Tuesday, April 24, 2007

24 Recap: 4/23/07

Recapping Day Six: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM...

Ricky commandeers a car, which looks to be a new Chevy Impala, and takes off to try and find Jack. Bill announces to everyone at CTU that "Jack Bauer's gone rogue"--which is pretty much this show's equivalent to Lou Ferrigno ripping his shirt and turning green--and that all available resources should be focused on finding and bringing him in.

Meanwhile Jack--who appears to be driving a Toyota Tundra, specially equipped with a CTU tracking device. That doesn't come standard, you know--calls and tells Cheng to meet him at an abandoned motel called the Calderon.

At the White House, Daniels meets with Tom and asks what he plans to do with the evidence/recording/blackmail. Tom says he hasn't thought much about it and pledges his support for the acting-President. Karen comes in and assures Daniels CTU is doing everything they can to find Jack.

When Tom and Karen leave, Daniels comes up behind his assistant, Lisa, and finally checks her breath. When Lisa suggests that might be inappropriate behavior, Daniels replies, "Well there's the phone. Call the media. Tell them the acting-President's a dirty old man." Ewww! I need a bath! Then he asks her to spend the night, and she agrees. Wow! Who'd a' thunk that dirty old man line would ever work!

Over at As The Counter Terrorist Unit Turns, Nadia is on the phone with Ricky telling him they've lost track of Jack. Apparently, Jack drove under some power lines, completely screwing up CTU's state of the art high-tech tracking devices. Let me get this straight, power lines interrupt their tracking capabilities? Well it's a good thing there aren't many power lines in the world! Meanwhile, Chloe and Morris are bickering like an old married couple. The argument ends as follows:

Morris: "Is there anything else?"
Chloe: "Yes. Don't arm nuclear bombs for terrorists." Ooo, burn! I mean, seriously, there's no comeback for that.

Karen gets called into a meeting with Peter Hawk, from the Department of Justice--aka DOJ, not to be confused with Dojo from Karate Kid. He has been interrogating Reed Pollack over the assassination attempt on Palmer. Pollack is singing, trying to avoid the death penalty. He claims that Bill Buchanan had Fayed in custody, but let him go, and that Karen helped cover it up. Karen denied there was a cover up, but Peter tells her someone will have to take the fall for it, either her or Bill.

Jack arrives at the Calderon, which we'll refer to from now on as the Bates Motel. There's no sign of Cheng--or Norman Bates. Jack plants an explosive in one of the walls, then calls Bill and gets his voicemail. Bill's outgoing message says "if this is an urgent call, press zero." Jack doesn't press zero. I don't get it. This isn't urgent?? Jack leaves a message explaining that the circuit board will be destroyed in the explosion he plans to set off as soon as Audrey is free. Jack then calls Valley Cab Company.

Karen goes to see Tom about her situation with the DOJ. Tom urges her to let Bill take the fall. Meanwhile after his fight with Chloe, Morris asks Bill for a transfer. When Morris leaves, Bill calls Karen. She tells him she has to fire him. Bill argues to no avail. Then hangs up on her. She calls back, but Bill doesn't answer.

Bill calls Nadia into the conference room, informs her he is stepping down immediately, and names her acting director of CTU. Nadia doesn't understand why this is happening, calling Bill "the most ethical, dedicated person" she's ever known. Bill tells her "It's just politics." Guards come and escort Bill away.

Cruising in the Impala, Ricky comes up on the Bates Motel with no clue Jack is there, until he spots Jack's truck. He is about to scope out the place when he sees a limo pull up. Ricky hides and listens as Cheng enters. Is it just me, or does Cheng seem to be a rather merry villain? Jack asks to see Audrey. She is brought in, gagged. Jack ungags her then gives her standard Bauer line #3: "I'm so sorry."

Jack tells Cheng he won't hand over the sub-circuit board until Audrey is safely out of range of his snipers. He then whispers instructions to Audrey to walk to a gas station where a cab will be waiting to take her to CTU. Audrey begins walking. Just as Jack tosses the sub-circuit board to Cheng, Doyle begins shooting. About the same, backup from CTU arrives. A firefight ensues.

Jack appears to get shot and knocked off his feet, but has on a bullet-proof vest and is OK. As they flee, one of the Chinese pulls out a bazooka and blows a CTU chopper out of the sky. Meanwhile, Cheng slips off into the night in a Hummer with the sub-circuit board in his hands. You know, because twenty CTU agents in two SUV's and a helicopter are just that inept.

