Tuesday, April 10, 2007

24 Recap: 4/9/07

24. Is. Back. If you see only one episode this year, see this one!

Recapping this week's episode, aka Day Six: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM...

In the war room, with the missile in the air and less than five minutes from Syraqistan, Karen and Tom try to get Palmer to abort the strike. The Syraqistani Ambassador calls--to inquire about a blip on the radar screen that appears to be headed for his country-- and finally gives Palmer the name of a man inside their government who has been working with Fayed: General Mohmar Habib. Palmer aborts the strike, then tells Tom and Karen the missile was never armed. He bluffed Syraqistan to get them to admit information.

Somehwere around the Santa Monica Pier, Jack is interrogating a bloody-faced Fayed. Fayed reminds him that Jack killed his brother. Bill calls and while Jack is on the phone, Ricky begins to interrogate Fayed and puts a gun to his head. Jack orders Ricky to lower his weapon and says they are going to transport Fayed back to CTU. Ricky remarks to Fayed, "Now we're gonna have some fun." What does that mean? Did he bring the Pac-Man game from Silver Spoons to CTU? Oh, come on, that never gets old!

While transporting Fayed, someone crashes into the CTU UPS truck, causing it to turn over. Several men, who I'm guessing are Syraqistani militants, get out and start shooting. Jack and Ricky try to ward them off. Ricky is shot and goes down. Then Jack is shot! Then... I died. I began to see a bright light and was being drawn towards it... The men take Fayed into their van, which looks a little like a Brink's truck. When the van is out of sight, Jack sits up and yells, "We're clear!" It was another hoax! The men are undercover agents pretending to rescue Fayed, hoping he will lead them to the remaining suitcase nukes.

In the back of the Brink's van, the agents--who for some reason alternate speaking English and Syraqistani to Fayed--say Habib sent them to rescue Fayed and take him where he needs to go. Fayed asks for a gun as a show of trust and is given one. Then he refuses to tell the men where to take him until he speaks with Habib.

In the bunker, Tom apologizes to Palmer for doubting his leadership. They are about to go meet the Syraqistani Ambassador when Palmer nearly falls. Last week, he was grimacing a lot. This week, his hands are shaky. Google: WebMD, symptoms, grimace, shaky hands... click... OK, says here President Palmer may have epilepsy, low blood sugar, acute stress reaction, dementia with Lewy bodies, and/or cocaine abuse. Eww, Lewy bodies, you don't want those!

Meeting with the ambassador, an aggressive Palmer tells him to sit down, and informs him of CTU's undercover plan to trick Fayed. The ambassador says they are questioning Habib in Syraqistan but that he won't talk. Palmer--who now has a little Seal thing going on with the stitches on his face--asks the ambassador if they've tried threatening Habib's family.

At As The Counter Terrorist Unit Turns, Nadia tells Milo, "I need you to upload the propriety channel on Socket D to my terminal." Oh, Nadia. I love it when you talk techy to me. Milo, apparently not turned on by her request, refuses. Turns out he's jealous Nadia talked to Ricky or something. Blah blah blah. What was the point of that little segment?

Somewhere in Syraqistan, we see Habib. With his family being held at gunpoint, he calls Fayed and tells him that he sent the men. Fayed tells the undercover agents to head East. Meanwhile, after the meeting with the ambassador, Palmer starts to pass out and tells Tom to lock the door as he crumples to the floor. Later, a doctor works on Palmer and says his blood pressure has dropped. Palmer asks for a shot of adrenalin, but the doctor refuses, saying another shot would kill him.

Nadia tells Bill she heard Habib mention a guy named Samir during his call to Fayed. When she tried to pull up info on Samir, she found that he's been dead for two years. But really, when you're dead, does time even matter? Nadia thinks Habib was trying to give Fayed a signal that it was a set up. They radio the info out to Jack and Ricky, who are following the Brink's van at a distance. Jack calls one of the agents in the van and warns him it could be a trap. Then he loses signal as the Brink's van enters a tunnel.

Jack and Ricky arrive and find the van stopped in the tunnel. Two men inside are dead and one is wounded. Fayed is gone. Jack goes to find him. He comes up on Fayed making a call and telling someone he's on his way. Fayed gets into a garbage truck. Jack latches on to the underside of the truck and goes for a ride.

Fayed stops at what appears to be some sort of warehouse. He tells his men to load the bombs on the truck and says they are going to finish the job and take out downtown Los Angeles! Jack follows them inside, then starts a shootout, managing to take out all five or six of Fayed's men by himself. Then it's just Jack and Fayed! They both conveniently run out of ammo at about the same time. After a brief struggle, Jack manages to wrap a chain from a cargo elevator or something around Fayed's neck. Just before starting the elevator, he tells Fayed, "Say hello to your brother." BOOYAH!!!!! It was at this point that I somehow sprained my wrist. Seriously. I clapped really hard or something. I don't know.

