Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Don't leave me hangin'

I hate cliff hangers. And really, it's not the cliff part so much that I dislike as it is the hanger part. I'm fine with cliffs. Really. Don't mind cliff dwellers. Cliff jumping? Fine, if that's your thing. Thought Cliff Clavin was hilarious. Loved Cliff Huxtable. So, as you can see, I have no problem at all with cliffs. But these hangers are gonna have to stop.

Why did no one tell me that 24 would have a cliff hanger? And how did I not already know this? Because shows that I watch always have resolution. Seinfeld never had a cliff hanger. Neither did The Three Stooges. Not that I saw it during its regular run. But I'm certain there was never an episode that ended where you wondered, "Will Moe and Curly make up?" "Is Larry's nose broken?" Even with General Hospital, the most I ever have to wait to find out what happens is Friday to Monday.

It's bad enough I've been following this show week-to-week for four months to see how it ends. And what do I find? It doesn't end. So now I have to wait until January 2007 to see what happens to Jack Bauer on that ship to Shanghai.

Why? The show is good enough that I would watch next season without a cliff hanger. I'll even say that I'd probably be less likely to watch a show the following season if it ends with a cliff hanger.

What's the point of watching? I want resolution. That's why I never liked to-be-continued's. I don't watch TV to be held over. I watch for happy endings.

If I want something that just carries over from day to day that I have no idea how it's going to end, I have my life.

"Set me free, why don't you babe. Get out my life, why don't you babe. Cos you don't really love me. You just keep me hangin' on..."


  1. I am so with you!! I also hate endings like how CSI ended this season. They rushed the ending then left you sitting there going "WHAT????" It's not really a cliff-hanger, more like an explosion of questions.
    I love GH- I'm so addicted!

  2. Yeah, but sometimes they have to have something to get the story started next year. That's probably it. Gives them a lazy out.

  3. What is it with guys not liking the cliff hanger??? Every guy I've ever known has hated them...almost as much as the mini-series (but that must have to do with the instant gratification thing...the show MUST be over in one night or I'm not gonna watch it.)

    I wonder if the producers of the show realize that many of their fans won't return after waiting so long?

  4. Grooviechick: You speak truth. GH is one of the best television shows in history.

    Lass: I guess. But why not end this season with resolution? Then pick up next season with what would have been the last couple of minutes of this season. The cliff-hanger part. They could even backtrack if necessary. Faithful viewers will remember quickly what was going on.

    Renee: Well, we're used to watching ball games and such. We watch for three hours, its over. There's a winner. There's no "Tune in next week for the 4th quarter."

  5. You think 24 is bad. Try Lost! That's how they keep you hooked, I guess.

    Plus, you could not watch GH for 6 months and STILL know what's going on.

    I mentioned you in my post today. Gave a bit of a shout out.

  6. Now you have me hearing both Sonny & Cher in my head--thanks ;-)

    Think people were spellbound by who shot JR on Dallas--which turned stupid, and I couldn't have cared less anyway as I had discovered GH

    People waited two years for the Soprano's to return

    All TV's are going to be obselete in three years, I think --but don't quote me--and new ones will have DVR's--and I believe that networks are scared of that already which is why they're doing the dramatic cliff hanger bit--keep people talking. Know the new TV with DVR part's true

    It's a last grasp effort to keep networks alive so Bone keep complaining because networks do read bloggers

  7. I KNOW!!!! Well, I don't watch 24, but StarGate and Bones both ended their seasons with cliff hangers and it irritated the crap out of me. WTF?!?!?! Of course it seems StarGate ends ALL of their frickin' half seasons and seasons with cliff hangers. Why do they do that???? ARGH!

    Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?

  8. I take it all of you with the cliff hanger hate have had this hate all your lives, as cliff hangers for season finales are nothing new. Hell, there were tv shows that had cliff hangers every episode (Perils of Pauline, although that was really a movie serial; and more recently, the first season of Alias).

    And it's not as if this was the first time 24 has ever employed the cliffhanger plot device, is it?

    Some shows don't need cliffhangers. But shows that are all about the story arc and all about mysteries? They really should. But that's just my 2¢. Your mileage may vary.

    Bone, when you think of the song you quoted, do you think of Diana Ross or do you think of the 80s version by Kim Wilde?

  9. Carmen: That's true about GH. But it'd take at least two episodes to figure things out :-)

    Thanks for the mention! Very nice of you.

    Pia: JR was definitely the #1 cliff hanger of all-time. Maybe they have been trying to imitate or surpass that ever since. And it just isn't happening.

    Chickadee: That's a good point, the half-season. It's not as bad when it's only for the summer. But 24 ends in May and doesn't start back until January. No one is talking about the show for that long.

    Xinh: I'm guessing so. But this was my first season to watch 24.

    I just don't think it's necessary. Like I said, I'd watch next season regardless. It just serves to irritate and add to my anxiety :-)

    Definitely Kim Wilde. The 80's. Which do you think of?

  10. I love "If I want something that just carries over from day to day that I have no idea how it's going to end, I have my life."

    I agree... the cliff hangers are just not needed for shows that we love. I need to know who Meredith walked toward at the end of Grey's Anatomy, now. I don't feel like waiting.

    (Better now? ;-) )

  11. Oh cliffhangers are fun. And they'll make sure you'll be back in the fall! It may drive you nuts till then, but oh well!

  12. OCG: Thanks. I liked it, too. I just keep reading it over and over wondering how I came up with it :-)

    Carnealian: No, they're not. They're stressful.