Nadia orders Ricky to arrest Jack. Just before he is handcuffed, Jack shows Ricky the detonator and implies that Ricky screwed up the whole thing. CTU agents bring Audrey to safety. Jack speaks to her and tells her she's safe now. Audrey appears to be confused or brainwashed or something and Jack realizes she doesn't even recognize him.

The good:
One of Cheng's men blowing the CTU chopper out of the sky with a bazooka.

Jack realizing Audrey doesn't recognize him.

A plot twist which seems to come very late in the season involving the Chinese now in possession of the sub-circuit board.

Tom. You're never quite sure what he's thinking or whose side he is on, and I think that's a good thing.

The bad:
The Chloe/Morris bickering.

Daniels and Lisa flirting.

Jack being arrested, again. That's twice in two weeks. And how many times since the series began? Hey, I know! How about doing something that hasn't been done to death already?

Best quote:
"I had this handled."

Worst scene:
The unfortunate Daniels/Lisa dirty old man debacle.

"Could you please stop acting like this? I really hate it."

"I didn't say it was all your fault. I said halfway. Fifty percent. Point five."

Did you know...
Tzi Ma is the actor who plays the role of Cheng Zhi on 24. He will reprise his role as Consul Han in Rush Hour 3 later this year.

Zima is a light-colored alcoholic beverage made by the Coors Brewing Company, Boulder, Colorado.

OK, why did Bill's phone go straight to voice mail when Jack called him? Yet when Karen called Bill, his phone rang three times, no voicemail, and she hung up.

What role will Buchanan play now that he's stepped down as director of CTU?

Will Palmer return this season? Is it possible to come out of a two comas in a twenty-four hour period?

Will we see Jack's father, Marilyn, Josh, etc. again this season?

"I have run. I have crawled. I have scaled these city walls, only to be with you..."


  1. I wonder if someone took a tally, how many times in the last umpteen seasons the show's been on someone has uttered the words Jack Bauer's gone rogue. Honestly. After all those instances, you think they'd learn to trust his judgement. :)

    I still get the urge to burn all my clothing and shower with bleach and steel wool when I think of that scene between Daniels and the new Monica Lewinsky. Was that really necessary? Didn't we all hate Daniels enough without thinking of him cradle robbing and . . ugh . . I can't even go there. And while I'm not going there - I won't go to Chloe and Morris either. I'll simply say: E-NUFF.

    I'm highly disappointed in Karen. If she listened to Classic Country like the rest of us, she'd know that you Stand By Your Man. Tisk, tisk, Karen. Who's more important here? The president or the man you're spending the rest of your life with. Get some perspective and some loyalty, girl. Particularly when he didn't even do anything wrong.

    So much more to say, but I've already monopolized your comment section! :)

    I'll leave you with this: I ask, again, what happened to Martha???????

  2. I don't watch this show, but I feel like I could and would never be lost! :)

  3. i feel the same as ok chick.

    Why watch when Bone recaps so well?

  4. I swear, you'll never know (uh, that is, if you don't check your stat counter) many times I've looked for this recap this morning and I still can't manage to be first. :/ Uff da!

    Meanwhile, Cheng slips off into the night in a Hummer with the sub-circuit board in his hands. You know, because twenty CTU agents in two SUV's and a helicopter are just that inept.

    That's my ONE complaint about the end. Honestly, how did he manage to get away???? Seriously.

    Please, someone remind me next week Monday to not eat, just in case they show a little more of the dirty old man. Because I don't know how much more I'm going to be able to take of those two.

    There was some line last night that I just loved and thought of your recaps, Bone, and was going to write it down, but of course didn't. Now it's going to drive me nuts wishing I could remember it! (Speaking of which... is memory loss a symptom I read your blog too much??? ;))

    I agree with Avery about Karen: you're kidding me, right?? She threw him to the wolves for no reason at all. Next season they'll find a way...oh that's it! "Haven't you already resigned once today?" That's the line I was trying to think of about 40 seconds ago. O:)

    Anyway, after that little digression, back to what I was saying. Next season they'll find another way to make her life miserable, she and Tom will hate each other again anyway, blah blah blah. She's stupid.

    I do have a question for all of you who have watched this for awhile now... why do you love Audrey so much??? Please, help me understand. Because I'm already really sick of that particular storyline!

  5. It certainly was a nail-biter this week!!

  6. Avery: That's one of the few things that kind of irk me about the show. How many times does Jack have to prove his loyalty?

