Monday, March 02, 2009

Love me, love me, say that you love me

Remember that song? Lovefool. Cardigans. 1996. It's been stuck in my head. All. Weekend. Long. I've been walking around singing it in my well-polished falsetto, which I first honed while imitating the inimitable Jordan Knight on "I'll Be Loving You Forever" in 1989.

The ability to get a song stuck in someone else's head is one of my little known talents. Some might even say an annoyance. Still, for some reason I was having a bit of trouble getting anybody to pick up on this one.

Saturday night, we went ice skating at the local ice complex, tween hangout & Brian Boitano training facility. (Actually, I just made the Brian Boitano part up.) There were six in our group--Kywana, myself, Little Joe, and two minors. That's down forty-five percent from last year's Valentine Date Skate. I blame the decrease largely on the threat of Winter Storm '09, which would leave us buried beneath half an inch of snow by Sunday morning.

Skating was fairly uneventful. I fell three times, which as I stated last year is actually pretty fun. Honestly, I think I could start calling it body sledding and have all the kids doing it. I've always wanted to be the person who started something. Like the Macarena. Or the wave. Or the guy in that Michael Jackson song, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

There was an entertaining little guy dressed in a toboggan who kept trying to teach us tricks. I assume he worked there, but he could have just been a poser. Anyway, he was kinda corny. He made me think of somebody who would've been on Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Say if Mister Rogers took his neighbors to an ice rink during an episode, this would be the guy at the ice rink showing Mister Rogers around.

As we were getting ready to leave, the female fragment of Kywana looked over at all our shoes sitting underneath a bench.

"Who's shoes are those?" she asked.

"Those are Little Joe's," I responded, shielding my eyes. I already knew which pair she was referring to. That would be the blindingly bright brand new solid white Reeboks. LJ has been wearing solid white Reeboks since the 80's and hasn't looked back. I honestly don't know how he keeps finding places that sell them. They looked like something you'd see on display in a shoe museum.

After skating, I headed over to LJ's and wound up shooting pool with him and Wolfgang for a bit. LJ had gone to the bathroom or something and it was his turn, so we were just standing around waiting. Without warning and probably without thinking, Wolfgang busted out in song.

"Love me, love me, say that you love me."

Yessss! Still got it.

"Leave me, leave me, just say that you need me. I don't care about anything but you..."


  1. I can't believe you didn't mention that the ice skate made your toe look like it had been eaten by a lawnmower! Or the fact that LJ looked like he had a broken ankle every time he tried to skate. Those were the best parts! LOL

  2. I didn't even know they still MADE Reeboks. Are you sure you weren't rollerskating? I think my Cabbage Patch Kid had Reeboks. Except maybe they were called Weeboks. Oh, the 80s...

  3. I just wrote a whole comment and deleted it! AHHH! Seriously, how long have I been doing this blog crap? So annoying.

    Anyway, my question was where does Little Joe find his shoes? My g-ma used to wear those shoes, she had to start stock piling them. HA!

  4. Wasn't the Valentine Date Skate or non Date this winter?

    Glad to see you had such an eventful Saturday night

    As the tor I'm selfishly even happier that you can turn the simplest of phrases into "I'm really chuckling" phrases

    I'm real tired so that almost came out "...chocking..."

  5. I blame the decrease largely on the threat of Winter Storm '09, which would leave us buried beneath half an inch of snow by Sunday morning.

    Soooooo...did the weathermen promise half an inch, or is that just what they delivered? :)

    I can't believe you dared to call Mr. Rogers corny! :-O I mean, really Bone. Seems like you and he have quite a lot in common: you might consider how he would have felt about a song that starts out saying, "Love me, love me, say that you love me."

  6. Well, I'm pretty sure that Joey McIntire sang "I'll Be Loving You Forever", but I could be wrong.

    And I'm already singing LoveFool. Thanks so much.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I've had the song stuck in my head all morning just from reading the title of the post.

  8. well you didn't succeed to get the Love me song stuck in my head cuz I couldn't place it. But you did get the Michael Jackson song stuck in my head. :P

    So LJ has weak ankles or loose skates? I cringe when I take the kids skating and they have bent ankles. My ankles aren't the best either, but I can get around. I didn't fall the last time we went skating...I did sit on the ice to show two kids how to get back up when they fall. The kids didn't listen to my other lessons though.