Fayed is hanged. Ricky and the field team arrive. Ricky calls CTU and says, "The bombs are secure and Jack is OK." As they walk out of the warehouse, Ricky's phone rings. It's for Jack. Jack says hello.

Then... we see Audrey!!!

She looks a little rough, but still cute. She says, "Help me, Jack. Please, help me." Then the phone is taken away from her by Cheng Zhi, who tells Jack if he wants Audrey to remain alive, he will call Cheng back on a secure line...

The good:
Most everything! This is the 24 I've come to know and love.

Jack hanging Fayed.

Palmer's bluff, fooling not only Syraqistan, but Tom, Karen, and the 24 Nation.

The CTU hoax, which again fooled me into thinking Jack had been shot.

Two awesome midseason twists: Apparently wrapping up the suitcase nuke plot and moving on to a whole new storyline. And, of course, bringing Audrey back.

The bad:
The only subpar scene I could find was Milo getting jealous of Nadia and Ricky. I don't see the point of putting that scene in this episode. It was completely out of place.

Best quote:
"Say hello to your brother."

Other Bauerisms:
"Trust me, I haven't begun to enjoy myself."

"The bombs are on the table."

Did you know...
The singer Seal married supermodel Heidi Klum in 2005. They have two children: Henry G√ľnther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, who they just call "J.R." Clearly these two have set the standard for giving your chldren as many names as possible.

Is the suitcase nuke threat really over? That didn't take very long. When did the season start, 6 AM? 7 AM? The nukes are secured by 11 PM. So 7-11? Have a slurpee, Jack. You've earned it.

If it is over, what will be the new threat to the country? The whole show can't just be about Jack rescuing Audrey, can it? Although I wouldn't complain.

When will Jack's father, Marilyn, Josh, Martha Logan, and Aaron Pierce reappear. And what will they be up to?

"Well you know I gotta get out. But I'm stuck so tight. Weighed by the chains that keep me hangin' around this town on the corner..."


  1. Then Jack is shot! Then... I died. I began to see a bright light and was being drawn towards it...


    I'm sooooooooooooo sad I missed it! :/ Honestly, without the recap I would have been lost!

    Love the Palmer bluff... I didn't want to hate him so this makes me very happy!

    It doesn't sound like there was much Milo though... *sigh*

  2. i have never watched, but see, I don't have to, because you keep me informed with up to the minute updates. :)

    Have you ever read Dave Barry's recaps of the show. Fun-ny!

  3. I don't watch the show but I know what recaps I want to read because the summary is so perfect and the asides so funny.

    Dave Barry's of course. Never. Don't actually find him funny

    Know that when Bone's not doing a romantic or lyricy post, I will always find him funny.

    Must be the Seinfeld/Office influence

    And Bone promised me ten percent of all future royalties for commment such as this, sure :-)

  4. lol and just how do you know that tidbit of info on Seal and Heidi? lmao!! He is performing in Orlando soon. Hard Rock. I dont think I will get to see him but it would have been cool!

    you are a multidimentional writer Bone... even I who doesnt watch 24 found something interesting in this post! hehehe

    Happy Tues!

  5. TC: You missed a good one! I'm sure you can find the episode online, if you search hard enough :)

    Yeah, not much Milo. And even less Chloe. But it was still an awesome episode.

    Carmen: Yeah, someone mentioned that earlier this season, I think. I wonder if Dave Barry has anyone commenting, "Dave, do you read Bone's recaps? They are hilarious!" :)

    Pia: And Bone promised me ten percent of all future royalties for commment such as this, sure :-)

    Is this how Elvis and the Colonel got started? :)

    Kate: Thanks :) I have to try and make it interesting for everyone, since only a handful of my readers actually watch the show.

    Oh, and how did I know? I wikipedia and/or google everything :)

  6. I'm not sure what's better...your blog or your comments on your blog.

  7. You sprained your wrist watching a TV show? Wow. I'm impressed. I tagged you for a little meme. I think I might know what 1 might be...

  8. You missed a good one! I'm sure you can find the episode online, if you search hard enough :)

    You love rubbing stuff like that in, don't you, Bone? *sigh*

    It's still your fault I watch this show you know...

  9. carmen, i am right there with you!

  10. 'Then...I died' he he he, thanks bone.

  11. ....something is a little glitched..

  12. Last night's episode was bingo. I loved the Palmer bluff. Brilliant! I just hope he lives through the season.

    Nadia and Doyle? Hmmm?? I'm thinking yes.