    I don't see the point of showing that, either. But, um, can I send my clothes to you to have them steel-wooled? ;)

    Yes, Martha, and Pierce. I'm going back to add Pierce into my questions :)

    OK Chick: Um, well thanks. If you ever decide to watch, maybe you can just jump right in and know what's going on :)

    Pia: Actually, I expect to hear from Fox anyday about how my recaps are cutting down on viewership :)

    TC: Haha. I did check my stat counter. Thanks for all the hits :)

    "Haven't you already resigned once today?"

    Haha. Yes, I really liked that line, too. I'm interested to see what happens with her and Bill. Personally, I'd rather keep Bill and lose Karen, if a choice has to be made.

    Well, just the fact she went to China to look for Jack, for one thing. And she's just been on Jack's side for a long time.

    Carnealian: You watched?!?! Cool :)

  7. The whole point was you weren't supposed to look at your SC, Bone. Uff da.

    OK... so she went to China and that's that? *sigh* I have a hunch I'm just not going to be able to understand the Audrey thing. Don't waste your time attempting to explain. :)

    I too, would much rather keep Bill. I don't dislike Karen, but I really like Bill. And I just think the Nadia/Milo/Ricky think could just get ugly at CTU.

    You do realize, that in a couple of weeks when the season is over and we're left with a cliff hanger and don't have a new season start for what will feel like forever... I'm going to hate you just a little bit for getting me hooked on this show, right????

    OK, as long as we got that covered ahead of time. O:)

  8. I know! Let's arrest Jack again. You know, the guy who saved the country from all of the suitcase nukes. Yeah, let's get him.

    Next week's episode - they said there's a mole. I'll bet you it's the chick the VP is doing.

    What do you want to bet? Something that involves you showing some skin would be preferable.

  9. ''Wow! Who'd a' thunk that dirty old man line would ever work!'' and Bates motel , he he he. Thanks bone.

  10. This whole one day a season has to be exhausting.

    Daniels and Lisa...just ew.

    Ricky screwed up the whole thing! But at least Jack didn't blow himself up.

    I don't get Audrey's popularity either, but I'm a 24 newbie.

    Karen or Bill...I choose Bill.

    Tom is still a ...we'll say twit to be nice. Seriously he is going to take a bullet to the head one of these days.

  11. TC: And I just think the Nadia/Milo/Ricky think could just get ugly at CTU.

    Maybe that's the point? Yeah, I realize that. And then you'll know how I felt last year when I thought everything was over and we had a nice, happy ending, only to watch Jack get kidnapped by the Chinese.

    Hurts so good :)

    Brookelina: LOL Well, I would totally bet. But I tend to agree with you. Something about Lisa is very suspicious.

    GirlFPS: You're welcome ;-)

    Kontan: Ricky screwed up the whole thing! But at least Jack didn't blow himself up.

    Good point. I meant to mention that somewhere. Yeah, I keep thinking Tom's going to get whacked any week now.

  12. Didn't get to watch this week's episode and won't since my friend didn't tivo it but I have a question.

    If Audrey doesn't know Jack, why did it sound like she did when she was on the phone with him? Just the Chinese way of making sure Jack would come get her?

  13. I thought I'd be sick over the kissing scenes...Ughhh!!! Gross! Please, I never want to see a blonde bird-nosed chickie kissing a blubbery old dude again- ever!!!

    Ok- about Bill and the "Blue Folder"- people are going to believe whatever they want- either CTU screwed up, or they did the right thing- NOTHING is going to change that. Someone is making a mountain out of a mole hill- but it makes me sick when I think that sometimes it's exactly like that in American politics.

    Bill is going to go home and be Mr. Mom- right? ;) I can see him with an apron and making a pot roast for his wife in the white house.

    How many times has Jack been shot in the last 3 episodes? At least twice...he's the darn energizer bunny!

    I wondered, when I saw Audrey, when do you think was the last time she brushed her teeth?
    I know that was weird...but I couldn't help it :)

  14. Xinher: Yes, I should've included that in the recap. Audrey was just repeating the same couple of lines over and over and over. Something like, "Please help me, Jack. Don't let them hurt me."

    Mayden: I think that's one of the cool things about this show, how they make it so easy to draw parallels with the actual government.

    I wouldn't expect Bill to be sending homemade brownies to the White House anytime soon :)

    I think it's hilarious you wonder things like that :) I wonder when people sleep. I mean, no one ever even yawns or pops a couple of NoDoz.

  15. I want more Jack. Seriously, this season is really lacking Jack Bauer screen time and it sucks.