Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Follow-Up: Wolfgang & Little Joe

Some of you may recall when I blogged a couple of weeks ago about Wolfgang, who was going thru a divorce and was staying with my friend Little Joe. When we last left our happy housemates, Wolfgang had been gone all day. And Little Joe was contemplating calling to check on him and see if he was staying the night. Well, evidently Wolfgang made it back OK. Because I called Little Joe tonight, and he's still over there. Here's a bit of our conversation:

"You still got your... uh... roomate?"
"Wow, that's a long time."
"Is he paying you anything for rent or bills?"
"Not yet."
"Wow. Well that sounds like a lotta fun."
"Oh yeah."
"Is he over there right now?"
"Yep. You wanna talk to him?"
"Nah. I was just calling to tell you about poker night. I'll leave you alone so you guys can bond."

I'm still not sure exactly how all this came about. Whether Wolfgang asked if he could stay or just sort of imposed. In my mind, I've postulated that Wolfgang showed up one night saying he and his wife were fighting and he needed a place to sleep. They signed divorce papers a few days later. And he's still there. I do specifically remember hearing the phrase "until I find a place to live."

He started staying there April 19th. That's a month. That's too long. I could tell by the tone of Little Joe's voice that he wasn't overjoyed with the situation. From his short answers, I gathered that Wolfgang must have been in the room.

I'd like to help or offer some advice, but what can I do? I don't know what to tell him. And Wolfgang definitely isn't staying here. Besides, I'm more of a Beethoven man.

Any suggestions?

"He had debts, for he drank. But all the women loved him. And each one shouted, come on and rock me, Amadeus..."


  1. Ok, it's time to let the friend know he has to hand over some $$$....It's great to be a friend. However a month???yea, the guy should be offering up the money instead of having to ask for it.

  2. Sometimes, people need a little push. Like down the front steps. :)

  3. He needs to present him with a bill for room, board and bills and an apartment guide. Even offer to drive him around and look at places. Hopefully he'll get the hint. If not, Little Joe has permission to boot his ass.

  4. I'd look for an apartment or circle an ad, and send it to the mooching Wolfgang. Or prepare a bill. Even for 1/2 a peach. How about sending him to a fantasy camp? Then taking him to a nice dinner at Mendy's and tell him it just isn't working. You could be more subtle and have a 1 month anniversary bash where you challenge him to get off his dead butt and give him new shoes for his own two feet.

  5. Tiffany: I agree. I remember LJ saying they had talked about him paying some rent or something at first. But I guess it hasn't happened yet.

    Carmen: Exactly :) Oops, I'm sorry. Today was my annual have all the locks in the house changed day. And I seem to have forgotten to tell you.

    Lass: I think you're right. And I think the Friend Handbook would concur.

    Dorothy: I was thinking something like this:
    "Alright, Hobo Joe. I didn't wanna put a damper on your little smorgasbord here, but it's the end of the week, so I added up your tab."
    "I know. Pretty steep."
    "Well, I don't have this kind of cash."
    "Few do."

  6. i think you need to go join them and be another roommate. You'll save money!

  7. HAHAHA.. show up at his front door with your bag in hand. Tell him how much you appreciate him taking you in also because this is such a great savings and now you can save some money and buy that new x-box 360 with a new 52" plasma to play on.

    It will be a "Golden Girls" time (only with men) HAHAHAH

  8. Yikes, that is a sticky situation. But Wolfgang needs to know that he can't stay there indefinitely. But, he may need some prodding. That's where it could get ugly. Little Joe may want to encourage him to move on so he can begin tho "heal" and save their friendship.

  9. Buzz: I think I like that idea. Save me some money.

    Kerry: Yes. It'll be like Full House, except without all the kids. Or Lori Loughlin.

    How'd you know I wanted a 52" plasma? :)

    Carnealian: Prodding? Encourage? Heal? That sounds like something directly from the muzzle of Dr. Phil. lol Have you been watching Harpo TV?

  10. Yep that is a problem. A friend of mine from high school showed up once after she came back from India and seven weeks later I asked her when she was leaving. She wasn't working, didn't get along with her parnts and they wouldn't let her stay there because she wasn't working

    My rent was cheap I was working but I couldn't take it anymore--evn had she been woring--this was a studio, and I told her that she had to be out by the end of the week

    Don't go for the 52"--60"

  11. Every man wants a 52" plasma :)

    well, i'd take one too.

  12. Pia: I was hoping someone would have an overstayed-their-welcome story :)

    Kerry: Funny thing is, Little Joe has a gargantuan TV. And a pool table. Hmm, maybe that's part of the reason Wolfgang won't leave.

  13. Little Joe's doing a big disservice to Wolfgang by not saying anything.

    First of all, that friendship's going to be broken if LJ just lets all this resentment fester inside him. He's going to be all pissed that WG's staying there and LJ's basically supporting him, while WG's completely unaware that anything's wrong. And then LJ's gonna be pissed at the fact that WG doesn't realize that what he's doing is inconsiderate.

    I mean, you have to cut WG some slack. He is going through a separation/ divorce, but still. He can't be entirely clueless, right?

    Second, if no one shows WG a little bit of tough love, he's not going to learn how to survive on his own.

    As much as WG needs to get off his duff and either pay for his room and board or get out of there, LJ needs to get off *his* duff and tell WG to either pay or go.

  14. hide the liquor, spiders in the bed sheets, works everytime

  15. Wow that's a tough situation. But I agree that WG has broken the Friend's code of conduct. He has proven the houseguest & fish rule (both get stinky after 3 days!)

    Bill em and Boot em!

  16. Xinh: Point taken. It's not like WG doesn't have a job. And it's not like there aren't thousands of apartments around here. If he's not gonna leave, he should at least offer to pay.

    Itsjim: LOL I laughed out loud at that. I'll pass that along to Little Joe, for sure.

    Renee: It shall be interesting. What if he never leaves? What if he starts bringing girls over? Throwing his own parties?

  17. Suggest that Little Joe throw a 'Going Away' party. See if Wolfgang gets the hint.

    If he still hasn't figured it out by midnight you can distract him while LJ packs WG's bags, and sets them out on the front stoop.

  18. Big Man: I'm just glad it's not me in the situation. WG is really overstepping the bounds and rules of friendship. Maybe I could get 'em on Dr. Phil or something. There's a thought!

  19. I feel terrible for your friend, Little Joe.
    This mooching mutha-f*&#@r needs a swift kick in the ass, and a stern reprisal for being such a total loser.
    I too got divorced, and had a rough time of it, for a couple weeks., but we all have to move on!
    Tell him you know a big biker that saw him and Joe one night on the town and he thinks Wolfie would make a very fine stable-mate indeedy!!
    Oh, by the way, hes coming for the weekend!!