Monday, May 29, 2006

From a second story window

When I sit down to write, I twist the rod to open the blinds so that I can see the world outside my second story window. And if it's cool out, or if it's nighttime, sometimes I open the window. I like to feel the air and hear the sounds.

Tonight, the air reminds me of a warm, ocean breeze. The warmth envelopes you, and there's not the slightest hint of a chill. It makes me want to be there. At the edge of the Earth. Once you visit some place, once you experience something, you can always go there again in your mind. I close my eyes and remember.

I hear the steady whir of air conditioning units down below, intermittently starting and stopping. As I concentrate, I hear the almost constant sound of crickets chirping, which I hadn't noticed until just now. And seemingly far off in the distance, I hear a bird singing. It's such a beautiful song and part of me wants to do nothing else but go on listening to it all night. I wonder if birds sleep and if they do, why this one is awake.

I see two windows with lights on in the building directly behind and identical to mine. It's now after midnight. There is an empty lot to the left of that building. In the day, it's beautiful greenery. But now, it's only blackness.

There are two large trees in the lot, at least one of which I surmise to be an oak. But all I can see of them now is the partial silhouette of one against the peachish glow of a streetlight. Sometimes I see weird "lot people" walking thru in the evenings. I'm not sure where they come from or where they're going, and I'm a little scared.

Occasionally I see headlights and hear a car pass by on the main four-lane thru town, Highway 31, which is a couple of blocks away. It goes from Mobile to Michigan. I like to think about how far a single road can take you. And what is at the end. Yeah, the interstate is just five minutes further. But you see more on roads like this.

The road is freedom. Sometimes I want to get on it and just drive. For an hour. Or a day. Maybe find a hotel, spend the night, and drive back tomorrow. I wonder about all the places I would see. Little towns I would pass thru. Maybe I wouldn't come back at all.

Those are some of the sights and sounds of my little corner of the world. And that's just what I see when my eyes are open...

"By the time I make Albuquerque, she'll be working. She'll probably stop at lunch and give me a call. But she'll just hear that phone keep on ringin', off the wall..."


  1. I have thought at times while I am driving just how much land I can cover in day, and I wonder how much more of the world I could see if I just drove. I love doing that... I can undertand the freedom some truckers must feel.

  2. All too familiar.
    And on a day like today, much too tempting.

    What keeps you from following the road?
    Learning new motels/hotels?
    Leaving yourself, as others know you, behind . . . if only for an hour, a day, a week?

  3. Not sure why, but I had to grab my road atlas that I keep right here by my 'puter and check out HWY 31 and follow it all the way to Mackinaw City, MI...weird huh?

    Out my second story window is a pretty terrific view of Mt Evans and if I go to Darly's room I can see Pike's Peak too (can't see it from my room because my neighbor's house is in the way.)

  4. Hudson River...HA! Ya know every place that we went to mentioned that you totally void out your warranty if you stain the mattress because they don't want to touch a stained mattress.

    .( Y )

  5. OCG: I think it'd be cool to be a trucker for a year or two. But I imagine it'd get old.

    Anon: To answer your questions:
    1) The price of gas :-)
    2) Nothing really. Just myself.
    3) You've inspired me. I think I foresee a Brandon Walsh-like road trip, just me, my classic Mustang, and the highway. Well, minus the classic Mustang.

    Renee: Well, I didn't pull out the atlas, but I did google it to see where it ended :)

    Your view sounds slightly more picturesque than mine.

    And I'm telling ya. Try the Lumbar Yard next time. Mention Kitsmiller. You'll get a discount.

  6. "lot people" makes me laugh.

    i love the freedom of the open road but i never sleep very well in a hotel.

  7. That's a freedom that I will never have, having banned myself from driving for the safety of everybody else

    Do read atlases--well google maps--and plan road trips that I will never take

    That sounds totally pitiful. The part of my post I lost last night compared the Hamptons to Carbon County PA--like the later better

    have taken many road trips. Just wasn't the driver. This is why I stick to "mary poppins was a junkie...."

  8. Nice post sir.

    Get in the car, and just drive. Take a weekend and just go. Drive about three or four hours in any direction. Really explore whatever town you end up in. I've gone on many trips here in the south. There's nothing like exploring the small, southern towns. As John Prine says "where the people say "y'all"." Do it man, do it.

  9. I love the open road and have road tripped my whole life. My first love as a child was the Ohio Turnpike, but out here in Okieland, I've come to love I-40. It takes me just about all the way to either ocean and I've traveled it many, many times. (though I prefer heading for my beloved NC beach) *yowls 'Heads Carolina, Tails California...lalala*

    kindred spirits Bone, kindred spirits.........

  10. You know how we talk about how old we are , and how old our kids would be when they graduated high school... I blogged that today. LOL The more I look at those numbers, the crazier they are!

    I'm surprized to see you like driving so much... seeing as how when we go everywhere, I'm the one that drives us 99% of the time. But, I guess that was when you had a truck, and now that you have a car... it's your turn! hoot hoot

    Speaking of driving it's almost time to go to the beach!


  11. Ms. Sizzle: I'm glad. But I just saw another "lot person." Just now, as I was about to respond to comments. He has on a camouflage cap and is carrying a white plastic bag.

    Pia: On behalf of drivers everywhere... :-)

    I love google maps. I like maps, in general. Hard to believe there are so many roads.

    Big Man: It is looking like a road trip may occur this weekend.

    Circe: "Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer." That would have been a nice ending lyric for this post. Where were you last night at 1 AM?

    You yowl well ;-)

    Kyle: Funny, I was just looking today at my If I meet a girl tomorrow post from last June. You commented and said, "You see, this is why I only go out with girls now who have kids already." lol

    Wow, it's been nearly a year since I posted that. Guess I need to adjust all the ages by one year. At least.

  12. He said he only dates girls with kids already???? Glad I have a kid. HA HA HA!

  13. Driving can be such calming and reflective time. Certainly something to cherish doing if you have the ability to just take off.

    And I also love the sounds of spring and summer. Nothing compares to the warm sounds.

  14. Jawana: Yes, I found it a bit prophetic :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Blondie: It's kinda cool to think that no one knows where I am, if only for a day.

  15. Karla: I think this was meant for the post above :)

    Their first couple of songs were pretty good. And Chynna was kinda cute.