Thursday, May 25, 2006

An ode to summer

Ever hear someone say, "Can you believe this weather?" Yes, I can. "Do you think this weather will last?" No, I don't. This is Earth, where have you been? These are the same people who are always saying, "I can't believe what time it is." Why don't they just go outside and watch the bank sign. Then they can stand there all day going, "Can you believe this weather? I can't believe what time it is." - J. Seinfeld

Welcome to Alabama. Home of two of the five American Idols. Soul Patrol!!! Whatever that means.

Summer is here. No, you didn't sleep thru the solstice. And it's still four days until Memorial Day. But I passed by a bank sign yesterday that said the temperature was 93. That's proof enough for me.

I love summer. When asked what my favorite season is, I may give a different answer each time. Fall is nice. There's nothing like that first day in the early fall when you first feel the change in the air. That first chill. But there's also nothing like summer.

Summer is the beach. The wind, the waves, and the sand. It's the pool, the river, and the lake. It's holidays. Memorial Day, Labor Day, the 4th of July. It's baseball. It's being outdoors. It's vacations. It's cookouts. It's remembering summers of the past.

It's long days and warm nights. It's cruising with the top down or the windows down. It's freedom. It's shorts and flip-flops and tan legs and sunglasses.

Summer is a smile.

It's hot. It's here. And I'm glad. Tonight we're going to a minor league baseball game. And I'm wearing flip-flops.

"Temperature says 93 down at the Deposit and Guaranty. But that swimmin' hole is nice and cold..."


  1. There is nothing, absolutely nothing quite like summertime in the south, is there? :)
    -Cora :)

  2. As much as I hate the 100+ degree temps that we get out here... I'd have to agree wtih you.

    The first chill of fall is an amazing feeling. Cold, rainy (or snowy) nights inside with a fire are great.

    But summer is intoxicating. It's the feeling of freedom and motivation and desire. It's absolutely perfect!

    Let's enjoy it while we can. :]

  3. I LOVE SUMMER! I love being hot and sweating, well except for bed time. and I love that "baking" feeling.

    Although in my "old age" my body doesn't seem to like the heat as much as I do...I keep getting heat rash...but a cool shower takes care of that. YAY shorts & flip flops...just wish I had a beach.

  4. Summer is my favorite time of the year as well. I seriously need to move somewhere where there is no real "winter".

    I love the sun on my face, I love to wear sandals and shorts and tank tops. I like cranking the AC up and getting a power bill that makes me catch my breath. I love the swimming pool. I love cookouts. Ok, now I'm hungry for a grilled burger.

    So do you live near a beach in Alabama? I always wanted to visit Muscle Shoals for some reason.

    Have a very good Memorial Day weekend. I'll stop by when I return.

  5. I've got to be in AL in a few weeks. When I enter the state (I'm flying to Atlanta first, then driving over), will I see, "Welcome to Alabama: Home of Two of American's Idols?" Where's the Taliban when you need them? They knew what to do with idols. (On a serious note, what they did to those Buddhist stone carvings was terrible)

  6. I agree, summer is my time of the year. It means long days, green grass, green trees, flowers, lightneing bugs, butterflies birdwatching (well, I do that most days of the year), vacation. NO jackets, NO sweaters. Ahhhh.

    Thanks for was great.

  7. Cora: Absolutely nothing :-) Although someone was saying the other day, if you spend an August in Alabama you'll never want to come back.

    Blondie: Yep, intoxicating, coincidentally :-) And yes, let's enjoy it. It'll disappear like... a sunburn?

    Renee: Yeah, I have to have it cool when I go to sleep, too.

    We're all glad you feel comfortable enouogh with us to tell us about your rashes ;-)

    Carmen: I'm much closer to Muscle Shoals than I am the beach. The beach is about five and a half hours.

    Have a great trip!

    Sage: I'm not sure if we'll have the signs up that quick :-) But I wouldn't doubt it at some point in the future.

    Chickadee: Ah, lightning bugs. That's one of my memories of summer. Catching lightning bugs and june bugs when I was little.

  8. i'm jealous of the weather. Very jealous, though it was almost sultry last night. Not quite enough.

    Why do I get jealous of weather, and very little else? Rhetorical question

  9. I think we live with about the same temperatures. I hate it. When I sweat as soon as I walk outside...there's no such thing as 'feeling fresh' in Texas in the summer.

  10. Pia: I think it may have something to do with the weather vane and barometer sitting in your window. Although I'm not sure ;-)

    Lass: I think you're right. For some reason, I tend to think of Alabama, Georgia, and Texas as the hottest states. It's always just so humid here. That's our big thing. Or so they say.

  11. Ahhhh summer. To be able to leave the windows open all day and come home to a fresh-smelling house!! No pent-up stale smell of winter blah anymore.
    I love sitting outside on a warm/hot summer night after my kids are in bed, relaxing with my feet up and a nice cold drink.

    Fall is my favorite but only EARLY fall. In PA, the 'in between' seasons don't last long unfortunately.

    And baseball!! Yes!!

  12. "Summer is a smile."
    So,so perfect!
    I wholeheartedly agree.

  13. I *hated* Huntsville in the summer. The bugs, the humidity. The only good thing about my summers in Huntsville were spending every waking moment at the pool on the Arsenal with my friends.

    Summer in L.A. has no bugs or humidity and, while the smog isn't pleasant, I'd rather be here.

    My favorite season is Spring. It's not too hot, not too cold, my allergies are non-existent (I have fall allergies), everything's blooming and looking pretty.

    My birthday falls right around the unofficial start to the summer (Memorial Day) and it tends to always be the perfect weather. Not super hot but perfect for bbq'ing and hanging out with friends.

  14. Z: I can't really leave the windows open during the day here. It gets too hot. But at night, definitely.

    So, are you Phillies or Pirates? Or someone else?

    Ms. L: Thank you :-) That was my favorite line from the post, although I wasn't sure how well it fit in.

    Xinh: I guess that's why we gravitate towards water. It's the only relief from the heat.

    When I first read over your last line, I thought it said "but perfect for blogging" instead of bbq'ing. lol