Tuesday, April 17, 2007

24 Recap: 04/16/07

OK, here's what we know. Fayed's dead. The nukes are secured. Audrey's back. Jack's going after her. And last week's show may have been the best of the season. Now recapping this week's episode. Also known as Day Six: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM...

At the warehouse, the Marines are taking over custody of the suitcase nukes, by order of the DOD. That's Department of Defense, not to be confused with D&D, Dungeons and Dragons. Jack sneaks away into an alcove to call Cheng. He speaks to Audrey for a few seconds, who is being held in a big open room which looks kinda like the room Morgan Freeman was always in in Bruce Almighty. Jack offers to turn himself over to the Chinese in exchange for Audrey. But instead, Cheng wants the suitcase nukes, or more specifically, the FB sub-circuit board out of the nukes, which supposedly "holds the key to Russian defense codes."

Jack calls Chloe, who is currently in a Fayed's Dead celebratory meeting at CTU. Seriously, it looked like they were about to break out cupcakes at any second. Anyone for a nice game of Pin The Tail On Morris? She steals away to speak to Jack and is able to get the schematics Jack needs off of Morris' computer, then upload them to Jack's phone. Reason #77 for me to get a new phone: Ability to receive files from Chloe.

In the bunker, Tom tells President Palmer about the recording, aka blackmail, he has on VP Daniels. Karen comes in and tells them Fayed is dead and the nukes have been secured. Palmer wants to go on television and inform the American people. A bit later, Palmer meets one-on-one with Daniels and asks for his resignation. Daniels refuses. Palmer then tells him he knows about Tom's recording and expects Daniels resignation within a week.

Back at CTU, Morris notices someone has hacked into his system. He starts to call security, but Chloe stops him. She confesses. Morris pressures her to tell him what is going on. Chloe tells him about Jack. Morris then pressures her to tell Buchanan, which she finally agrees to do.

Meanwhile back at the warehouse, Jack gets past two guards by telling them he is under Presidential orders to get the circuit board out of one of the nukes. Two nuclear bombs? Yeah, two guards oughta be enough. Send R.J. and Billy Bob over there and have them take turns napping while the other one is on guard. While Jack is removing the circuit board, Ricky and CTU agents storm in. There is a brief standoff, then one of the agents knocks Jack in the head with his gun. Jack falls to the floor and is arrested. Bill calls and tells Jack he can't support Jack's mission. Jack asks to talk to the President.

Speaking with Palmer, Jack requests the President approve a field operation to save Audrey. He assures Palmer he will destroy the circuit board once Audrey is released, even if it means killing himself in the process. Palmer is reluctant, then Jack reminds him that sixteen hours ago the government was willing to give him up for dead in exchange for Assad. Sixteen hours? Wow. It seems like months to me. Palmer agrees and tells Bill to give Jack whatever he needs.

Jack calls Cheng and tells him he has the component, aka circuit board, and gets directions on where to go. Sometime in here, I was pondering how in the world Jack was going to get to China in less than an hour real-time? Oh! Cheng's in California! Gotcha. Jack and Ricky take off in a truck.

In the bunker, Noah tells Lisa he is going to resign and says he wants his resignation in Palmer's hands by the end of the press conference. She appears crestfallen, but Daniels takes her hand and consoles her. And tells her this will give them more time to hold hands. They walk down to the press conference together. While answering questions, President Palmer begins to ramble incoherently. Then he offers the biggest grimace yet and crumples to the floor. Daniels casually folds up his resignation and slips it in his coat pocket.

The doctor tells Daniels, Lisa, Tom, and Karen that Palmer suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and that he probably won't regain consciousness anytime soon. Daniels prepares to assume power. His first order of business is to have CTU stop Jack's rescue mission. Karen calls Bill. Bill calls Ricky and tells him to re-route the truck to another road where CTU will have a roadblock set up. Ricky makes up an excuse to tell Jack why they have to take another road. Jack isn't buying it. He pulls a gun and forces Ricky to pull over and get out of the truck! Jack hops in and drives off in search of Audrey...

The good:
Jack and Chloe working together again on the down low, if only for a few moments.

Audrey's back! (Did I by chance mention that last week?)

The Tom blackmail/recording thing is a nice little subplot. Although I just keep waiting for someone to whack Tom at any moment.

The bad:
Palmer passing out just as Daniels is ready to resign, if only for its predictableness. It was just so obvious.

I think Ricky is growing on me a little. I actually typed Doyle in the recap a couple of times. Ugh. Maybe I need a shot of adrenalin.

Best quote:
"With all due respect, Mister President, you owe me."

"We both know that if we do this, it could create an international incident, big time."

Did you know...
Philip Baker Hall, who played Bruce's boss, Jack Baylor, in Bruce Almighty, also appeared in Seinfeld. He played over-zealous library cop Bookman in the episode called "The Library" and also reprised that role for the series finale.

Why is Jack's trustworthiness even an issue? It's been six seasons, people. I think we can begin to phase out that little storyline.

Will Tom's blackmail recording come into play now that Daniels is acting as President?

How did Cheng know the exact moment Jack had secured the nukes? What I'm gathering from all this is, no matter what is going on in the world or how things appear, China is our real enemy.

"We could have gone all the way to the Great Wall of China, if you'd only had a little more faith in me..."


  1. Look! I'm first. You'll be happy to know that, thanks to the traffic gods and a guy in NY who webcasts the Dancing With the Stars show, I was able to watch 24 last night.

    My favorite part: Chloe telling Morris she wasn't going to get over the whole "you've got to tell Bill about Jack" thing. "How long?" "I'll get back to you." Heh!

