but I've heard nothing but good things. I'm supposed to be getting a tape of it in the mail any day now. crosses fingers

    I'm thrilled about Pablo!!! He's a tough fish, Bone. He'll pull through. I'm sure you're doing everything you can for him.

    It's easy to fall in love with children. I'm so in love with my god-daughter and my best friend's son that it hurts. I can't imagine how it must feel to have a child of your own.. . It must be equal parts amazing and agonizing.

    I want to go see Steven Wright!!! Now I have to go look for tickets!

  7. Glad that y'all had fun at the game and that Pablo is doing better...hope he's 100% very soon.

    Man I hate when my car is sick. DH & I won't be taking it to that last mechanic ever again.

    I love Steven Wright...very funny.

  8. Pia: Then I tried with a man--same thing

    LOL Hilarious comment. Thanks. Keep visualizing. Let me know if anything changes ;)

    GirlFPS: Wow, someone did that more than once? That really sucks. I'm sorry :/

    Thanks. I looked at several sites on the web, but I couldn't really figure out what he has. It seems like he had symptoms of a few different things.

    His tank is 2.5 gallons and does not have a heater.

    Question girl: Ugh. I'm hoping to get by with $300-400. And I'm watching it as I type :)

    TC: Thanks. I'll pass along the good wishes to Pablo :)

    Well, it wasn't an I'm-sick thing. It was more of a my-body-isn't-used-to-getting-out-of-bed-at-1-AM thing. And I guess my parents were at the hospital so I couldn't have stayed home anyway.

    You sure you don't need someone to remind you about Steven Wright in Nashville, too?

    Well, I think I'll remember it. Especially once I have the tickets. But if you're offering... ;-)

    Avery: Yes, the 92,000 has been all over the sports talk shows today on ESPN.

    Thanks. I was so excited and happy that he finally ate. Sigh.

    You like Steven Wright??? I know very few people who even know who he is. lol

    Renee: Thank you. I'm very relieved, too.

    I think I've found a good, honest mechanic. I know I will NOT be taking my car back to the dealership again.

    Another Steven Wright fan? Yay!

  9. If you drive up through here to see Steven Wright, wave, would ya? ;) Glad Pablo's feeling better...

  10. A pretty nice set up for a betta {at least for mine anyway} is;
    A 2.5 gallon bowl or tank.
    A small 25watt heater [to keep a stable tepm of about 76-78 F].
    A ATI Aquarium Thermometer{sticks on outside of tank}.
    A Tetra® Whisper® 3i In-Tank Filter {a filter for 1-3 gallon tank}.
    And last but not least is adding 1/4 teaspoon aquarium salt (especially if you have soft water or use bottled water} and changing about 40% of the water every week.

  11. Lol, seems like u had a hectic weekend. Had a look at ur blog, enjoyed the read!

  12. Yay for Pablo!! Good news.

    It does seem like amazing coincidence to run into people you know in a stadium, doesn't it! Ekim and I ran into my sister and her husband once at Beaver Stadium, and I hadn't even known if they were coming. It's weird.

    Good luck with the running! I just take ibuprofen for my knees. I also have a long-time problem of coming back with a bloody right ankle--keep kicking it. Hmmm

  13. LMAO on the popsicle....and I thought guys without kids just wouldn't understand.

    on the running, is it sort of an extended shuffle? That is actually what I learned from my coaches over the last few months. It is really great.

  14. Especially once I have the tickets.

    Wow... is Mr. I Can't Make Plans for Anything That's More Than 2 Hours From Now (ICMPFATMTTHFN) actually going to buy advance????



    But I could probably handle a reminder... rumor has it I'm good at those... ;)

  15. that was a great recap! i once had a catalytic converter crap out on me and it was expensive- let's hope that isn't true for you. fingers crossed!

  16. Jennifer: I'll not only wave, I'll honk and holler, too :)

    GirlFPS: Thanks for the tips. I don't have aquarium salt. Is there just one kind you buy?

    Sam-girl: Yeah, it was more eventful than usual :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Actonbell: My knees don't normally ache or anything after I run, just during my run sometimes. And my ankle bothers me sometimes from a softball injury Ihad a few years ago.

    Esmerelda: on the running, is it sort of an extended shuffle?

    You mean I didn't create this style??? :)

    TC: is Mr. I Can't Make Plans for Anything That's More Than 2 Hours From Now (ICMPFATMTTHFN) actually going to buy advance????

    Hey, anything's possible O:)

    Sizzle: I hope it's not, either. Yes, that's exactly what it did. It crapped out on me. Stupid thing.

  17. Yeah. Sure sign your mom needs more social interaction.

    Hope Pablo gets better.

    Run boy, run. Good for you.

  18. Hey, anything's possible

    Please post pics of the tix when you actually get them as proof.

    I don't think I'll be able to believe it until then.


  19. I buy 'Doc Wellfish's Aquarium salt', but any salt that says its for freshwater fish will do.
    And I meant use 1/4 teaspoon of salt per gallon when the betta in not sick {when sick I use 1/2 a teaspoon of salt per gallon, but if he has dropsy don't use any salt}.

    Also make sure the salt is fully dissolved, in about a cup of water, to prevent ‘salt burns’.

  20. Eduardo: Haha. I agree.

    Lass: Thanks. I've been thinking of re-starting my running journal.

    TC: Well, I'm not 100% sure I'm going to get them. But I have to decide soon, as I think it will be sold out.

    GirlFPS: Thanks again for the tips :)

  21. I am so blonde at times, the title took me a minute to get. Then the lightbulb clicked! I am so happy that Pablo is still swimming around his bowl. I was concerned, it has been a while since he was mentioned. Be Sweet!

  22. Well, I'm not 100% sure I'm going to get them. But I have to decide soon, as I think it will be sold out.

    Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh... WHAT??? Come on, Bone, I know you have issues with things like this, but seriously??

    Uff da.

    Buy the tickets already, would ya?


  23. I love the countdown to the first game...silly!
    Your poor mom, she's as easily amused as I am!!
    Poor Pablo...don't let him die, he's your baby!
    I hope your car is ok and the unstopping doesn't drain your account!!

  24. Melanie: Yes, I didn't realize until I started writing this that I haven't written about Pablo much lately.

    TC: I know, I know. I totally missed Billy Joel earlier this year because I hem hawed around about the tickets.

    Arlene: Thanks. Pablo seems to be doing better. He's eaten now the past four days!