    I did question the timing of the call from Audrey. A little too convenient. The moment they secured the bombs...I mean really, couldn't they give Jack a five minute nap already and then bring on some more drama?

  13. "Trust me, I haven't begun to enjoy myself." Hmm, if I use this quote at work, I might look clever. (ha)

    And about the post, below, which I'm hideously late for: geez, I know what you mean. I'd feel guilty about being seen by a child not using a bike helmet, myself. And on the subject of instant gratification and prizes, I've noticed that kids don't have to have any patience to collect things, anymore--whole sets of stuff are sold together, instead of one-by-one, the way we obtained stuff.
    It is a scary new world.

  14. Renee: We do tend to have fun in the comments whenever possible :)

    Lass: Yeah. It wasn't too severe. Just hurt for an hour or something. It's all better today :)

    OK, I'll check it out.

    TC: Si.

    OK, I told you about the show. You choose to keep watching O:)

    Lux: I'm honored to be able to provide a service to you girls.

    GirlFPS: You're welcome. Blogger can be glitchy sometimes.

    Brookelina: Augh, that should have been one of my questions. Will Palmer live thru the season?

    Well, the call from Audrey definitely made sure everyone will tune in next week. I agree, the timing was a bit too perfect though.

    Actonbell: Haha. Good idea about using the quote at work.

  15. I'm really trying to like this show. Some things catch and keep my attention, then I just go back to reading. Glad you're enjoying it though!!

  16. OK, I told you about the show. You choose to keep watching

    You are correct, Bone.

    Which is why this is a good time for me to go cold turkey.

    I mean, I missed this week's, so if I just skip next week's too, it won't be hard and before I know it, I'll forget I was addicted.

    Thank you. I appreciate your helpful advice. :)

  17. I'd rather not see any. But, this post describes it so well I don't think I'd need to even if I wanted to.

  18. I don't understand how all these people could have missed 24! Particularly the people who claim to be addicted. If you were truly addicted, would you not schedule your other obligations around the show??

    I wouldn't even know where to begin with this episode. It bowled me over. During at least three scenes, I believe my heart went into palpitations. Note to self: Advertise for roommate or require boyfriend to move in with me so someone will be able to call an ambulance for me during the show if needed.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this, but your recap did the show justice. Also, your asides were hilarious. I still don't know where you come up with this stuff!

    There's gotta be another twist we're missing here. I'm with you. The next few episodes can not possibly center only around Audrey and Jack. I'm taking bets on Palmer having serious side effects from the adrenaline and unknown internal damage from the initial explosion. Any takers?

    Speaking of: What exactly DOES happen when the president's physician resigns? Did he honestly think that was going to be a deterrent for Palmer . . like he'd be real hard to replace?

    And you're better than Dave Barry, at least for my money.

  19. As though my comment wasn't long enough, I need to add this:

    I love the sharp new 3WW button!

  20. I don't understand how all these people could have missed 24! Particularly the people who claim to be addicted. If you were truly addicted, would you not schedule your other obligations around the show??

    Sometimes real life takes over, no matter how addicted you are, Avery.

    Of course, then like any good addict, you suffer all day long, and finally buy the episode online and watch it late into the night.

  21. What a recap! I am TRULY sorry that I missed this episode! *gasp* I know. Terrible isn't it.

  22. Carnealian: Well, maybe it's not for everyone. But this week's show was GREAT!

    Malnurtured: That's why I'm here... or something like that.

    Avery: I know! I never thought my first near-death experience would be during a TV show. Maybe that's why Mayden says she and her husband only watch it together :)

    I don't think any recap could have done this week's episode justice. But thanks.

    TC: Ahahaha. I love how you're ready to go cold turkey in one comment, then 12 hours later you've bought the episode online. You crack me up :)

    (Did you really buy it online?)

    Kontan: Thanks. Yeah, you picked a bad week to miss :)

  23. I love how you're ready to go cold turkey in one comment, then 12 hours later you've bought the episode online.

    What can I say???

    My name is TC, and I'm a 24-addict.

    I tried to quit, really I did, well, okay, I really thought about quitting, but the pressure got to me!

    And like any junkie, I had to have my fix.


    Yes, I did really buy it online. Like I said, "My name is TC and I'm a 24-addict.

  24. Found it and watched it! AOL movies had it and it was pretty cheap. I'm sure there are free ways, but hey, a few bucks and no commercials, worth it!

  25. TC: I think you're a Milo-addict ;)

    Kontan: It's nice to know that it's available, in case I ever miss a week :)

  26. I think you're a Milo-addict

    Well, that's undeniable, Bone - he's hot AND smart: it's a lethal combination I tell ya!

    That said... if it had only been about Milo, I'd have bought the kiss episode first. ;)