  2. I have to say… NOT my favorite episode. Probably my least favorite to be honest. And I thought the two best scenes both involved Ricky, but I’m loathe to admit.

    Anyone for a nice game of Pin The Tail On Morris?

    ROFL Only you, Bone, would come up with something like that! Which is why we read the recaps… and this week because it’s wayyyyy better than the show was.

    Re: file transfer from Chloe… It’s great if that prompts you to get a new phone, but I just wouldn’t expect the files, ok???

    I seriously should not eat for like a day before they plan on showing a Daniels/Lisa scene: it honestly makes me gag every time.

    My biggest complaint of the night… who didn’t see the Palmer collapse coming right when Daniels needed it??? Puh-lease.

  3. Oh yeah, and what's with the lack of Milo? If the plot lines are going to be sub-par, I need more Milo.

  4. Perhaps with your new phone you can send yourself files from Chloe? ;o)

  5. Last weeks episode- I do agree- was one of the best ever. I saw it later in the week- and was sitting on the edge of my seat most of the hour.

    How does Cheng get in and out of our country with so much ease? It creeped me out when I realized he was just a few miles from Jack- and further still- I was sickened that he'd had Audrey for heaven knows how long! Ugh.

    When Pres. Palmer picked up the photo of his brother and looked at it- I yelled out to Tim, "Hey- there's the State Farm guy!"

    I was given a dirty look~
    To which I said,
    "Bone would have laughed!"

    He smiled at that :)

  6. Xinher: My, this is a suprise :)

    I liked that part, too. As well as Jack defending Audrey to Ricky.

    TC: Well, occasionally, we have these bridging episodes, getting from one climax to another.

    I agree completely about the Daniels/Lisa hand-holding and the obviousness of Palmer's collapse.

    It’s great if that prompts you to get a new phone, but I just wouldn’t expect the files, ok???

    Eh, you're just mad because Milo only had like one line ;)

    Renee: Perhaps. I think Chloe and I would totally make a cute couple :)

    Mayden: Haha. Yes, I would have laughed. Though I think it's Allstate instead of State Farm ;)

    Good question about Cheng. Who knows, he'll probably wind up being in cahoots with Jack's father or something.

    Glad you got to see last week's episode :)

  7. wow, Bone you were able to tie Seinfeld in with 24

    Have you mentioned the Rena Sofer GH + Seinfeld connections?

  8. Eh, you're just mad because Milo only had like one line

    Well, naturally. Didn't I just say that if the plot lines are going to be sub-par I need more Milo????

    However, that said, I'm really just looking out for your best interests. I wouldn't want Chloe breaking your heart when she fails to send those files... then again, maybe you can just do like Renee suggested, and send them to yourself. Afterall, you already live in a little fantasy world where Chloe is concerned, this isn't anything more, right? O:)

  9. When Chloe said "big time" I immediately thought - there's Bone's Chloeism!

    Is that weird?

  10. I keep seeing that Chloe has the symptoms of Aspergers. Do you have any feelings about that one way or another?

    I'm sorry that I haven't been around. I was away, and far from a computer.

  11. Pia: Yes, it took quite a stretch, but I was able to tie 24 to Seinfeld. And yes, I believe I've done the GH connection, too, in one of the recaps early this season.

    Of course, Rena has appeared in all three shows :)

    TC: I do not live in a fantasy world. I realize Chloe is not really going to send me files. She's much too busy helping Jack :)

    Brookelina: No, I don't think it's weird at all for people to think of me while watching 24 :) And I knew as soon as she said it, too. That was so Chloe.

    Genie: Well, I don't know a lot about it, but yes, I have read that several places. I've been wondering if that's what the writers had in mind for her character.

  12. Aww . . I think you guys are being a little harsh. It wasn't the greatest episode ever, but it wasn't terrible. Considering what it had to follow (last week's episode), I thought it was pretty good. I can count at least three parts where I gasped or stared blankly at my boyfriend waiting for explanation or at least the same level of outrage/surprise.

    That's Department of Defense, not to be confused with D&D, Dungeons and Dragons.

    Bone, tell us you weren't that kid. Please, tell us. Because if you were, I'm officially confused by the Wranglers/Country Music phase.


    Questions: Has anyone seen Walid for say, ohhh, 5 or 6 episodes? I love how people just disppear off this show and are never heard from again. I wanna know about Walid (without Sandra) and Jean Smart.

    Did you know: That I had been STUPIDLY wondering for months why Peter MacNicol took a leave of absence from Numbers . . . umm, duh, because he can't do 24 and Numbers - too much work! (for those who don't know - MacNicol is Lennox on 24 and Dr. Fleinhardt on Numbers). And I just put that together this very second. Puh-thetic.

  13. I do not live in a fantasy world. I realize Chloe is not really going to send me files. She's much too busy helping Jack

    Uh huh, uh huh, yes, now Bone, tell me a little more about why you believe Chloe is too busy helping Jack to send you files.

    Oh, that's what you see on the show? Now Bone, I see here you're an adult male in his thirties, uh huh, oh that's good, you don't deny anything, but... I'm a little concerned that you still believe everything you see on TV is real.

    No, no, don't get too upset now, I didn't mean to make you cry. Maybe we should table the "Chloe doesn't really know anything about technology" discussion for next week?

    Sure, sure, I have some Kleenex, you just lay here on the couch and have a good cry. Perhaps I pushed a little too hard for this week. My mistake.


    Nope, no fantasy world at all.

  14. Avery: Yeah, Walid, Jack's father, Marilyn, Josh, etc.

    I like that you're doing your own good, bad, questions, and did you know's now. Maybe you could fill in for me some week if I'm ever unable to fulfill my duties ;)

    I've never watched Numbers. Might have to check that out.

    TC: 8-)