Sunday, May 14, 2006

Things I remember about her

I know her favorite TV shows. She won't miss American Idol. Or Letterman. She likes Regis. And Nancy Grace. Her favorite candy bar is a Mounds. I know her favorite place to eat out. Her favorite singer? Willie Nelson. I've watched her many nights sit in the floor and cry when he was on TV.

Her favorite book is "A Farewell To Arms." She loves turnip greens. She likes sports. Likes Brett Favre. Doesn't care much about the NBA anymore. But she loved Michael Jordan. And Larry Bird. And Pete Rose. Loves Alabama football. I've seen her cry when they lose. More than once. Funny how much we have in common.

I remember when I started to preschool. I would cling to her waist for dear life. Crying. Begging her not to leave me there. Now I realize that she was crying, too. Probably a lot more than I was. As soon as she was out of sight.

I remember how she'd take my sister and me to see our grandmother. Seems like we'd go several times a week during the summer. Then it seemed like just a fun thing to do. Now I'm so thankful we visited so often.

I remember she'd always fix me soft potatoes and chicken noodle soup when I was sick. And I know it was only Campbell's. But she must have done something to that soup. Because I always got better.

I remember how she used to push me to excel. If I so much as made a B on my report card, she wasn't happy. At all. And I knew it.

I remember having frequent nightmares when I was a kid. And Mom would always be there when I woke up, with a wet washcloth in hand, telling me everything would be alright.

I remember any time I acted up in church, she would inconspicuously pinch the living daylights out of me. It worked.

I remember her always taking less so that we could have more.

I remember her giving. To anyone who asked. Loaning money to relatives. Sometimes never being paid back. Although she'd never bring it up to them. And would probably be mad if she knew I mentioned it here.

I remember her always making time to visit friends and relatives in the hospital. And sending flowers and visiting when someone passed away.

I remember how she'd yell at me when I pitched in little league baseball. At the top of her lungs. Pitch after pitch.

I'd almost forgotten about that until a couple of years ago when I was playing softball. And I was standing in left field and heard her yelling from the stands. It's not quite the same when you're thirty as it is when you're seven.

I remember everytime I've seen her cry. She usually hides it well. But there have been a few times when she couldn't hold back in front of me. There is no feeling in the world like seeing tears in your mother's eyes.

I remember the day I moved out of my parents' house. She stood in the driveway with tears pouring down her face. I didn't really get it. But she did. Even though I was only moving a few blocks away. She knew that part of life was over. And things would never be the same again.

In that moment, she was saying goodbye to all the years. And maybe even remembering some of these very same moments that I have mentioned today. I never grasped the significance of that moment at the time.

As the years have flown by, and they do fly... Well, I understand it a lot more now.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom. And Happy Mothers Day to you, if you're a mom.

"Sometimes I think the devil has got me by the sleeve. Oh, Mama, don't forget to pray for me..."


  1. I'm not crying...nope. I've just got something in my eye.

    *goes to make another call to mom*

  2. Bone, you made me cry. But now I understand why you're the person you are a bit more. Though I kind of suspected that you learned from your mom

    This is a really beautiful post

  3. That was such a beautiful blog ! I wasnt wanting to cry today , but reading that I just could help myself . It's funny my mom used to pinch me if I acted up in Church too , so that made me laugh through the tears ! She is one lucky woman to have you for a son !

  4. I don't know what your name really is, you just have Bone on your Blog. Anyone who can write something as special as you have about your Mom can't have the devil on his sleeve. But I'm sure she will pray for you anyway, Mother's do that, since they want the best for their children no matter what their ages are. To me you sound like a very good son. Thanks for stopping by my efx2 blog. Have a good evening and hope next week goes smoothyly for you.

  5. Your mom really is a very special person. She's fun and sweet and thoughtful and giving. You can tell her I said that too! ;o)

  6. Apples do not fall far from the tree...
    It is obvious that special kids, come from special parents.
    You, my friend, must be living proof of that :)

    Thanks for adding one more layer of beauty to an already beautiful Mothers Day for me.

  7. Xinh: That sounds like an excellent idea.

    Pia: Thank you. I only wish I could get her to write something one day. And post it without her knowing :-)

    Amber: I think the "mommy-pinch" must be taught in mommy school or something :)

    Patty: Thanks. I've stopped by several times, but didn't comment because you had to register.

    Groovie: She acts like such a kid sometimes. What can you do.

    Mayden: Thanks for the nice words. Glad you had a nice Mothers Day.

  8. Being caught up in final exams really takes me out of the loop. I started reading your post and my first question was, "How does he know that 'her' favorite show is American Idol?" I thought you were talking about her. And then you said her favorite singer is Willie Nelson. Well, he only has one fan so there was no wondering any longer.

