Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Three day weekend

Happy birthday to SurrenderDorothy! I get the feeling she and I could carry on entire conversations filled with nothing but Seinfeld references. Not that there's anything wrong...

Also, Pablo turned one Saturday. Well, Saturday marked one year since I got him. So that's when we celebrate his birthday. If you want to get him something, he likes Betta Bio Gold pellets. And distilled water.

There's nothing quite like a three-day weekend. To recharge your batteries, allow you to escape from reality for just a bit, and make you wish you were independently wealthy. Which I might already be if I had signed up for google ads when I began blogging.

The weekend started off with Cinco de Mayo. Yet another example that Americans will pretty much celebrate anything. The highlight of the night was DNC, who will from thenceforth be known as Axl, karaokeing to "Sweet Child O Mine." He also unveiled his Axl Rose Snake Dance, which he's obviously been working on late at night in front of the mirror in his room. You think you know someone...

And no, I haven't googled the video. And no, I haven't been practicing the dance myself. In my red bandana. Nor will I be. And no, I'm not in love with Erin Everly. Nor was I ever. Just in case you're wondering.

Sunday afternoon, BE and I headed up to Carnton Plantation, which was turned into a field hospital and burial ground during and after the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War. We toured the grounds and the house.

Here are a couple of pics I took. The first is the view of the house from the cemetery. And the second is a picture of the gardens located there:

Monday, we drove up to the national forest. It was a beautiful day to be outside. A little overcast so that it wasn't too hot. We stopped off at the Pine Torch Church and cemetery. Then drove up to Sipsey River where we hiked for a bit before driving on to Kinlock. Here are a couple of pics I took while hiking in the Sipsey wilderness area:

Made it home in time to watch 24. It was entirely too predictable that someone was going to call before Logan shot himself. I think it would have been much more of a surprise if they'd let him go thru with it.

Anyhow, that's what I've been doing. I love road trips. And three-day weekends. And life.

"Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place where as a child I'd hide. And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by..."


  1. Not bad... my idea was what got you rolling, right? ;o)

  2. Cool trip. If the gas prices ever drop back down, I would like to take an RV trip around the nation to see all the great historical sites. I'm hoping for much better than the pile the kids in the station waggon road trips of my youth. Of course right now is the time to buy the RV as everyone is trying to ditch them due to the gas prices. Too bad I can't buy one now and park it in front of my house to tick off my neighbor. hee hee hee!

    Darly has gotta see the cool stuff.

    Of course all I've seen in Bamma is the S. S. Alabama in Mobile.

  3. Those pictures are absoutely gorgeous. And you're right, there's nothing like a 3-day weekend to recharge your batteries. You know we've got Memorial Day coming up...

    I'm still waiting to see the picture of the bird....

  4. How pretty! I love historical places. Once when we were in Mississippi we went to some Antebellum homes. Never been to a plantation though. And that natural area looks awesome. Somewhere one could get lost.

    I was listening to GnR on my run this morning. SCo'M was one of the songs!

  5. So good to see that you're in a good mood once again!

  6. Groovie: Um, yeah. Sure :)

    Renee: Yeah, I don't want to think how much I've spent on gas. Just on these rather short drives. I've been by the USS Alabama several times. Never toured it though.

    Chickadee: The bird will be flying your way this afternoon :)

    Lass: Yeah, me too. The forest was beautiful. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but every year, I think everything looks so much greener than the year before.

    Heather: Thanks! It's kinda nice.

  7. Happy days are here again.

  8. Glad you could get away for some refreshing. Nice pictures. Yes, my kids were cute (aren't they all) now I wonder if they werent switched at birth! I agree with you on the "24" ending. I had a feeling it would go that way,tho. But I missed most of the show cause I got sucked into that stupid David Blaine that my stepdaughter wanted to watch. What a waste of time! And for that I missed "24"?

  9. Happy birthday to both Surrender Dorothy and Pablo--not sure about the pellets, and why does he like distilled water? Thought that was for ironing

    I'm not the only person who doesn't like grown ups in sombero's. Neither does Bill Maher---so that's my newest favorite TV show

    A three day weekend? That's where you don't work and do have fun? Have to remember that

  10. Does anyone ever read my comments??????

  11. I too have sung Sweet Child of Mine at karioke and done the little Axl serpent dance (which he totally stole from that guy in the Monkees). You can't sing the song without doing the dance. It's required by music law.

    Those are great photos.

  12. Sherry: The skies above are clear again :)

    Jill: Oh, I can't believe you watched Blaine instead of 24. Really, what were you thinking? :-)

    Pia: I'm not sure about the water. That's just what I read about caring for Bettas. He seems to like it.

    Buzz: Yes, I value most everyone's comments. I always read yours. As long as they aren't longer than one line.

    Xinh: He stole it from the Monkees? I'll have to see that. I never watched their show.

  13. You always go to the greatest places . I so want to go somehwere. Its just awful thinking that I will have to go by myself though . I would look like such a loser . That's why I stay in Moulton , and waste away in my lonliness....... Great pictures though :)

  14. Bone, sounds like a great weekend. Those pics are great! You know the personal fav is the one of the cemetery...but with the plantation in the background...very nice!!!

  15. Yup. If you ever see the "video" for Daydream Believer, you'll see the lead singer (Davy Jones? is that his name?) do the little snakey, side to side dance move.

  16. Ahhhh - Bankhead! I have backpacked in the Sipsey Wilderness area - gorgeous. And used to go to another area of the forest with a friend to ride horses on the trails all day. Awwww! I miss that!!

    (And to Xinh above. Yes, it's Davy Jones. I used to have a strange obsession with the Monkees. In that video he is wearing a sriped jacket and hat and has a cane in hand. Why do I know that?)

  17. Amber: I love road trips. I like getting out and taking pictures, especially in the summer.

    Carnealian: Of course. I think of you everytime I'm in a cemetery :)

    J-Mo: Thanks.

    Buffy: No green where you are?

    Xinh: Wow. So Axl is nothing but a fraud? I doubt I'll ever see it. Unless he does it on that Brady Bunch episode he was on.

    Tenacious Trailrider: It is nice out there. And if you're with someone who knows what they're doing (that wouldn't be me), they can take you right to some awesome caves.