  9. Mrs. R - I thought about posting a picture of my toe, but figured that'd be kinda gross. That lawnmower line is good! I wish I'd have thought of it.

    R8chel - Yeah, I wasn't real sure either. I'm definitely sure we weren't roller skating. I can't roller skate :)

    OK Chick - I have no idea. Maybe he has like fifty pairs. I've never seen his closet. They look very orthopedically correct.

    Pia - No, that was the... First Annual Bowling For VD. (I had to go back and look.) Yes, that was the most I've done in one day in several years, I think. Thank you.

    TC - Oh, of course not. They promised like two to four inches.

    Cami - Um, no. Joey sang "Please Don't Go Girl." Jordan sang "I'll Be Loving You." See link below.

    Susan - It does :) I considered posting a link to the Lovefool video on YouTube. But I guess that wasn't necessary.

    Renee - Really? Well, I'm gonna send you a link to it in your comments. I bet you've heard it.

    Well, LJ relaced his skates like three times. So I think he just has weak ankles. The odd thing is, he went last year and did OK.

  10. I couldn't remember what Lovefool sounded like, so I looked it up on youtube. Now I have both the song and the video clips stuck in my have special powers!

  11. yup I've heard that one before...thanks for sending the link.

    you were just determined to get that stuck in everyone's head today...right?

    I can't believe that you got him to sing it. lol!

  12. That song reminds me of L.A. Because I was there in 1996. I haven't been ice skating for a really long time. I imagine my fall count would be much greater than yours. And I probably would have been removed from the Brian Boitano training facility for swearing after falling.

  13. TC (because I forgot the first time) - I didn't say Mister Rogers was corny. I said his friends sometimes were. But I LOVED Mister Rogers. The Neighborhood of Make Believe was my fave. Daniel Tigers, X the Owl, Lady Elaine, King Friday, Prince Tuesday, etc. Aww, man. I loved that!

    Fledgling Poet - Thank you. I like to think so :) I don't think many people know it by its title. I had to google the lyrics to figure out what it was officially called.

    Renee - Yep, that was my goal. I thought maybe if it was in everyone else's head, it would leave mine.

    Mama Zen - Yeah, but evil in a fun kind of way, right?

    Carnealian - It reminds me of the radio, because that's where I always heard it.

    Aww come on now. How many places have you ever been thrown out of? No, seriously, I want to know :)

  14. lmao...
    body sledding could be a sport! hehehe

    I've been Rick Rolling all day! Have you been channeling me??? Ok here ya go.. have a listen... (*thinking that I may have the ability myself!*)

  15. PBS needs a new hip Mr. Rogers. Bone maybe you should send them a resume. :) At least you got snow that should make you happy. Academy still sells pure white reeboks. They also have them in a bone color the old ladies really like those.

    I still find it amusing that people in the south can now ice skate. Oh what technology has done for us.

  16. Thanks. Now I've got that song in my head, too.
    I think I used to have those Reeboks. They were very comfortable.

  17. We really had planned on being there. I guess you could blame the Winter Storm on us not being there. Sorry. Let us know when the next event is.

  18. I feel like I sort have to give your friend props just for being so fearless in his blatant fashion faux pas. Hmm. Now I'm going to bed before that darn song can stick in my head.

  19. ArtistFormerlyKnownAs - Bring it on! I love Rick Astley!

    PennyCandy - I'm always happy to see any snow. I just wish we would have gotten as much as other parts of the South. Guess I'm greedy.

    That rink actually used to be an open air rink. It was only open from like November to February.

    Actonbell - Oh, me too. In 1989 :) It does seem like they were comfortable.

    McNeills - Will do. Although I'm not sure when that will be. We've bowled and ice skated. I think I'm out of group ideas.

    Ally - I guess when he finds something he likes, he sticks with it. For twenty years :)

  20. I read this post yesterday. Then I went to work today. Since the President of our company has banned all music (yes, it's true), I was humming to myself and damned if I didn't start singing Love Fool.

  21. I stand humbly corrected.