    Why isn't there a "Son's Day?" Or a "Daughter's Day?"

    I think there should be a "Buzz Day." That's it.

    Davy Griffen

  9. I agree with Buzz, I thought it was about "her" until I got to the Willie Nelson part too. I've never met another fan of his. Plus she is the only SHE I've seen be so upset and yelling at football games. TOO funny though!!!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day today. I felt really special. You're a really good son who was obiviously raised by a wonderful mom.

    Tell your Mom Happy Mother's Day from me. (and I did have a good one.)

  11. Hey,

    Do you know you can get an American idol coin which will feature 2 finalists on 2 sides? Well, I got mine from

    C ya.

  12. You'll forgive me, but I love that she pinched you when you acted up in church. HA! It sounds like you have a wonderful mom, and it's good that you can tell from what you write that you love her and think she's wonderful, too.

  13. I'm here to say that your mom did a hell of a good job on you... I hope I do 1/2 that good on my two.

  14. Well that explains it. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person which is why she raised such a nice boy.

    And, now I have to go fix my makeup.

  15. Oh wow Bone. You really do have a gift for writing. This ode is beautiful; funny, heartfelt, sad and bittersweet. Well done.

  16. Buzz: That was intentional. And how do I know this is the real Davy Griffen and not another impostor?

    Groovie: Funny... to those outside the house maybe :)

    Renee: Thank you. Glad you had a good day.

    Anonymous: Thanks, Paula.

    Carmen: Yes, we were able to laugh about that years later. After the skin healed ;-)

    Sherry: Thanks. I am sure you will do a wonderful job.

    Carnealian: So my secret is out? Sorry about the makeup O:-)

    Chickadee: Thank you so much. Very nice of you to say.

  17. That was really sweet, I have tears running down my face (which had to quickly be wiped away since I'm at work!) How blessed you are to have a wonderful mom, and how blessed she is to have a wonderful son. I hope I can do that well with my 2 sons that they will some day write such nice things about me :)

  18. That is the sweetest tribute to your mom. I'm crying. I hope my boy feels the same way about me when he's 30. I like your mom. She turned out a good man. Happy Mother's Day to her.

  19. Of all the 'mom' posts on blogs I have read, yours was the most moving. :)
    That was beautiful, Bone..........

  20. Soup made with love always works... scientific fact, don't you know!!

  21. Courtney: Thank you. I like how you put that. It is a blessing.

    Lass: Thanks. I'm sure he will. You'll seem smarter as he gets older :)

    Circe: Aw, that is the nicest thing to say. Thank you. And good to have you back and blogging :-*

    Uisce: I'm a believer :)

  22. I am a huge Willie Nelson fan!!! He rocks! To be 70 and still putting out great songs? Wow!

    Buzz or Davey or whoever the heck you are...WAR EAGLE!!!


  23. Well, came over from Pia's because you rented her blog today and now I am wiping tears from my eyes. Just beautiful - really. By the way, I too am a Willie Nelson fan and I know I am not alone. What a voice. Check out a fairly new band called "The Little Willies" with Norah Jones and some other great musicians paying homage (to Willie and some other songwriting greats). Good stuff!

    To answer Buzz about Sons/Daughters Day - reason is because as you can tell from reading about Bone's Mom - every day is Sons/Daughters Day!

    Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes Bone and truly beautiful.

  24. BH and I are reading this together. He immediately regaled me with his "mommy pinch" story. It was only because he had a buzz doo when he was a kid. His brother, Neffy, had longer curly hair, she'd reach up the back of his neck and just tug on those "sensitive" neck hairs. All that for shouting "Look mom! Batman" when the priest walked down the aisle during mass.

    And she turned out a pretty terrific son too. That must be the rule. "To have a terrific son, you must pinch him when he acts up in church."

    The Chairman has also been pinched when arguing over who won the tic tac toe game during services. Hopefully, I'm on a good path.

  25. qipyThat was great Bone. Great memories, my favorite post of yours.

    Man, I should of blogged something more touching, instead of my mom meeting Bow Wow. :)

  26. Lil Bootay: We all know why you like Willie. And it has nothing to do with music ;-)

    Ginah: Never heard of the Little Willies. Will try and check them out though. Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment :)

    Dorothy: I just tensed up my shoulders when reading about the neck hair torture.

    "Look mom, Batman" is hilarious! Wish I had thought of it? You just can't get away with that one at my age.

    MappyB: Thank you. And don't discount your Mom and Lil Bow Wow story. It was great. Ever since I've read it, I've encouraged my Mom to try and get invited onto rapper's tour buses, so I'll have something to blog about.

  27. that really was the sweetest post.

    maybe what they say about southern men and their mamas is right then? and that isnt' a bad thing at all.

  28. Thanks Ms. S. Hey! What exactly is it they say about us?